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1000 CR 74
AHLE, ALAN L. (Voter ID number OH0016247787).
AHLE, BARBARA M. (Voter ID number OH0016235138).
WONDERLY, ABBY MARIN (Voter ID number OH0016277425).

1010 CR 72
HARMAN, APRIL MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016280052).

1011 S CR 42
CHAFIN, JUSTIN E. (Voter ID number OH0016265665).
CHAFIN, MISTY MARIE (Voter ID number OH0020252400).

1013 CR 64
BRENNAN, THERESA A. (Voter ID number OH0021620599).
BRENNAN, WILLIAM S. (Voter ID number OH0021620601).

1028 S CR 32
HANNIGAN, SAMANTHA S. (Voter ID number OH0022724579).
MILLER, DONALD S. (Voter ID number OH0022424534).

1055 SR 635
SCHOENDORF, EILEEN K. (Voter ID number OH0016245370).
SCHOENDORF, JOHN J. (Voter ID number OH0016225753).

1068 CR 72
MEINKE, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number OH0023372227).
MEINKE, RACHEL M. (Voter ID number OH0022964779).

1131 S CR 26
BURSIEK, LYLE A. (Voter ID number OH0016222238).
BURSIEK, NANCY L. (Voter ID number OH0016245742).

1136 CR 58
WONDERLY, DAVID A. (Voter ID number OH0016230727).
WONDERLY, DIANE L. (Voter ID number OH0016263539).

1197 SR 635
NIESET, KATHLEEN ANN (Voter ID number OH0016243996).
NIESET, LEONARD L. (Voter ID number OH0016222406).

1205 CR 58
ABBOTT, STEPHANIE LEANNE (Voter ID number OH0022841560).
WALDEN, KAREN E. (Voter ID number OH0016410371).
WALDEN, KEENAN W. (Voter ID number OH0018171801).
WALDEN, LUTHER H. (Voter ID number OH0019027114).
WALDEN, MATTHEW S. (Voter ID number OH0016256654).

121 CR 90
MICHNEY, MARY ANNE (Voter ID number OH0019540375).

CUNNINGHAM, KAYLEEN M. (Voter ID number OH0016265993).
CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL W. (Voter ID number OH0016268779).

BOLAND, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number OH0021120630).

131 NORTH ST, APT 36
TORNOW, TIMOTHY ALAN (Voter ID number OH0016238195).

1318 S CR 32
NIEDERHOFF, LEZA (Voter ID number OH0022443220).

WALKER, DIANE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016258945).

1321 CR 72
MALAGON, CLYDE S. (Voter ID number OH0020410110).

134 S SR 300
SENS, HAROLD E. (Voter ID number OH0016275155).
SENS, RITA D. (Voter ID number OH0016275177).

1344 CR 58
SMITH, DYANN (Voter ID number OH0016277721).
SMITH, GARY L. (Voter ID number OH0016276342).

135 S SR 300
CROFTS, PAMELA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0022513525).
HINES, MARCI RENEE (Voter ID number OH0016271028).
JACOBS, BEVERLY K. (Voter ID number OH0016269463).
JACOBS, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number OH0016263990).

1376 CR 58
COLVIN, SAMANTHA L. (Voter ID number OH0016280684).
COLVIN, TODD ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0016280720).

1379 S CR 32
WEBB, ERMAL (Voter ID number OH0016233302).

139 NORTH ST, APT 43
BILLOW, CAROLYN L. (Voter ID number OH0018182085).
BILLOW, HAROLD F. (Voter ID number OH0016262129).

140 N DORR ST, APT 52
SEEM, LINDA S. (Voter ID number OH0016246058).
SEEM, STEPHEN P. (Voter ID number OH0016247468).

1415 CR 58
MILLER, THEODORE J. (Voter ID number OH0016264856).

BOYER, DAVID J. (Voter ID number OH0016237617).
LESTER, DAVID T. (Voter ID number OH0016276537).

142 NORTH ST, APT 104
LESTER, PAMELA R. (Voter ID number OH0016276536).

142 S CR 26
BURNS, REX E. (Voter ID number OH0016244317).
BURNS, SHELLY A. (Voter ID number OH0019539849).

1424 CR 58
BRUBAKER, MATT C. (Voter ID number OH0020253094).
BRUBAKER, SARAH E. (Voter ID number OH0020253084).

1425 S CR 32
WISEMAN, HAROLD C. (Voter ID number OH0016222287).
WISEMAN, NORA LEE (Voter ID number OH0016222296).

1450 CR 58
FAUSEY, ELI JAMES (Voter ID number OH0019005260).
FAUSEY, LUANN MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016280391).

147 NORTH ST, APT 80
TORNOW, PAUL E. (Voter ID number OH0016261765).
TORNOW, PEGGY S. (Voter ID number OH0016280054).

1474 CR 72
HAMMER, JEFFREY P. (Voter ID number OH0016226995).
HAMMER, LING (Voter ID number OH0023807183).

149 S CR 26
KERN, JACK A. (Voter ID number OH0016226377).
KERN, NANCY J. (Voter ID number OH0016233029).

150 NORTH ST, APT 131
TORNOW, PAUL E. (Voter ID number OH0016255307).
TORNOW, SHIRLEY A. (Voter ID number OH0016242233).

1500 S CR 32
BROWN, SHARON MAE (Voter ID number OH0016252630).

1505 S CR 32
BISHOP, CIERRA E. (Voter ID number OH0021255970).
BISHOP, KYLE M. (Voter ID number OH0019540063).
BISHOP, MARK L. (Voter ID number OH0023494947).
STAFFORD, BILLIE R. (Voter ID number OH0020320167).
STAFFORD, BONNIE (Voter ID number OH0019540119).

151 NORTH ST, APT 93
DAMSCHRODER, PAUL A. (Voter ID number OH0016231944).

1515 CR 58
LISKAI, GREGORY T. (Voter ID number OH0016232841).
LISKAI, LORRIE A. (Voter ID number OH0022151577).

153 NORTH ST, APT 58
NEBERGALL, CAROL A. (Voter ID number OH0016236603).
NEBERGALL, EVERETT V. (Voter ID number OH0016238273).

ATKINSON, MARTO C. (Voter ID number OH0016267877).

1545 CR 72
BINDER, MARIAN K. (Voter ID number OH0016249654).

1561 CR 58
ALDRICH, JANE C. (Voter ID number OH0016262979).
ALDRICH, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number OH0016222231).

1565 S CR 32
CRAMER, DENNIS G. (Voter ID number OH0016244572).
CRAMER, LORI A. (Voter ID number OH0016244579).

160 CR 88
NOVITSKI, CHERYL M. (Voter ID number OH0016249448).
NOVITSKI, MICHAEL H. (Voter ID number OH0016248624).

161 NORTH ST, APT 33
BROSKI, JOHN P. (Voter ID number OH0016251231).

MAXWELL, JOSHUA J. (Voter ID number OH0016278418).

1625 S CR 42
EVANS, DUSTIN J. (Voter ID number OH0022370091).
MANUEL, BRADY M. (Voter ID number OH0021827953).
MANUEL, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number OH0019164074).

165 CR 50
CARNICOM, ANNETTE M. (Voter ID number OH0016261829).
CARNICOM, RONALD A. (Voter ID number OH0016246479).

168 N BOWER ST, APT 95
LEWIS, ADAM G. (Voter ID number OH0022309075).

168 S CR 26
KEITH, GERALD T. (Voter ID number OH0020410326).
KEITH, MICHELLE L. (Voter ID number OH0019539609).

1691 S CR 42
GILBERT, MARY K. (Voter ID number OH0016239644).

170 N BOWER ST, APT 76
GRIFFIN, ILAROSE (Voter ID number OH0016259579).

GOSCHE, BRIANNA N. (Voter ID number OH0022324318).
GOSCHE, KYLE J. (Voter ID number OH0022324329).

1746 S CR 26
SAUTTER, KRIS E. (Voter ID number OH0016268966).

175 NORTH ST, APT 13
HOMAN, JOHN D. (Voter ID number OH0016235547).
HOMAN, MARTHA J. (Voter ID number OH0016263997).

1750 S CR 26
DUKETT, DOUGLAS G. (Voter ID number OH0019006102).
DUKETT, JULIE R. (Voter ID number OH0018905147).

BROWN, ALLIE J. (Voter ID number OH0023768592).
BROWN, DANNELL JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016277434).
RICE, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number OH0016274802).

180 CR 74
WONDERLY, MICHAEL SHERMAN (Voter ID number OH0016251474).

1811 CR 58
DENNIS, JOSHUA P. (Voter ID number OH0020925223).
DENNIS, OLIVIA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0022370295).

1822 S CR 42
RUPKE, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number OH0019102455).
RUPKE, SAVANNAH L. (Voter ID number OH0023728455).
STUMP, ROANNA E. (Voter ID number OH0016281017).

188 CR 94
BAKER, DIANE M. (Voter ID number OH0016260928).
BAKER, LUKE J. (Voter ID number OH0023101223).
BAKER, PATRICK L. (Voter ID number OH0016254358).
BAKER, ZACHARY P. (Voter ID number OH0022087883).

1963 S CR 32
SCHMIDT, CURT A. (Voter ID number OH0016267542).
SCHMIDT, RHONDA L. (Voter ID number OH0016256323).
SCHMIDT, RONALD I. (Voter ID number OH0016241200).

1975 S CR 32
TOLLER, ROGER T. (Voter ID number OH0021917658).
TRAXLER, JACKI D. (Voter ID number OH0016520541).

1984 S CR 32
SMITH, BRIAN C. (Voter ID number OH0016278272).
SMITH, JACQUELINE D. (Voter ID number OH0016231249).
SMITH, RICKY W. (Voter ID number OH0016232843).

199 CR 88
DAMSCHRODER, DIANE M. (Voter ID number OH0016253678).

2001 S CR 32
CHALFIN, SHARON L. (Voter ID number OH0016249188).

2010 S CR 32
MOONEY, TAMARIS J. (Voter ID number OH0021871925).
RUSSLER, SHANNON L. (Voter ID number OH0023040892).

2015 S CR 32
DAVISSON, NIKKI L. (Voter ID number OH0016261305).

202 CR 94
MEYER, KARRIE R. (Voter ID number OH0016237826).
MEYER, TIMOTHY W. (Voter ID number OH0016238136).

2042 S CR 32
JONES, ELVIN (Voter ID number OH0016268117).

2057 S CR 32
ICKES, FOREST F. (Voter ID number OH0021224768).
MILLER, TABITHA L. (Voter ID number OH0023153748).

2060 S CR 42
SKAGGS, ORA D. (Voter ID number OH0020009023).

207 CR 94
KREILICK, HEATHER R. (Voter ID number OH0016275511).
KREILICK, KENNETH A. (Voter ID number OH0016263922).

2071 S CR 26
MEYERS, TERRI L. (Voter ID number OH0016264045).

2088 S CR 32
KLINE, ROBERT O. (Voter ID number OH0016248822).

2088 S CR 42
WOODS, ANTHONY L. (Voter ID number OH0021446470).

2089 S CR 32
SAMS, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number OH0016243454).
SAMS, GERALD WADE (Voter ID number OH0016222593).

2130 S CR 42
LAWLESS, LEONARD A. (Voter ID number OH0016254819).
LAWLESS, REBECCA S. (Voter ID number OH0016260896).

214 S MAIN ST, APT 57
AYRES, BEVERLY M. (Voter ID number OH0016243862).
AYRES, THOMAS L. (Voter ID number OH0016278287).

FOUGHT, CANDICE A. (Voter ID number OH0016249849).
FOUGHT, MICHAEL ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0016276859).

2170 S CR 42
STCLAIR, CONNIE S. (Voter ID number OH0016244998).
STCLAIR, LARRY R. (Voter ID number OH0018948514).

223 CR 74
KLIESCH, BRIAN W. (Voter ID number OH0016279103).

BAKER, NATHAN (Voter ID number OH0021251655).

227 SR 635
WILHELM, MARCELLA LUCILLE (Voter ID number OH0016238353).
WILHELM, TIM A. (Voter ID number OH0016267513).

229 CR 94
KREILICK, CARRIE A. (Voter ID number OH0016258351).
KREILICK, TIMOTHY W. (Voter ID number OH0016257782).

230 S MAIN ST, APT 46
HOLCOMB, CAROL M. (Voter ID number OH0016245958).
HOLCOMB, CHARLES (Voter ID number OH0016259351).

WILHELM, TANYA S. (Voter ID number OH0016235478).

232 CR 60
KAEMMING, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number OH0016261928).
KAEMMING, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number OH0016245113).

234 CR 60
LARSON, DANIEL L. (Voter ID number OH0016244598).

241 CR 88
OBERST, DORIS W. (Voter ID number OH0016228819).

243 N MAIN ST, APT 153
JARVI, JACK D. (Voter ID number OH0020669538).

LEONARD, NICKOLE H. (Voter ID number OH0016271656).

246 CR 60
RADER, SHIRLEY R. (Voter ID number OH0016239180).

246 S MAIN ST, APT 119
BARNETT, BRIAN W. (Voter ID number OH0016261968).
BARNETT, KAREN L. (Voter ID number OH0021188249).

249 N WARD ST, APT 55
WASSERMAN, CAROLE A. (Voter ID number OH0016231674).
WASSERMAN, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number OH0016260303).

250 CR 94
COWIE, JENNIFER N. (Voter ID number OH0021819538).
MCCLURE-HAUBERT, DEBORAH L. (Voter ID number OH0016233997).

251 N MAIN ST, APT 32
MURRAY, DAVID W. (Voter ID number OH0016239878).
MURRAY, ROBERTA L. (Voter ID number OH0016261448).

CRONE, CHARLES J. (Voter ID number OH0016272485).

252 S MAIN ST, APT 155
ROBERTS, JAIME L. (Voter ID number OH0020049778).

255 N MAIN ST, APT 1
NAGY, GARY A. (Voter ID number OH0021321554).

260 CR 94
TIMMONS, JONATHON JAMES (Voter ID number OH0021595576).
TIMMONS, MORGAN ANN (Voter ID number OH0023838152).

260 S MAIN ST, APT 126
HERMAN, GLEN A. (Voter ID number OH0021904220).
HERMAN, JANE H. (Voter ID number OH0021904226).

262 S MAIN ST, APT 27
SCHADE, EDWARD A. (Voter ID number OH0016243974).
SCHADE, SHARON A. (Voter ID number OH0016230579).

LOZIER, SYLVIA R. (Voter ID number OH0016229465).

ALDRICH, DANNY J. (Voter ID number OH0016278294).
HALLOCK, ASHLEY J. (Voter ID number OH0022373190).

267 N MAIN ST, APT 82
RHODES, MITCHELL A. (Voter ID number OH0016228211).

DOMINGUEZ, LAURA (Voter ID number OH0022940456).
WASSERMAN, GREGORY EVERETT (Voter ID number OH0016227981).

REIMER, CLAUDIA K. (Voter ID number OH0016258922).
REIMER, LELAND R. (Voter ID number OH0016246812).

273 N MAIN ST, APT 113
HASLINGER, JOSEPH T. (Voter ID number OH0016280489).

HAUBERT, KEVIN L. (Voter ID number OH0019807446).
HAUBERT, REBECCA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0019540072).

MCGEE, CHARLES B. (Voter ID number OH0019541166).
MCGEE, TERRI J. (Voter ID number OH0019029061).

277 N MAIN ST, APT 2
HACKER, JENNIFER K. (Voter ID number OH0016280018).
HACKER, TERRY T. (Voter ID number OH0019541155).

HETRICK, RACHEL R. (Voter ID number OH0021940606).

280 S MAIN ST, APT 101
HETRICK, DEAN P. (Voter ID number OH0016247059).

MOLTER, CHARLENE L. (Voter ID number OH0016275241).
STOUT, AARON R. (Voter ID number OH0016233021).

28271/2 W US 6
KISER, JODI L. (Voter ID number OH0016258556).

HANSEN, ANDREW J. (Voter ID number OH0023012792).

284 S MAIN ST, APT 124
CLAYPOOL, RONALD L. (Voter ID number OH0016263835).

2842 W US 6
FRANCIS, CHERYL R. (Voter ID number OH0021853727).
FRANCIS, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number OH0021853733).
PIERCE, MARIE B. (Voter ID number OH0016251044).

2864 W US 6
STERLING, GAYE M. (Voter ID number OH0016246001).
STERLING, MARK E. (Voter ID number OH0016260236).

2870 W US 6
MCCONNELL, BONNIE L. (Voter ID number OH0016225647).
MCCONNELL, SCOTT J. (Voter ID number OH0016248938).

288 CR 94
HARVEY, CHRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number OH0021973251).
HARVEY, DAWN E. (Voter ID number OH0021973253).
HARVEY, JOHN K. (Voter ID number OH0021973252).
HARVEY, MACIE E. (Voter ID number OH0022945607).

BONNETT, DAVID A. (Voter ID number OH0022829937).
DARR, AMY M. (Voter ID number OH0016231873).
HICKS, NATHANIEL E. (Voter ID number OH0023263690).

2880 W US 6
FRALEY, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number OH0016249948).
FRALEY, PAMELA G. (Voter ID number OH0016237814).

2892 W US 6
JONES, DARLA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0019628066).
JONES, KURT D. (Voter ID number OH0016270844).

JOHNSON, ALYSON K. (Voter ID number OH0019081713).
OMAN, BENJAMIN J. (Voter ID number OH0019628001).

295 N MAIN ST, APT 123
WELLS, LEONARD LEE (Voter ID number OH0016249653).
WELLS, MARVIS E. (Voter ID number OH0016263007).

297 CR 74
CLARK, KAY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016249949).
CLARK, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number OH0016251902).

297 N MAIN ST, APT 112
HAUBERT, DONALD F. (Voter ID number OH0016252006).
HAUBERT, REGINA M. (Voter ID number OH0016229663).

300 CR 60
BOULDIN, ALTON L. (Voter ID number OH0016252076).
BOULDIN, CAROL L. (Voter ID number OH0016239197).

3035 CR 41
MILLER, VIRGINIA L. (Voter ID number OH0016251530).

3095 CR 41
GANGWER, SHARON K. (Voter ID number OH0016270247).
GRISWOLD, GABRIEL IW (Voter ID number OH0021604264).
MYERS, REX T. (Voter ID number OH0021107945).

3121 CR 65
RICHTER, ERIC J. (Voter ID number OH0016240319).
RICHTER, KAREN L. (Voter ID number OH0016238231).
RICHTER, NICOLE L. (Voter ID number OH0022688330).

3138 CR 59
WILHELM, STEPHANIE E. (Voter ID number OH0021754845).
WILHELM, THOMAS C. (Voter ID number OH0023662298).

3145 CR 41
THACKER, DEBRA L. (Voter ID number OH0016263726).
THACKER, JOHN A. (Voter ID number OH0016275200).
THACKER, JOHN P. (Voter ID number OH0019540584).

3149 CR 65
HENRY, JOYCE DARLENE (Voter ID number OH0021137421).
HENRY, RICKIE L. (Voter ID number OH0022234404).

3163 CR 65
DURBIN, COREY W. (Voter ID number OH0022574134).
STANFORTH, DOROTHY (Voter ID number OH0016257913).

3176 CR 41
WASSERMAN, BARRY BONIFACE (Voter ID number OH0016225974).
WASSERMAN, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number OH0016226449).

3180 W US 6
CHEATHAM, JOSHUA A. (Voter ID number OH0023103810).
KNIES, AMY L. (Voter ID number OH0016276170).

3183 CR 41
SWAISGOOD, MICK D. (Voter ID number OH0016222412).
SWAISGOOD, SHIRLEY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016244269).

3215 CR 65
WATKINS, PHYLIS A. (Voter ID number OH0021400235).

3227 CR 41
GUTSCHALK, LAWRENCE J. (Voter ID number OH0016259032).

3229 CR 59
MIARER, ANIDA J. (Voter ID number OH0016246929).
MIARER, SCOTT T. (Voter ID number OH0016272903).
MIARER, THOMAS H. (Voter ID number OH0016260049).

3230 CR 65
SHAW, DAVID E. (Voter ID number OH0022405241).

3287 CR 41
KERN, ANTHONY THOMAS (Voter ID number OH0019540428).
KERN, JOHN MARION (Voter ID number OH0016247021).
KERN, LINDA KAY (Voter ID number OH0016237242).

3288 CR 41
RIDENOUR, WILLIAM P. (Voter ID number OH0016275030).

3288 CR 41, APT 161
RIDENOUR, JENNIE M. (Voter ID number OH0016235301).

3292 W US 6
GEIB, KATHIE A. (Voter ID number OH0016234946).
GEIB, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number OH0016231648).

3300 W US 6
KINGSBOROUGH, MATTHEW C. (Voter ID number OH0016258293).
KINGSBOROUGH, WHITNEY LINN (Voter ID number OH0016280340).

3310 CR 65
EICKERT, KARI M. (Voter ID number OH0016233632).
EICKERT, UWE D. (Voter ID number OH0016263952).

RICHARDS, DYLAN L. (Voter ID number OH0022745307).
VANDERLAAR, KELLY SUE (Voter ID number OH0016280365).
VANDERLAAR, MATTHEW J. (Voter ID number OH0019539510).

CARROLL, TOMMY R. (Voter ID number OH0021956531).
GOLDSBY, FELISHA N. (Voter ID number OH0021842756).

3335 W US 6
WILLIAMS, MARY A. (Voter ID number OH0023397965).
WILLIAMS, TIMOTHY D. (Voter ID number OH0020252823).

HICKS, CARLA A. (Voter ID number OH0021481429).

336 CR 72
CAMPBELL, JAMES M. (Voter ID number OH0023070498).

3395 W US 6
DARR, SUZANNE F. (Voter ID number OH0016242645).
DARR, WAYNE J. (Voter ID number OH0016257210).

FOOS, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number OH0016264498).

3400 CR 41
WONDERLY, NATHAN ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0021251737).
WONDERLY, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number OH0016241409).

HOFFMAN, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number OH0022778085).

BOWE, LINDSAY LN (Voter ID number OH0021168795).
BOWE, MICHELLE L. (Voter ID number OH0016264275).

343 CR 66
BUTZIN, ELIZABETH D. (Voter ID number OH0022663515).
MARKEL, CHAD M. (Voter ID number OH0016268761).
MARKEL, KRISTA K. (Voter ID number OH0021377866).
OVERMYER, TED A. (Voter ID number OH0022663557).

LASH, LULA B. (Voter ID number OH0016240142).
LASH, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number OH0016256803).

ROBINSON, DENNIS P. (Voter ID number OH0021377775).
ROBINSON, LILLIE F. (Voter ID number OH0021377764).

WEBEL, MARK ALLYN (Voter ID number OH0019690059).

348 GREELY ST, APT 103
CLOUSE, CONNIE A. (Voter ID number OH0021886038).

WEBEL, CRYSTAL R. (Voter ID number OH0016264135).

349 S CR 32
CARTER, TINA M. (Voter ID number OH0016231311).
ROUSH, GREGORY E. (Voter ID number OH0019540461).

350 CR 74
STRICKER, JAMES J. (Voter ID number OH0016258394).
STRICKER, JAMES T. (Voter ID number OH0022079556).
STRICKER, MARY E. (Voter ID number OH0016266710).

3512 CR 59
LINKE, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number OH0016263829).
LINKE, SHARON L. (Voter ID number OH0016229260).

352 CR 74
WASSERMAN, KENNETH L. (Voter ID number OH0016251580).

3521 CR 41
PECK, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number OH0016250116).
PECK, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number OH0016263994).

3531 W US 6
FAIST, JOHN C. (Voter ID number OH0016245035).

3581 CR 59
BEEKER, CAROLYN S. (Voter ID number OH0016255556).
BEEKER, PAUL A. (Voter ID number OH0016230239).

REESE, JOSHUA A. (Voter ID number OH0016273996).
REESE, TIFFANY N. (Voter ID number OH0019540565).

361 CR 72
BROWN, ROBERT HAROLD (Voter ID number OH0021251909).
SCHARER, ANDREW F. (Voter ID number OH0022406090).

361 SR 635
KROEGER, JENNIFER E. (Voter ID number OH0016265835).
KROEGER, SHAWN L. (Voter ID number OH0023494941).

MILLER, TIFFANY S. (Voter ID number OH0022072342).
ZITTER, BETH A. (Voter ID number OH0016264971).

365 S CR 26
GOETZ, JEANETTE R. (Voter ID number OH0016252077).
GOETZ, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number OH0016242201).

366 CR 88
KNEPPER-OSUNA, KAY E. (Voter ID number OH0016274149).
KOESTER, TRAVIS R. (Voter ID number OH0023469295).

366 GREELY ST, APT 178
ORTIZ, ANTONIO G. (Voter ID number OH0016229026).
ORTIZ, LUCIANA TERESA (Voter ID number OH0016278106).

3660 CR 65
VANCE, KAY M. (Voter ID number OH0016259524).
VANCE, TODD R. (Voter ID number OH0016266381).

3663 CR 55
FREEBORN, MELISSA A. (Voter ID number OH0016416951).
FREEBORN, NATHANIEL J. (Voter ID number OH0018279851).

3681 CR 55
FREEBORN, MICHELLE L. (Voter ID number OH0016278939).
FREEBORN, SAMUEL J. (Voter ID number OH0016237544).

3700 CR 55
BEEKER, MAGGIE J. (Voter ID number OH0021698946).
BEEKER, MATTHEW M. (Voter ID number OH0020320205).

3701 CR 55
ROBERTS, ESTELLA M. (Voter ID number OH0016238643).
ROTH, ANN A. (Voter ID number OH0016231979).
ROTH, ROY A. (Voter ID number OH0016236905).

3709 CR 41
HOWTON, DANNY L. (Voter ID number OH0016269930).

3710 CR 59
WOJDYLA, JASON M. (Voter ID number OH0023446069).
WOJDYLA, LISA R. (Voter ID number OH0023564806).

3727 W US 6
JACKSON, CLARA M. (Voter ID number OH0018658142).

3741 CR 41
HOFFMAN, AMY M. (Voter ID number OH0016240301).
HOFFMAN, PHILIP J. (Voter ID number OH0016246000).

3748 CR 59
GALLAGHER, CLAUDIA L. (Voter ID number OH0022153996).
GALLAGHER, LUCAS J. (Voter ID number OH0016270408).

375 CR 50
SOCHOR, SUZANNE J. (Voter ID number OH0016278924).
SOCHOR, TIMOTHY P. (Voter ID number OH0022467928).

3751 CR 55
ROBERTS, ADAM JON (Voter ID number OH0016264766).

3757 CR 59
CARPENTER, ABBY M. (Voter ID number OH0016267601).

3776 CR 41
LOPEZ, DANA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016274888).
LOPEZ, PAUL R. (Voter ID number OH0016234018).

3777 CR 59
WILLIAMS, JEFFREY C. (Voter ID number OH0023827984).

3797 CR 65
NEEB, NORMAN L. (Voter ID number OH0016227767).
NEEB, ROSALIE R. (Voter ID number OH0016228716).

381 SR 635
HAUBERT, GARY ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0016244014).
HAUBERT, KAREN LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0016260708).

383 CR 60
BILLOW, THOMAS G. (Voter ID number OH0022741740).
BINDER, BRANDON C. (Voter ID number OH0022879980).
SIDELL, CARRIE MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0023170982).
SIDELL, JASON L. (Voter ID number OH0023004843).
STERLING, EARL L. (Voter ID number OH0016283637).

3855 CR 59
GSCHWIND, LORETTA R. (Voter ID number OH0016247944).

3875 CR 55
SCHADE, CHERYL A. (Voter ID number OH0022793729).
SCHADE, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number OH0022676326).

3875 CR 59
GRABER, AMY JO (Voter ID number OH0016277932).
GRABER, CHARLES JAY (Voter ID number OH0023711169).
GRABER, JEAN M. (Voter ID number OH0016222907).

3883 CR 65
MURRAY, BEVERLY K. (Voter ID number OH0016236300).
REYNA, RAUL (Voter ID number OH0016273367).

389 CR 60
HINES, CYNTHIA L. (Voter ID number OH0016246490).
HINES, HAROLD E. (Voter ID number OH0016270142).
REYES, EMILY R. (Voter ID number OH0023060947).

390 S CR 42
BRUBAKER, DANNY L. (Voter ID number OH0016222240).
BRUBAKER, LINDA B. (Voter ID number OH0016222241).

3917 CR 41
JOHNSON, CLIFFORD LEROY (Voter ID number OH0016243159).
JOHNSON, DARREN THOMAS (Voter ID number OH0021543091).
JOHNSON, JEAN C. (Voter ID number OH0016235137).

3920 CR 59
LIESKE, JEFFERY J. (Voter ID number OH0016245092).
LIESKE, LISA A. (Voter ID number OH0016232857).

3927 CR 55
LEEMASTER, HOLLY M. (Voter ID number OH0022750001).
LEEMASTER, KAY L. (Voter ID number OH0016248036).
LEEMASTER, LAYNE A. (Voter ID number OH0016235680).
LEEMASTER, MATTHEW G. (Voter ID number OH0023340640).

3928 CR 59
VANNESS, NORMAN E. (Voter ID number OH0016279958).

3928 W US 6
WASSERMAN, ASHLEY M. (Voter ID number OH0023575753).
WASSERMAN, MARY A. (Voter ID number OH0016231731).
WASSERMAN, RICHARD JAMES (Voter ID number OH0016280322).

3937 CR 65
BRZECZEK, CAROLYN L. (Voter ID number OH0019540537).
BRZECZEK, GEORGE L. (Voter ID number OH0016230485).

395 SR 635
HOFFMAN, ELIZABETH ANN (Voter ID number OH0016245993).
HOFFMAN, JAMES E. (Voter ID number OH0016244012).
HOFFMAN, LISA M. (Voter ID number OH0016246088).

3955 CR 65
HASLINGER, ASHLEY A. (Voter ID number OH0023524410).
HASLINGER, CONSTANCE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016256249).

3969 CR 41
SCHOENDORF, JESSICA D. (Voter ID number OH0016232793).

3970 CR 41
BALL, JANICE (Voter ID number OH0016221774).

3973 CR 55
RENO, TIMOTHY R. (Voter ID number OH0016240297).

3986 CR 41
WARREN, RANDY (Voter ID number OH0016280345).

3988 CR 41
WARREN, GARY MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0016244803).

3988 CR 55
JAHNA, TERRI R. (Voter ID number OH0016241390).
VARGO, JAMES E. (Voter ID number OH0022965772).

3995 CR 41
REINBOLT, ORA P. (Voter ID number OH0019634176).
REINBOLT, PATRICK A. (Voter ID number OH0016235920).
REINBOLT, URIAH C. (Voter ID number OH0018577712).

3996 CR 27
BERRIDGE, ANGIE L. (Voter ID number OH0016262873).
BERRIDGE, GEORGE P. (Voter ID number OH0016251645).

4002 CR 41
ALDRICH, BEVERLY A. (Voter ID number OH0016241196).
ALDRICH, FRED A. (Voter ID number OH0016227506).

4010 CR 55
HALL, AARON K. (Voter ID number OH0016255700).
HALL, NICHOL S. (Voter ID number OH0016276259).

4019 CR 41
REINBOLT, JAMES A. (Voter ID number OH0021149896).

4020 CR 27
WASTLER, MARILYN R. (Voter ID number OH0016244705).
WASTLER, PHILIP K. (Voter ID number OH0016225876).

4026 CR 41
LAPLANT, MICHELLE RENEE (Voter ID number OH0022406088).

4026 CR 55
CARNICOM, TREY C. (Voter ID number OH0023381879).

4030 CR 41
DEVANNA, CINDY L. (Voter ID number OH0023711094).
SCHOENDORF, JERI L. (Voter ID number OH0022406948).

4039 CR 41
MARTINEZ, EMILY C. (Voter ID number OH0020252466).

4050 CR 59
AVERS, BROCK THOMAS (Voter ID number OH0021098832).

4073 CR 41
WASSERMAN, BRENDA J. (Voter ID number OH0016232897).
WASSERMAN, RYAN J. (Voter ID number OH0022308234).

4075 CR 41
FOOS, ANN M. (Voter ID number OH0016238971).
FOOS, MARK J. (Voter ID number OH0016259535).

4078 CR 27
FOOS, FRANCES L. (Voter ID number OH0016233963).
FOOS, JESSICA L. (Voter ID number OH0018783342).
FOOS, NICOLLETTE F. (Voter ID number OH0022747260).
FOOS, RONALD J. (Voter ID number OH0016278597).

4080 CR 41
FOOS, JANICE E. (Voter ID number OH0016273420).
FOOS, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number OH0016252464).

4085 CR 41
WASSERMAN, MARK A. (Voter ID number OH0016255062).
WASSERMAN, THOMAS LEO (Voter ID number OH0016261012).
WASSERMAN, VIOLA THERESA (Voter ID number OH0016240799).

4088 W US 6
HEMINGER, ROGER L. (Voter ID number OH0016268747).
ORTEGA, JOSE B. (Voter ID number OH0016268752).

4096 CR 41
HOFFMAN, JESSICA L. (Voter ID number OH0021891548).
HOFFMAN, MARY E. (Voter ID number OH0016275041).
HOFFMAN, ROGER P. (Voter ID number OH0016226048).
HOFFMAN, SCOTT E. (Voter ID number OH0021827915).

4107 CR 41
GRAHAM, DANIELLE L. (Voter ID number OH0016235612).
GRAHAM, STUART J. (Voter ID number OH0023431533).

4110 CR 41
GONYA, REGINA H. (Voter ID number OH0016256092).

4120 CR 41
BABIONE, BRIAN JAMES (Voter ID number OH0016265189).
QUICK, BETSY L. (Voter ID number OH0023728443).

415 CR 64
BOULEE, AMBER L. (Voter ID number OH0022681553).
SHERRARD, CYNTHIA L. (Voter ID number OH0016231114).
SHERRARD, TIMOTHY S. (Voter ID number OH0016260529).

4160 W US 6
WONDERLY, JEAN LOU (Voter ID number OH0016247553).

4171 CR 27
HICKS, GEORGE (Voter ID number OH0020252373).
MILLER, CHERYL S. (Voter ID number OH0020049776).
MILLER, GREGORY P. (Voter ID number OH0022127360).

4174 W US 6
WONDERLY, MATTHEW WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0016251477).

4174 W US 6, APT 125
LAMKEY, JO-LINDA (Voter ID number OH0023800989).

4176 W US 6
WONDERLY, DEAN P. (Voter ID number OH0016232202).
WONDERLY, LEA K. (Voter ID number OH0016258631).

4182 W US 6
CONLEY, LORI A. (Voter ID number OH0023047464).
MCLAUGHLIN, DENIS J. (Voter ID number OH0022406706).

420 CR 88
PARSONS, BEAU J. (Voter ID number OH0016271071).
PARSONS, DEBRA M. (Voter ID number OH0016225976).
PARSONS, JAMES L. (Voter ID number OH0016260393).

420 S CR 26
KEPPLER, BEVERLY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016255673).
KEPPLER, KERRY K. (Voter ID number OH0016227356).

4208 CR 41
CROWE, BRANDON (Voter ID number OH0023469630).
CROWE, DAVID A. (Voter ID number OH0022468031).
CROWE, EMILY J. (Voter ID number OH0023497853).
CROWE, LINDA R. (Voter ID number OH0016225862).

4228 CR 55
MAGRUM, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number OH0016228833).

424 CR 60
FRANKART, JENNIFER D. (Voter ID number OH0023238376).

424 CR 90
COOK, CHRISTINA L. (Voter ID number OH0016233466).
COOK, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number OH0016225539).

4240 CR 59
SILVA, EMEDE (Voter ID number OH0016221485).
SILVA, GEORGE (Voter ID number OH0016249570).
SILVA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number OH0016269454).

4242 CR 41
HOFFMAN, ELIZABETH S. (Voter ID number OH0016271735).
HOFFMAN, EUGENE A. (Voter ID number OH0016271733).

4245 CR 27
MILLER, AUGUST L. (Voter ID number OH0016262991).
MILLER, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number OH0016263009).

4265 CR 55
LACER, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number OH0016251591).
LACER, MORRIS W. (Voter ID number OH0016238696).

4279 CR 55
WASSERMAN, ANITA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016233558).

4300 CR 27
BOWMAN, JACOB A. (Voter ID number OH0021067055).
BOWMAN, LARRY R. (Voter ID number OH0016227296).
BOWMAN, WANDA L. (Voter ID number OH0016244412).

4305 CR 55
WASSERMAN, KATHLEEN M. (Voter ID number OH0016240849).
WASSERMAN, RONALD JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0016251559).

4346 CR 59
THATCHER, JAY C. (Voter ID number OH0016261545).

4353 CR 65
ILER, BUTCH ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0020041698).
ILER, NICOLE LEANN (Voter ID number OH0020041696).
ILER, ROBERT JAMES (Voter ID number OH0020041694).
ILER, ROSANNE BETH (Voter ID number OH0020041695).

4356 CR 65
JOHNSON, GARRETT L. (Voter ID number OH0021490987).
SCHLEA, COLLEEN M. (Voter ID number OH0016258677).
SCHLEA, DONALD E. (Voter ID number OH0016246126).

436 CR 90
FOUGHT, FRIEDA C. (Voter ID number OH0016225710).
FOUGHT, MARVIN L. (Voter ID number OH0016229921).
FOUGHT, OLIVIA M. (Voter ID number OH0022704740).

4360 CR 65
KROTZER, CATHY (Voter ID number OH0016232232).
KROTZER, KEITH E. (Voter ID number OH0016235674).
KROTZER, KYLE E. (Voter ID number OH0021425429).

437 CR 64
BALSIZER, CRAIG J. (Voter ID number OH0016263759).
BALSIZER, MICHELLE L. (Voter ID number OH0016269537).

438 CR 88
WASSERMAN, THELMA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016222705).

4381/2 CR 88
RUBLE, MARIE E. (Voter ID number OH0022368334).

4388 CR 65
SHAMMO, AMANDA R. (Voter ID number OH0022724566).
SHAMMO, BRYAN P. (Voter ID number OH0016267912).

4400 CR 55
POTTS, RITA J. (Voter ID number OH0016260909).

4401 CR 59
HOFFMAN, DANIEL L. (Voter ID number OH0016257702).
HOFFMAN, JULIANA L. (Voter ID number OH0016261014).
HOFFMAN, SAMANTHA T. (Voter ID number OH0021354783).

441 MAPLE ST, APT 142
GRABER, ASHLEY NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0021119662).

4412 CR 41
SHARP, GARY D. (Voter ID number OH0016241573).

4425 CR 47
NIESET, CHRISTOPHER L. (Voter ID number OH0016261767).
NIESET, DONNA E. (Voter ID number OH0016250113).
NIESET, KYLE E. (Voter ID number OH0018814035).

443 MAPLE ST, APT 117
STRICKER, JAMES J. (Voter ID number OH0016254099).
STRICKER, JANICE M. (Voter ID number OH0016244696).

444 CR 60
DYER, BILLY S. (Voter ID number OH0016264648).
DYER, ELAINE L. (Voter ID number OH0016244927).
DYER, JOSHUA S. (Voter ID number OH0023238536).

KESSLER, KENNETH D. (Voter ID number OH0019540007).

444 MAPLE ST, APT 118
KESSLER, AMY J. (Voter ID number OH0016252919).

445 MAPLE ST, APT 14
SEMAN, KAREN L. (Voter ID number OH0016245105).
SEMAN, RONALD J. (Voter ID number OH0016259577).

4458 CR 65
HORSLEY, LEIGHTON A. (Voter ID number OH0022793740).
HORSLEY, LISA R. (Voter ID number OH0021338106).

ERNSBERGER, JAMES P. (Voter ID number OH0021394103).

448 MAPLE ST, APT 47
CARPER-SMITH, SANDRA L. (Voter ID number OH0016243967).

4486 CR 41
MERRITT, KENNETH A. (Voter ID number OH0023238470).

452 CR 88
WASSERMAN, CONNIE M. (Voter ID number OH0016261876).
WASSERMAN, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number OH0016239681).

4523 CR 41
BALDWIN, AMANDA L. (Voter ID number OH0023101228).
GANGWER, ROBERT FORREST (Voter ID number OH0019541058).

4525 CR 65
AMSTUTZ, JULIE T. (Voter ID number OH0016265552).
AMSTUTZ, KURT FREDERICK (Voter ID number OH0016280025).

4543 CR 41
WATTS, BRIAN M. (Voter ID number OH0018783425).

4575 CR 27
REINBOLT, AMBER L. (Voter ID number OH0020965695).
REINBOLT, JOHN (Voter ID number OH0021040773).
REINBOLT, KAY (Voter ID number OH0021040775).
REINBOLT, LUELLA M. (Voter ID number OH0016222407).

4598 CR 41
WEBER, CARNETTA (Voter ID number OH0016242254).
WEBER, WILLIS L. (Voter ID number OH0016229090).

460 MAPLE ST, APT 109
COBLE, HOLLY A. (Voter ID number OH0016236102).

4610 CR 27
FOOS, EILEEN L. (Voter ID number OH0016229858).
FOOS, HAROLD F. (Voter ID number OH0016222315).
FOOS, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number OH0019539550).

4610 CR 41
SHOUP, SANDRA K. (Voter ID number OH0016252559).
SHOUP, WILLIAM C. (Voter ID number OH0016263262).

462 CR 60
SHIVELY, SHERRI M. (Voter ID number OH0016244182).
SHIVELY, SKYLER R. (Voter ID number OH0023749827).
SHIVELY, STEPHEN RAY (Voter ID number OH0016236855).

464 MAPLE ST, APT 41
MILLS, JOHN A. (Voter ID number OH0016266306).
MILLS, LINDA S. (Voter ID number OH0016268069).

464 SR 635
STEINMILLER, KATHERINE L. (Voter ID number OH0023527857).

466 MAPLE ST, APT 63
GRESSMAN, MICHELLE LEE (Voter ID number OH0016237003).
GRESSMAN, SCOTT A. (Voter ID number OH0016258584).

468 MAPLE ST, APT 122
STEINMETZ, GENNIEL M. (Voter ID number OH0016247952).
STEINMETZ, JAMES A. (Voter ID number OH0016230142).

HOOK, ADAM M. (Voter ID number OH0023069054).

470 MAPLE ST, APT 142
HOOK, SAVANNAH M. (Voter ID number OH0022265495).
HOOK, STARLA J. (Voter ID number OH0021933981).

4701/2 MAPLE ST, APT 142
HOOK, ROBERT T. (Voter ID number OH0022265481).
HOOK, ROBERT T. (Voter ID number OH0023263523).

4702 W US 6
RUTH, REBECCA J. (Voter ID number OH0016247156).
RUTH, STEPHEN P. (Voter ID number OH0016238697).

4711 CR 41
KREILICK, LINDA S. (Voter ID number OH0016263555).

KUTNYAK, RYAN P. (Voter ID number OH0022795608).
SHARBNOW, ALLISYN A. (Voter ID number OH0023728468).

4725 CR 55
WASSERMAN, DANIELLE M. (Voter ID number OH0022149649).
WASSERMAN, KYLE J. (Voter ID number OH0016280466).

4735 CR 41
RUTH, ANGELA R. (Voter ID number OH0016235302).
RUTH, BILLY J. (Voter ID number OH0023354871).
RUTH, KEVIN P. (Voter ID number OH0016236998).

4737 CR 41
OTTERSON, CRAIG S. (Voter ID number OH0023723815).

475 S CR 26
GOETZ, DONALD R. (Voter ID number OH0016222233).
GOETZ, JUNE S. (Voter ID number OH0016255851).

480 CR 88
PRENZLIN, GREGGORY T. (Voter ID number OH0021440805).
WASSERMAN, BONNIE S. (Voter ID number OH0021251873).
WASSERMAN, STEPHEN L. (Voter ID number OH0016239841).

4827 CR 41
HALBISEN, WENDY S. (Voter ID number OH0016244549).

4835 CR 41
MUNCY, AMANDA S. (Voter ID number OH0019539637).
WEIS, SUZANNE GRACE (Voter ID number OH0016255761).

485 S CR 26
CLARK, PAUL A. (Voter ID number OH0016255636).

4862 CR 33
AUTTERSON, SHAUN A. (Voter ID number OH0021357748).
WEYANT, KELLY J. (Voter ID number OH0021565675).

4862 CR 41
KING, JOSEPH C. (Voter ID number OH0022568012).

4871 CR 41
CROXFORD, VICTORIA K. (Voter ID number OH0016252741).

4879 CR 41
FISHER, BRITTANY R. (Voter ID number OH0023807100).
FISHER, DEREK T. (Voter ID number OH0022306328).

4885 CR 41
SLEEK, J RAY (Voter ID number OH0016222272).
SLEEK, SUZANNE R. (Voter ID number OH0016244656).

4886 CR 33
MEYER, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number OH0016224889).

4908 CR 33
HOLCOMBE, RONALD M. (Voter ID number OH0021039962).
HOLCOMBE, VIRGINIA A. (Voter ID number OH0021301375).

491 S CR 32
WEST, ELIZABETH R. (Voter ID number OH0016280765).

4948 CR 11
WASSERMAN, PATRICIA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016234715).

4980 CR 33
HEMINGER, BONNIE J. (Voter ID number OH0020427404).
HEMINGER, DAKOTA A. (Voter ID number OH0021757648).
HEMINGER, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number OH0017783571).

4994 CR 11
KOHLER, MELINDA LOU (Voter ID number OH0016278430).
KOHLER, PAUL J. (Voter ID number OH0016248375).

LAHMAN, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number OH0022468050).
NIESET, KRISTAN M. (Voter ID number OH0023122368).
NIESET, TIMOTHY C. (Voter ID number OH0016255797).
RHEINHOLTZ, KYLE E. (Voter ID number OH0016268095).
RHEINHOLTZ, RACHEL A. (Voter ID number OH0018863822).
RHEINHOLTZ, SETH AARON (Voter ID number OH0019958325).

MULL, TONY D. (Voter ID number OH0023175408).

501 S BOWER ST, APT 114
CARNICOM, CONNIE S. (Voter ID number OH0016246478).

DIEBLEY, JOHN M. (Voter ID number OH0016263146).

5030 CR 33
WAGNER, ASHLEY J. (Voter ID number OH0020320238).
WAGNER, JOSHUA M. (Voter ID number OH0016279559).

5067 W US 6
SNEIDER, PATRICIA JOAN (Voter ID number OH0016229134).

LOVEJOY, TRACY M. (Voter ID number OH0019539797).

5086 W US 6
CAMP, SAMANTHA JO (Voter ID number OH0023140475).

5090 CR 33
KOVAL, DOLLA M. (Voter ID number OH0016271538).
KOVAL, JOSEPH R. (Voter ID number OH0016240545).

5110 CR 33
KOVAL, BRITTANY N. (Voter ID number OH0023240937).
KOVAL, NICHOLAS J. (Voter ID number OH0019540991).

5110 CR 41
VAN DER LAAR, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number OH0022828264).
VANDERLAAR, HENRY JAMES (Voter ID number OH0021143610).
VANDERLAAR, JEANINE PATRICE (Voter ID number OH0016248832).
VANDERLAAR, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number OH0023295104).

512 S CR 42
BRUBAKER, CODY F. (Voter ID number OH0020973749).
BRUBAKER, JOHN D. (Voter ID number OH0016276124).
BRUBAKER, TONI L. (Voter ID number OH0016276126).

5124 W US 6
STOCKMASTER, LAWRENCE W. (Voter ID number OH0016274983).
YANEZ-STOCKMASTER, YOLANDA (Voter ID number OH0016276154).

515 CR 50
BLOOMFIELD, HEATHER E. (Voter ID number OH0019034646).
BLOOMFIELD, KENNETH (Voter ID number OH0019540815).
VAMOS, AUDREY E. (Voter ID number OH0021603448).
VAMOS, BRIAN J. (Voter ID number OH0022039044).

515 CR 66
SHAFER, AUSTIN J. (Voter ID number OH0021355134).
SHAFER, HAILEY (Voter ID number OH0022682805).
SHAFER, JOHN H. (Voter ID number OH0016243295).
SHAFER, SHERIL J. (Voter ID number OH0016240641).

5156 CR 11
BOCKBRADER, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number OH0018495861).
CROZIER, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number OH0018495731).

5159 W US 6
FRIAR, BETH A. (Voter ID number OH0016258140).
FRIAR, KACIE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016268917).
FRIAR, VICTOR L. (Voter ID number OH0016260602).

5170 CR 33
WAGNER, BRYAN M. (Voter ID number OH0019540066).

518 S CR 32
JOHNSON, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number OH0023374856).
JOHNSON, TODD R. (Voter ID number OH0023372627).
PICKEREL, CELIA M. (Voter ID number OH0016255271).
PICKEREL, DALE L. (Voter ID number OH0016248754).

5187 CR 41
WAGNER, DOUGLAS J. (Voter ID number OH0021141884).
WAGNER, SARAH L. (Voter ID number OH0021141887).

SHULL, AMANDA L. (Voter ID number OH0016280526).
SHULL, BRADY S. (Voter ID number OH0016276698).

5190 CR 41
HAMMER, DANIEL W. (Voter ID number OH0023519449).
HAMMER, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number OH0016275445).
HAMMER, LUCAS R. (Voter ID number OH0016261837).

MIRANDA, ADAM (Voter ID number OH0022854093).
MIRANDA, DAVID (Voter ID number OH0022277447).
MIRANDA, PAMELA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016277494).

520 CR 64
MEYER, CHRIS R. (Voter ID number OH0021470208).

5219 CR 41
WELLS, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number OH0016263373).

SOWELL, JENELL DANIELLE (Voter ID number OH0023711162).
SOWELL, KEITH E. (Voter ID number OH0023487244).

5243 W US 6
MANSFIELD, PHILIP M. (Voter ID number OH0016227887).
MANSFIELD, SCHARLENE F. (Voter ID number OH0016262748).

REITER, ALFRED E. (Voter ID number OH0016261661).
REITER, ELANE A. (Voter ID number OH0016231702).

525 SR 635
TEBEAU, MARY L. (Voter ID number OH0016230023).
TEBEAU, ROBERT S. (Voter ID number OH0016256318).

5267 CR 33
COOK, DRAKE A. (Voter ID number OH0021636169).
RUPKE, JEFFREY A. (Voter ID number OH0019539772).
RUPKE, STEPHEN R. (Voter ID number OH0023084601).

KISTNER, ROSS LANDON (Voter ID number OH0020251945).
MORGAN, MEREDITH F. (Voter ID number OH0021671239).

5290 W US 6
FLORES, CHRISTOPHER G. (Voter ID number OH0020253033).

5292 W US 6
VARGAS, BETHANY K. (Voter ID number OH0021603749).

PASCH, DAVID W. (Voter ID number OH0016262152).

5326 CR 33
FERMOSO, SONIA (Voter ID number OH0020958568).

SMITHSON, ZACHARY TAYLOR (Voter ID number OH0021144667).

5330 CR 25
GAYHEART, LAUREL R. (Voter ID number OH0019025906).
GAYHEART, RICHARD (Voter ID number OH0019006115).

5339 W US 6
VANN, LISA M. (Voter ID number OH0016241387).

536 CR 60
FAUNCE, GLENDA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016277543).
FAUNCE, KINDRA R. (Voter ID number OH0021873596).
FAUNCE, TROY E. (Voter ID number OH0016279324).

540 CR 60
TUCKER, KAREN S. (Voter ID number OH0016272067).
TUCKER, TONY L. (Voter ID number OH0016231786).

5421 CR 41
STONE, ERNEST E. (Voter ID number OH0017874494).
STONE, JODI A. (Voter ID number OH0019540153).

5423 W US 6
BATESOLE, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number OH0016232229).

545 S CR 32
SPITNALE, CARROL J. (Voter ID number OH0016238693).
SPITNALE, JAMES S. (Voter ID number OH0016228809).

5450 CR 41
LUCAS, GRACE R. (Voter ID number OH0018663851).
LUCAS, JOHN R. (Voter ID number OH0016280775).

5485 CR 41
JACQUOT, DONALD L. (Voter ID number OH0017783952).
JACQUOT, TAMARA JO (Voter ID number OH0016277405).

550 CR 64
SPANFELLNER, JOSLYNN G. (Voter ID number OH0019674635).
SPANFELLNER, MARVIN D. (Voter ID number OH0016231700).

550 CR 94
HOFFMAN, DALE J. (Voter ID number OH0016274197).
HOFFMAN, PHYLLIS IRENE (Voter ID number OH0016245173).

5530 CR 33
SHAFER, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number OH0016236170).

5589 CR 21
DUSSEL, CRAIG A. (Voter ID number OH0018532522).

5615 CR 21
JACOBS, LINDA M. (Voter ID number OH0016263733).
ROSENBERGER, JORDAN M. (Voter ID number OH0023101820).

5637 CR 41
MOYER, LAURA J. (Voter ID number OH0016264644).
SCHOOLEY, LYNETTE J. (Voter ID number OH0016258991).

5641 CR 21
EVANS, DELORES J. (Voter ID number OH0016251716).

5646 CR 21
CASTO, GALE A. (Voter ID number OH0016258143).
CASTO, JERRY W. (Voter ID number OH0016269688).

5650 CR 21
MOSIER, JEANNE (Voter ID number OH0016278838).

5662 CR 21
HICKS, SANDRA J. (Voter ID number OH0016277809).
SWARTZ, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number OH0023469301).

5677 W US 6
BRUBAKER, BLAKE ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0022519020).

5684 CR 41
JOHNSON, DANNY D. (Voter ID number OH0023238473).
JOHNSON, DARLENE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016237894).

5688 CR 21
HAGEMANN, DONAVIN DAIL (Voter ID number OH0021090399).
WOODALL, GREG A. (Voter ID number OH0016278891).
WOODALL, SUSAN T. (Voter ID number OH0019540530).

5689 CR 21
MAHLER, CAROLYN M. (Voter ID number OH0016239199).
MAHLER, DON W. (Voter ID number OH0016243007).
MAHLER, THOMAS G. (Voter ID number OH0016232870).

5710 CR 21
YSASI, DAVID (Voter ID number OH0021168812).
YSASI, VALDEMAR M. (Voter ID number OH0022907357).

573 CR 50
YOUNKER, JENNIFER C. (Voter ID number OH0016270749).
YOUNKER, MARK T. (Voter ID number OH0016258750).

5733 CR 21, APT 136
BREAU, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number OH0016278602).

575 CR 64
REITER, BETHANN N. (Voter ID number OH0016233842).
REITER, MARK A. (Voter ID number OH0016251906).

575 CR 94
TIELL, AMY L. (Voter ID number OH0016241422).
TIELL, BRYCE MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0019540062).
TIELL, TIMOTHY A. (Voter ID number OH0016243820).

5769 CR 21
MITCHEM, HAROLD E. (Voter ID number OH0018991418).

578 CR 60
KIRWEN, CLAIRE M. (Voter ID number OH0023396872).
KIRWEN, DEBRA M. (Voter ID number OH0016232679).
KIRWEN, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number OH0016225784).

5810 W US 6
WITTE, GLORIA J. (Voter ID number OH0016263006).

5823 W US 6
NOBLE-WASSERMAN, LISA J. (Voter ID number OH0016273566).
WASSERMAN, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number OH0016273570).

5845 CR 33
SWAISGOOD, JERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0018574154).
SWAISGOOD, LINDA K. (Voter ID number OH0016243233).

586 CR 50
HAMMER, JOYCE M. (Voter ID number OH0016248301).
HAMMER, PHILLIP H. (Voter ID number OH0016271191).

5863 CR 33
WONDERLY, CAROL S. (Voter ID number OH0016248623).
WONDERLY, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number OH0016247196).

5893 CR 21
HULL, STEVEN W. (Voter ID number OH0023555943).

590 S CR 26
COBLE, DENNIS L. (Voter ID number OH0016224276).

591 S CR 32
WATKINS, GWEN D. (Voter ID number OH0016271848).
WATKINS, TOMMIE A. (Voter ID number OH0016280768).

591 S CR 42
HAMMER, JEFFREY E. (Voter ID number OH0016225775).

5912 CR 25
COPPLER, STEVEN L. (Voter ID number OH0018615690).

5923 CR 41
TYSON, BARTLEY B. (Voter ID number OH0016258010).
TYSON, HOLLY JO (Voter ID number OH0016280479).
TYSON, MADALINE P. (Voter ID number OH0023339768).
TYSON, SIERRA N. (Voter ID number OH0021671222).

5927 W US 6
HESS, ROY W. (Voter ID number OH0019027264).

599 S CR 26
STEVENS, JESSICA B. (Voter ID number OH0021307445).
STEVENS, KELLY S. (Voter ID number OH0016270635).
STEVENS, SCOTT R. (Voter ID number OH0016270634).
STEVENS, VICTORIA R. (Voter ID number OH0022563537).

5995 CR 41
FAIRBANKS, JAMES J. (Voter ID number OH0016273348).

6000 CR 21
HATFIELD, LARRY E. (Voter ID number OH0016255889).

6007 CR 41
FAIRBANKS, MICHELLE L. (Voter ID number OH0016237823).
FAIRBANKS, SHANNON P. (Voter ID number OH0016265664).
HANSEN, JOYCE E. (Voter ID number OH0016239638).
HANSEN, LEROY L. (Voter ID number OH0016235002).
WHEELER, CODY M. (Voter ID number OH0021932300).

6020 CR 21
WHEATLEY, FRED R. (Voter ID number OH0016255451).

6022 CR 21
RICKARD, ALAN P. (Voter ID number OH0016232746).
RICKARD, ANDREA J. (Voter ID number OH0016237891).

6045 CR 41
ALBANESE, CHRISTY M. (Voter ID number OH0021600920).
ALBANESE, JASON M. (Voter ID number OH0021600921).

605 S BOWER ST, APT 161
RENO, CHAD R. (Voter ID number OH0016272585).
RENO, JAMIE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016280051).

606 CR 94
MINICH, MATTHEW J. (Voter ID number OH0019070329).

607 S BOWER ST, APT 94
YODER, DONALD G. (Voter ID number OH0016234427).

6079 CR 21
HAAS, JAMES L. (Voter ID number OH0023638153).
HAAS, MERISSA M. (Voter ID number OH0021603432).
MINICH, DOROTHY P. (Voter ID number OH0022278015).

6083 CR 33
STAHL, DIANA M. (Voter ID number OH0020040509).
STAHL, MARK A. (Voter ID number OH0021500457).
STULL, JAMES (Voter ID number OH0020921518).

609 S BOWER ST, APT 96
FOREMAN, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number OH0018182084).

6090 CR 33
BROWN, ANGIE C. (Voter ID number OH0016254393).
BROWN, CAITLYN G. (Voter ID number OH0023162770).
BROWN, RANDALL SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0016254396).

6117 CR 41
BRINKS, ALEXANDRA K. (Voter ID number OH0023445689).
BRINKS, REBECCA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0023421935).
BRINKS, VICTORIA L. (Voter ID number OH0023688975).

612 CR 64
BLAUSEY, RUTH A. (Voter ID number OH0016243088).
HARDER, MELISSA K. (Voter ID number OH0022962197).
SHIVELY, MATTHEW G. (Voter ID number OH0022778090).

6127 W US 6
LISKAI, JUDITH RAE (Voter ID number OH0016222244).
LISKAI, THOMAS G. (Voter ID number OH0016239590).

620 S CR 32
MARTIN, LUCINDA A. (Voter ID number OH0016225861).
SKEELS, DONALD L. (Voter ID number OH0023263707).

6240 CR 33
HERNANDEZ, JEFFREY D. (Voter ID number OH0018783504).
ROCHOWIAK, MICHELLE R. (Voter ID number OH0016272945).
ROCHOWIAK, RICHARD E. (Voter ID number OH0016268371).

6276 CR 33
BUSTOS, PAULINE B. (Voter ID number OH0016280474).
WALTERS, KENNETH M. (Voter ID number OH0016264052).

6278 CR 33
FULLER, JOY E. (Voter ID number OH0019539798).
FULLER, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number OH0022277271).

628 S CR 32
PAUL, JOSEPH L. (Voter ID number OH0022277289).
PAUL, TAMMY J. (Voter ID number OH0018783389).

6281 CR 41
COWAN, MISTY JO (Voter ID number OH0019053893).
WARD-OCONNELL, MARY R. (Voter ID number OH0016224657).

631 CR 10
BROWN, JOHN E. (Voter ID number OH0016264784).
HUNT, DUSTIN T. (Voter ID number OH0023690622).

6349 CR 41
HINES, HEIDI L. (Voter ID number OH0016268944).
HINES, JEFFERY J. (Voter ID number OH0016344099).

635 CR 66
MURRAY, SUZANNE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0023298091).
MURRAY, TIMOTHY WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0023300709).

6368 CR 33
YONIKUS, KELSEY N. (Voter ID number OH0023785466).

637 S CR 26
SABO, BETH A. (Voter ID number OH0016237322).
SABO, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number OH0016237309).

640 S CR 32
BIDDLE, BRAD L. (Voter ID number OH0016249940).
BIDDLE, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number OH0016270048).

641 CR 88
MADARAS, ADAM WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0021379590).

6413 CR 33
EDINGER, RANDALL P. (Voter ID number OH0016260900).
EDINGER, ROBERTA J. (Voter ID number OH0016260349).

6464 CR 33
KERN, JAMES ARRON (Voter ID number OH0016270608).

656 S CR 32
WISEMAN, ROSALIE E. (Voter ID number OH0016278867).

6588 CR 41
MCCLURE, HALEY A. (Voter ID number OH0022724597).

6615 CR 33
SAUTTER, JACOB R. (Voter ID number OH0016268967).
SAUTTER, KATHERINE E. (Voter ID number OH0018948538).

662 CR 94
WONDERLY, ANDREW JAMES (Voter ID number OH0016272799).
WONDERLY, SONYA S. (Voter ID number OH0016268926).

6625 CR 41
HAMMOND, COREY L. (Voter ID number OH0016273717).
HAMMOND, MICHELLE R. (Voter ID number OH0021656714).

6629 CR 41
ROBINSON, JAMES L. (Voter ID number OH0016237231).
ROBINSON, SHARON K. (Voter ID number OH0016253671).

6650 CR 49
AMELING, LORI L. (Voter ID number OH0018783372).
RIEKMAN, JOHN G. (Voter ID number OH0023066072).

6668 CR 33
WASSERMAN, MICHELE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016278664).
WASSERMAN, SCOTT J. (Voter ID number OH0016258748).

6735 CR 41
JOHNSON, CHERYL F. (Voter ID number OH0016269915).
LEMKE, JEFFREY E. (Voter ID number OH0016221060).
MITCHELL LEMKE, KAREN L. (Voter ID number OH0016249290).

676 S CR 42
BRUBAKER, SCOTT J. (Voter ID number OH0016236051).
BRUBAKER, VICKI L. (Voter ID number OH0016240750).

677 CR 64
SHREFFLER, KEVIN J. (Voter ID number OH0019539475).

6779 CR 49
BERGER, JEAN M. (Voter ID number OH0016219932).

6790 CR 41
DUQUETTE, DALE R. (Voter ID number OH0021251796).
DUQUETTE, PHYLLIS M. (Voter ID number OH0016266640).

6798 CR 41
ROBINSON, MICHELLE K. (Voter ID number OH0016230055).

680 CR 10
LAHMAN, HARRY (Voter ID number OH0016267258).
LAHMAN, KAREN S. (Voter ID number OH0023571841).

681 CR 50
HALFHILL, HARRY W. (Voter ID number OH0016221040).
HALFHILL, VIRGINIA M. (Voter ID number OH0016222254).

6860 CR 41
BLAUSEY, JENIFER D. (Voter ID number OH0021952889).

6860 CR 49
WOLPERT, HOLLY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016240385).

6907 CR 41
BATES, RICHARD CARL (Voter ID number OH0022981605).

691 CR 90
FOOS, MADONNAE M. (Voter ID number OH0016229959).
FOOS, NORBERT L. (Voter ID number OH0016236926).

6910 CR 49
CASTNER, CANDACE L. (Voter ID number OH0016273658).
CASTNER, JOHNATHAN W. (Voter ID number OH0016281060).
CASTNER, SAMANTHA M. (Voter ID number OH0023509626).

6920 CR 49
GARVER, MERRY M. (Voter ID number OH0019796474).
WOLPERT, SHERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0016263425).

6949 CR 41
BINKLEY, GREG W. (Voter ID number OH0016233365).
FLORIAN, JOHN D. (Voter ID number OH0016265265).

6984 CR 49
VILLARREAL, JULIE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016237903).
VILLARREAL, MARIE G. (Voter ID number OH0023792912).
VILLARREAL, RICARDO J. (Voter ID number OH0021603435).

7024 CR 41
LOCKARD, JANICE E. (Voter ID number OH0022610516).

703 S CR 26
LEYERLE, LAURIE A. (Voter ID number OH0022488656).

708 S CR 42
BRUBAKER, NATHAN C. (Voter ID number OH0016270159).
MYERS, BETH A. (Voter ID number OH0016266248).

709 S CR 26
HALFHILL, MELISSA A. (Voter ID number OH0016258241).
HALFHILL, RYLIE A. (Voter ID number OH0021512633).
HALFHILL, SYDNEY M. (Voter ID number OH0023340707).
HALFHILL, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number OH0016244793).

715 CR 64
SLEEK, MACHELLE M. (Voter ID number OH0021543095).

718 S CR 26
HULIHAN, ELLEN E. (Voter ID number OH0016249852).

7185 CR 49
GRABER, ANDREA (Voter ID number OH0020252768).
GRABER, JOSHUA J. (Voter ID number OH0022277272).

722 S CR 26
ERNST, RICHARD C. (Voter ID number OH0021329049).
SALAZAR, CONSOLASION O. (Voter ID number OH0016271026).

725 CR 10
KAGY, RAYMOND A. (Voter ID number OH0016250197).

7378 CR 49
POWERS, CINDY L. (Voter ID number OH0016269171).
POWERS, NORMAN L. (Voter ID number OH0016233368).

740 S CR 32
WETZEL, CRYSTAL RAE (Voter ID number OH0018300383).

750 CR 50
MCLAFFERTY, BONNIE J. (Voter ID number OH0016249424).

751 CR 72
DOROBEK, RICHARD T. (Voter ID number OH0020855816).
SERVISS, STEPHANIE R. (Voter ID number OH0022909189).
SMITH, DIANE K. (Voter ID number OH0021562030).
SMITH, GARY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0021554520).

753 CR 10
CRATES, JOHN A. (Voter ID number OH0021265980).

754 S CR 32
BAUER, JON M. (Voter ID number OH0020850980).
SCHMELTZ, SHAWNDA K. (Voter ID number OH0016268303).

754 S CR 32, APT 143
MEADOWS, DONALD L. (Voter ID number OH0019807449).

754 S CR 32, APT 23
HAMMER, JULIE A. (Voter ID number OH0021138002).

754 S CR 32, UNIT 1
CLARK, DAVID A. (Voter ID number OH0022149731).

754 S CR 32, UNIT 32
MEADOWS, JOANN (Voter ID number OH0022079474).

756 S CR 32
BOWEN, BRIAN K. (Voter ID number OH0016249139).
BOWEN, SHEILA M. (Voter ID number OH0016222236).

769 CR 90
NEEB, ADAM D. (Voter ID number OH0022942873).
NEEB, JAY P. (Voter ID number OH0016231693).
NEEB, LEROY M. (Voter ID number OH0021952382).
NEEB, RACHEL A. (Voter ID number OH0016264486).

779 S CR 26
COLLINS, LESTER (Voter ID number OH0016223680).

782 CR 50
HOFFMAN, AMY J. (Voter ID number OH0016244806).
HOFFMAN, MARK J. (Voter ID number OH0016246003).
HOFFMAN, PATRICK JAMES (Voter ID number OH0019690042).

787 CR 72
ALDRICH, MIRANDA BETH (Voter ID number OH0021636047).

791 CR 72
JAMES, SHEILA A. (Voter ID number OH0022964692).
MILLER, KEVIN E. (Voter ID number OH0022343249).
SLANE, BRIAN K. (Voter ID number OH0023510171).

800 S CR 32
WILLIAMS, CLYDE W. (Voter ID number OH0020252163).
WILLIAMS, MARY LOU (Voter ID number OH0016278635).

803 S CR 26
WOLPERT, HENRY ALAN (Voter ID number OH0016255221).
WOLPERT, KATHY SUE (Voter ID number OH0016240346).

808 CR 50
SMITH, LOLETA K. (Voter ID number OH0016240870).
SMITH, REBEKAH M. (Voter ID number OH0022893518).
SMITH, RICHARD C. (Voter ID number OH0016252818).

810 S CR 32
LAYMAN, CARL W. (Voter ID number OH0020537531).
LAYMAN, SPENCER J R (Voter ID number OH0022706480).

815 S CR 26
CURLIS, LUANNE (Voter ID number OH0020320181).
CURLIS, RANDY B. (Voter ID number OH0016276095).

818 S CR 26
SHIRKEY, MICHELLE A. (Voter ID number OH0016239496).

818 S CR 42
REINHART, OLIVIA S. (Voter ID number OH0023856012).
REINHART, REBECCA M. (Voter ID number OH0021816026).
REINHART, RYAN C. (Voter ID number OH0016256236).
REINHART, SYLVIA A. (Voter ID number OH0021555984).
REINHART, TERESA A. (Voter ID number OH0016263588).
REINHART, TRICIA M. (Voter ID number OH0023169421).

820 S CR 32
FRIAR, TERRENCE L. (Voter ID number OH0016280894).
HINELINE, MELINDA S. (Voter ID number OH0022266431).
LOVE-FRIAR, ANDREA J. (Voter ID number OH0016248031).

833 S CR 26
ANDERSON, ALVIN L. (Voter ID number OH0022620735).

845 S CR 32
STAHL, KENNITH A. (Voter ID number OH0016279905).
STAHL, RITA L. (Voter ID number OH0016271315).

891 CR 50
FISHER, AMY B. (Voter ID number OH0023547548).
FISHER, RONALD R. (Voter ID number OH0019027150).
HOLCOMB, JAMIE N. (Voter ID number OH0018205818).

928 S CR 42
BRUBAKER, JEAN S. (Voter ID number OH0016222239).

934 S CR 42
VITTE, RICKY L. (Voter ID number OH0016270456).
VITTE, SANDRA F. (Voter ID number OH0016268749).

946 S CR 32
COBB, AMANDA LEE (Voter ID number OH0022136397).

949 CR 72
KREAIS, LOWELL S. (Voter ID number OH0016224019).
KREAIS, SANDRA S. (Voter ID number OH0016277764).

949 S CR 42
KASHMER, SANDRA K. (Voter ID number OH0016260930).
KASHMER, THOMAS R. (Voter ID number OH0016239620).

950 S CR 26, APT 162
GUNDER, SAMANTHA JO (Voter ID number OH0021018018).

976 S CR 26
HOBBS, CHARLES A. (Voter ID number OH0021076499).
HOBBS, GAYETTA C. (Voter ID number OH0016277486).

987 CR 72
ICKES, JAMES B. (Voter ID number OH0021595658).
KLEINMARK, LINDA K. (Voter ID number OH0021301359).

987 CR 72, APT 130
GARCIA, DANIEL (Voter ID number OH0016273324).

988 CR 72
BEEBY, ANTHONY E. (Voter ID number OH0022483994).
HARMAN, DANIEL (Voter ID number OH0020902629).

991 CR 72, UNIT A
KREAIS, FRANCIS W. (Voter ID number OH0023377556).

992 CR 90
FISHER, STEPHEN L. (Voter ID number OH0016267937).
FISHER, TAMARA L. (Voter ID number OH0016233086).

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