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17704 STATE ROUTE 117
BALL, KATIE JO (Voter ID number OH0019067189).

17790 STATE ROUTE 235
HOLBROOK, AMY L. (Voter ID number OH0011624518).
HOLBROOK, DAVID KEVIN (Voter ID number OH0011624530).
HOLBROOK, SPENCER DAVID (Voter ID number OH0023826800).

17792 STATE ROUTE 117
SAMONS, SARAH ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0019502498).

17803 STATE ROUTE 117
DAVIS, SARA JANE (Voter ID number OH0021487153).
SHERMAN, DANIEL R. (Voter ID number OH0011631875).
SHERMAN, ELIZABETH M. (Voter ID number OH0022912364).

17809 STATE ROUTE 117
COMPTON, ABIGAIL J. (Voter ID number OH0021179703).

17818 STATE ROUTE 117
BRANDYBERRY, KAYTI B. (Voter ID number OH0022551024).

17821 STATE ROUTE 117
DINGUS, MARI ANN (Voter ID number OH0020904411).
FRY, MARK A. (Voter ID number OH0011622643).

17821 WATER ST
PRICE, DANA R. (Voter ID number OH0020864663).
PRICE, LAWRENCE EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0023655213).

17839 STATE ROUTE 235
BENTLEY, LARRY (Voter ID number OH0011618362).

17843 STATE ROUTE 117
BADERTSCHER, CHARLES LEROY (Voter ID number OH0011617818).
BADERTSCHER, MARGARET MAXINE (Voter ID number OH0011617820).

17861 N MAIN ST
KILL, DANIEL RAYMOND (Voter ID number OH0023501166).
MORLOCK, TRICIA L. (Voter ID number OH0023395811).
WRIGHT, THOMAS KELLY (Voter ID number OH0022770383).

17897 STATE ROUTE 235
JARNAGIN, LEE ROY (Voter ID number OH0011625194).

17902 STATE ROUTE 117
JARNAGIN, DARRIN P. (Voter ID number OH0011625192).

17912 N MAIN ST
LAWSON, RICHARD ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0012568180).

17923 HIGH ST
HARDIN, BARRY B. (Voter ID number OH0011623692).
HARDIN, TERESA J. (Voter ID number OH0011623704).

17923 STATE ROUTE 117
BELL, AUSTIN TYLER (Voter ID number OH0021843627).
KAECK, LEONARD JOSHUA (Voter ID number OH0019459799).
KAECK, SYDNEY L. (Voter ID number OH0019734726).

17928 STATE ROUTE 117
WIREMAN, CARRIE A. (Voter ID number OH0011634762).
WIREMAN, DAVID (Voter ID number OH0011634771).
WIREMAN, JEREMY ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0019644502).

17929 HIGH ST
DOWNING, MATTHEW S. (Voter ID number OH0023710212).

17929 STATE ROUTE 235
GRIFFITH, DARLENE (Voter ID number OH0011623295).
SMITH, LOGAN E. (Voter ID number OH0021708501).

17936 HIGH ST
DAVIS, JAMES E. (Voter ID number OH0019140838).

17939 STATE ROUTE 235
BRUSH, BOBBY L. (Voter ID number OH0011619185).
BRUSH, DEBRA A. (Voter ID number OH0011619178).
BRUSH, JOSHUA D. (Voter ID number OH0023476713).

17958 N MAIN ST
HENKLE, JENNIFER K. (Voter ID number OH0011624187).

17958 STATE ROUTE 117
HENKLE, DENNIS JAMES (Voter ID number OH0011624174).

17961 N MAIN ST
HAUENSTEIN, MONICA R. (Voter ID number OH0022238386).

17961 STATE ROUTE 117
BROOKS, ROY K. (Voter ID number OH0022658935).

17976 N MAIN ST
CURRENCE, HOWARD LEE (Voter ID number OH0011620804).

17989 HIGH ST
MCCOLLOCH, PATSY ANN (Voter ID number OH0022540407).

17990 N MAIN ST
SCHNEER, DAVID G. (Voter ID number OH0011631355).

17990 STATE ROUTE 117
SCHNEER, AARON J. (Voter ID number OH0020915173).

17998 N MAIN ST
BROWN, LOGAN WYATT (Voter ID number OH0023118859).

17998 STATE ROUTE 117
RAU, ANNE E. (Voter ID number OH0021142397).
RAU, THOMAS E. (Voter ID number OH0020913981).

18003 STATE ROUTE 117
HENKLE, MABEL VISA (Voter ID number OH0011624183).

18011 STATE ROUTE 117
HENKLE, DANNY C. (Voter ID number OH0011624178).
HENKLE, JUDITH K. (Voter ID number OH0011624190).

ELSTON, GEORGE PATRICK (Voter ID number OH0021348523).
PARKER, JULIE A. (Voter ID number OH0011621906).

18022 STATE ROUTE 117
TAYLOR, JOLISSA A. (Voter ID number OH0020460375).

18926 STATE ROUTE 117
HUGHES, DESHEEA JEMAL (Voter ID number OH0023479104).
HUGHES, INDIA L. (Voter ID number OH0020056775).

2145 STATE ROUTE 385
GULLETT, DANIEL EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0011623369).
GULLETT, TRISHA SUE (Voter ID number OH0011623386).

2167 STATE ROUTE 385
ENGLAND, DENNIS M. (Voter ID number OH0011621974).
ENGLAND, GEANNA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011621972).
GULLETT, JO ANN (Voter ID number OH0011623366).

2254 STATE ROUTE 385
ABRAMS, NANCY A. (Voter ID number OH0023043612).
OSBORN, JEFFERY IVAN (Voter ID number OH0011629122).
OSBORN, LARRY ALBERT (Voter ID number OH0011629138).

2267 STATE ROUTE 385
BADERTSCHER, HEATHER L. (Voter ID number OH0011617811).
BADERTSCHER, MARK A. (Voter ID number OH0011617824).

2316 MILL ST
DANIELS, JOSEPH W. (Voter ID number OH0011620874).

2323 MILL ST
OVERS, DOUGLAS LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011629166).
OVERS, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number OH0011629178).
OVERS, ROSEMARY (Voter ID number OH0011629187).

2334 MILL ST
HOLBROOK, JAIME LYNN (Voter ID number OH0018959394).

GRIFFITH, EDNA M. (Voter ID number OH0020422010).

2485 COUNTY ROAD 190
LOSH, CLARENCE DENNIS (Voter ID number OH0011626931).

This is a privately owned genealogy website using a downloaded copy of the Ohio voter list, which is unrestricted, public information.