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PATTERSON, FREIDA I. (Voter ID number OH0013260181).

11500 MAST RD SW
SCHLABACH, ANNA R. (Voter ID number OH0013290524).
SCHLABACH, DAVID R. (Voter ID number OH0013258638).

BALLACCHINO, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number OH0013303172).

STEIN, EUGENE V. (Voter ID number OH0013260400).
STEIN, GARRETT EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0013283237).
STEIN, M SUE (Voter ID number OH0013259729).

TROYER, EDWARD I. (Voter ID number OH0020862395).
TROYER, IVAN E. (Voter ID number OH0020862401).

ROBINSON, BENJAMIN E. (Voter ID number OH0022892153).
ZAYCHEK, SAMANTHA LEE (Voter ID number OH0013306428).

11916 COAL RD SW
LANE, HOLLY MARIE (Voter ID number OH0013270479).
LANE, JEFFERY R. (Voter ID number OH0013258255).

GOEDEL, DEAN H. (Voter ID number OH0013302974).
GOEDEL, JAMIE LORENE (Voter ID number OH0013297565).

12043 COAL RD SW
REEDER, BRAD A. (Voter ID number OH0020775620).

GOEDEL, LINDA SUE (Voter ID number OH0013263810).
GOEDEL, RODNEY KEITH (Voter ID number OH0013265925).

SCHIE, SHAWNA M. (Voter ID number OH0021388873).
YODER, JOSEPH J. (Voter ID number OH0013289569).
YODER, MARY ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0013289580).

KITZMILLER, LEE A. (Voter ID number OH0018731201).

GOEDEL, DARREN RODNEY (Voter ID number OH0013286318).

DRAWBRIDGE, TABITHA ANN (Voter ID number OH0023651780).
DRAWBRIDGE, TIMOTHY M. (Voter ID number OH0023219007).

EMICK, CHARLES P. (Voter ID number OH0023432973).

BAILEY, ADRIENNE GEORGANN (Voter ID number OH0021742478).

SCHWARTZ, GLENNA M. (Voter ID number OH0021778764).

SCHRECK, PATRICIA K. (Voter ID number OH0022842403).

SEPTER, TARA ANN (Voter ID number OH0021486944).

SUMMERS, MARSHA M. (Voter ID number OH0023625143).

12230 COAL RD SW
YODER, ERMA J. (Voter ID number OH0013305541).
YODER, MOSE A. (Voter ID number OH0013295196).

HEGARTY, CASEY WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0021511444).
HORSFALL, ROB ALAN (Voter ID number OH0022583913).

HOSTETLER, BRAIDAN RACHELE (Voter ID number OH0021066198).
HOSTETLER, BRETT G. (Voter ID number OH0022446121).

MARLATT SULLIVAN, TARA LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0015844410).

METHENY, ASHTON ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0022855338).
METHENY, DOUGLAS ARLEN (Voter ID number OH0021834058).
THARP, SONNY J. (Voter ID number OH0021168829).

BERRIOS, ANTONIO EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0023699965).
BERRIOS, BROOKE M. (Voter ID number OH0023626113).
BERRIOS, CHRISTINA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0013294685).
BERRIOS, DAVID A. (Voter ID number OH0018055530).

GONZALES, KIM A. (Voter ID number OH0022252432).
GONZALES, LUIS (Voter ID number OH0022252431).

MCGILVRAY, CRAIG B. (Voter ID number OH0022544967).

23360 CR 93
MILLIKEN, EDWARD CLAYTON (Voter ID number OH0011708915).
MILLIKEN, LUCILLE A. (Voter ID number OH0011708925).
MILLIKEN, MITCHELL RYAN (Voter ID number OH0023425760).

23468 CR 93
MILLIKEN, JOYCE P. (Voter ID number OH0014104036).

23501 CR 93
BORDENKIRCHER, DANYEL L. (Voter ID number OH0011697627).
BORDENKIRCHER, GERARD V. (Voter ID number OH0011697619).

23538 CR 93
CRAMBLETT, RODNEY LEE (Voter ID number OH0011699745).

23551 CR 93
CUTSHALL, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number OH0011699888).

23561 CR 93
MOATS, DONNIE LEE (Voter ID number OH0022649897).

23601 SR 93, APT 324
FOGLE, MELLISSA LILY EVA (Voter ID number OH0023085033).

23601 SR 93, LOT 1
VARNER, SARAH VICTORIA (Voter ID number OH0011714695).

23601 SR 93, LOT 101
MICK, ANGELA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0011698726).
MICK, MATTHEW W. (Voter ID number OH0023048318).

23601 SR 93, LOT 106
PEYATT, NATOSHIA NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0021274017).

23601 SR 93, LOT 109
PHILLIPS, COLT MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0022513513).

23601 SR 93, LOT 120
CARPENTER, MARY LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0020538601).

23601 SR 93, LOT 121
VATTER, DELLA R. (Voter ID number OH0021964520).
VATTER, MARGARET JULIA (Voter ID number OH0022270427).

23601 SR 93, LOT 122
ALEXANDER, JENNIFER LYNN (Voter ID number OH0023245478).

23601 SR 93, LOT 126
BECKETT, ELIZABETH DARA (Voter ID number OH0021701049).
CAUDILL, JOHN PATRICK (Voter ID number OH0021179727).
WELLER, GLORIA L. (Voter ID number OH0015862554).

23601 SR 93, LOT 134
SMAILES, PAMELA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0015974344).

23601 SR 93, LOT 142
SPITLER, GARY (Voter ID number OH0022003401).
SPITLER, LINDA S. (Voter ID number OH0018879674).

23601 SR 93, LOT 319
REUTER, CYNTHIA MURIEL (Voter ID number OH0023571546).
REUTER, KENNETH ELLIS (Voter ID number OH0023571536).

23601 SR 93, LOT 324
FOGLE, ALAYNA JAYNE (Voter ID number OH0021431459).
WATSON, BRIAN LEE (Voter ID number OH0021481647).

23601 SR 93, LOT 49
FOGLE, ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0021701222).

23601 SR 93, LOT 55
JACOPS, JESSICA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0022442566).

23601 SR 93, LOT 8
BEAL, JEREMY THOMAS (Voter ID number OH0021512501).
HARMON, BRADLEY SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0021073331).

23618 CR 93
HUTCHISON, JENNIFER S. (Voter ID number OH0011704989).

23641 TR 167
MALENKE, AARON PARKER (Voter ID number OH0011707296).
MALENKE, LAUREN VACCARO (Voter ID number OH0022819968).

23649 CR 93
TOMON, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number OH0011714329).
TOMON, JULIA L. (Voter ID number OH0011714313).
WISE, KAYLA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0020986144).

23674 CR 93
HUTCHISON, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number OH0011704993).
HUTCHISON, REBECCA S. (Voter ID number OH0011705001).

23684 TR 167
REA, HARRY (Voter ID number OH0023192507).
REA, PAUL F. (Voter ID number OH0011710939).
REA, SUSAN E. (Voter ID number OH0011710934).

23767 CR 93
BOYD, MARGARET E. (Voter ID number OH0011697793).
BOYD, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number OH0011697826).

23780 TR 167
BROWN, STUART K. (Voter ID number OH0011698232).
BROWN, TRACY DARLENE (Voter ID number OH0011698230).

23794 CR 93
HAHN, MELINDA S. (Voter ID number OH0011705476).
HAHN, TRAVIS L. (Voter ID number OH0011703344).

23804 TR 168
GILMORE, RICHARD V. (Voter ID number OH0011702588).
GILMORE, RICHARD V. (Voter ID number OH0011702591).
GILMORE, ROSALIE (Voter ID number OH0011702594).

23831 CR 93
BOYD, DANNY D. (Voter ID number OH0011697775).

23900 CR 93
LAHNA, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number OH0011706285).
LAHNA, CONNIE D. (Voter ID number OH0011706272).
LAHNA, TODD A. (Voter ID number OH0023195851).

24059 CR 93
LEHMAN, SCOTT ALAN (Voter ID number OH0023868414).
PHILLABAUM, KENSEY R. (Voter ID number OH0019507782).

24196 CR 93
WILEY, DOROTHY ANN (Voter ID number OH0022418286).
WILEY, RICHARD ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0022418249).

24223 CR 93
LEVINGSTON, CAROL S. (Voter ID number OH0011706786).
LEVINGSTON, JAMES C. (Voter ID number OH0011706800).

24250 CR 93
GIBBS, BRITTANY NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0023642121).

24272 TR 168
YOUNG, HOWARD S. (Voter ID number OH0011716438).
YOUNG, JUDY M. (Voter ID number OH0011716427).

24273 CR 93
GIBBS, JEFF RYAN (Voter ID number OH0011702539).
GIBBS, LINDA L. (Voter ID number OH0011702530).
GIBBS, RUSSELL LEE (Voter ID number OH0011702529).

24296 TR 167
BICE, CAROL L. (Voter ID number OH0011697323).
BICE, JAMES W. (Voter ID number OH0011697314).

24297 TR 168
DOBSON, ALLISON N. (Voter ID number OH0023329892).
HAYES, AMANDA NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0011699606).

24305 SR 93
SLAUGHTER, ANGELA M. (Voter ID number OH0018904838).
SLAUGHTER, JAMES KEITH (Voter ID number OH0011712858).

24323 TR 168
OYLER, IDA CELESTE (Voter ID number OH0012858521).
OYLER, KEITH A. (Voter ID number OH0011710087).

24358 TR 167
BICE, DONALD EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0011697309).
BICE, NANCY DOTSON (Voter ID number OH0011700852).

24440 TR 167
DAVIS, JASON R. (Voter ID number OH0011700278).
DAVIS, SUE E. (Voter ID number OH0018792560).
HOOP, VICTORIA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0020241520).

24460 CR 93
BELLE, TRACY L. (Voter ID number OH0021991176).
FOX, GARY R. (Voter ID number OH0023192367).
GUILLIAMS, R BEAU (Voter ID number OH0011703153).

24472 TR 181
MCALLISTER, JEAN A. (Voter ID number OH0011707725).

24514 TR 167
MEYER, MARY C. (Voter ID number OH0011708559).
MEYER, RONALD B. (Voter ID number OH0011708572).

24516 TR 167
MEYER, JOCELE THUT (Voter ID number OH0011708567).

24629 SR 93
CUTSHALL, CHRISTOPHER R. (Voter ID number OH0011699871).
CUTSHALL, KATHY JEAN (Voter ID number OH0011699881).

24696 TR 181
MCHUGH, BENJAMIN JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0011708149).
MCHUGH, BENJAMIN JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0022989628).
MCHUGH, CAROLYN RANEE (Voter ID number OH0011708155).

24708 CR 93
POWELL, CRAIG T. (Voter ID number OH0022825521).
POWELL, LINDA L. (Voter ID number OH0022859412).
POWELL, RYAN T. (Voter ID number OH0022683762).

24783 SR 93
WILKINS, MARY E. (Voter ID number OH0011715563).

24809 CR 93
POWELL, JOHN F. (Voter ID number OH0011710710).
POWELL, MARY EDITH (Voter ID number OH0011710709).

24870 TR 181
ALLOWAY, GREGORY A. (Voter ID number OH0011696061).
ALLOWAY, JOYCE I. (Voter ID number OH0011696058).
ALLOWAY, SCOTT M. (Voter ID number OH0011696065).

24885 TR 167
LUDWIG, CONNIE L. (Voter ID number OH0011707195).
LUDWIG, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number OH0011707199).

24901 SR 93
HAMPTON, CHERYL A. (Voter ID number OH0011703570).
HAMPTON, JEFFREY DALE (Voter ID number OH0011703564).
HAMPTON, JERRY D. (Voter ID number OH0011703577).
MCROBERTS, JUNE L. (Voter ID number OH0022277008).

24992 TR 181
SAYLOR, ARTHUR JAMES (Voter ID number OH0011711889).
SAYLOR, JOSH R. (Voter ID number OH0020735746).
SAYLOR, MATTHEW NICHOLAS (Voter ID number OH0023084914).
SAYLOR, MELISSA JANELL (Voter ID number OH0011711910).

25074 CR 93
YODER, NORMAN D. (Voter ID number OH0011716398).

25077 CR 93
WINEGAR, BRENTLY CLARK (Voter ID number OH0011715918).
WINEGAR, CYNTHIA K. (Voter ID number OH0011702131).

25109 TR 181
KANDEL, COREY M. (Voter ID number OH0022672146).
KANDEL, DEBBIE J. (Voter ID number OH0011705573).

25160 CR 93
MATTHEWS, BARBARA ANN (Voter ID number OH0011707662).
MATTHEWS, RICHARD ELLWOOD (Voter ID number OH0011707675).

25173 SR 93
MAY, KRISTINA M. (Voter ID number OH0022512436).
OSBORNE, SARAH ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0019255967).
OSBORNE, STEVE M. (Voter ID number OH0018173401).

25203 CR 93
NICKLAS, DONNA K. (Voter ID number OH0011709772).

25232 TR 249
BASSETT, BARBARA ANN (Voter ID number OH0011696916).
BASSETT, ERIC A. (Voter ID number OH0011696919).
BASSETT, NICHOLAS ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0020842358).
NEAL, AMY J. (Voter ID number OH0022933231).
NEAL, WILLIAM JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0022933242).

25238 CR 93
HARDESTY, MARK S. (Voter ID number OH0011703668).
HARDESTY, PENNY L. (Voter ID number OH0011703672).

25247 TR 249
RIGGS, TINA L. (Voter ID number OH0011711327).

25351 TR 249
KEFFER, CONNIE L. (Voter ID number OH0011705656).

25353 SR 93
MAUTZ, JANE E. (Voter ID number OH0011707693).
MAUTZ, RICHARD ALAN (Voter ID number OH0011707688).

25355 TR 249
KEFFER, AMBER NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0019701800).
KEFFER, MARK A. (Voter ID number OH0023773289).

25357 TR 249
LANDIS, COLT B. (Voter ID number OH0021996765).
MCCLOY, DAWN RENEE (Voter ID number OH0020193279).
STONE, AMANDA L. (Voter ID number OH0023064343).

25359 TR 249
CAUDILL, RONALD WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0011698900).

25371 TR 249
UNTIED, KENNETH B. (Voter ID number OH0020866311).
UNTIED, REVA D. (Voter ID number OH0020735701).

25389 CR 10
KIRKER, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number OH0011705928).
KIRKER, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number OH0011705936).

25409 TR 249
LOWER, CLAYTON S. (Voter ID number OH0023875676).

25435 CR 93
STORM, RYAN A. (Voter ID number OH0011713657).

25437 CR 10
SHROYER, JOHN R. (Voter ID number OH0011712653).
SHROYER, PATRICIA ANN (Voter ID number OH0011712662).

25440 TR 249
SMART, CYNTHIA D. (Voter ID number OH0011709820).
SMART, ROGER W. (Voter ID number OH0018532397).

25454 CR 10
LEINDECKER, BRIAN E. (Voter ID number OH0011706732).
LEINDECKER, KRISTEN L. (Voter ID number OH0011706730).

25486 CR 10
GROVES, CHERYL S. (Voter ID number OH0011703067).
GROVES, JAMES ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0011703080).

25509 SR 93
MCCOY, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number OH0011707936).
MCCOY, LOIS J. (Voter ID number OH0011707930).

25514 CR 10
WHITT, DIANNA L. (Voter ID number OH0011715450).
WHITT, GARY L. (Voter ID number OH0011715457).
WHITT, MARISSA LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0023401568).
WHITT, TEVIS T. (Voter ID number OH0022574450).

25558 TR 180
BARSTOW, THOMAS L. (Voter ID number OH0011696887).

25570 TR 180
PHILLIPS, RICK DONALD (Voter ID number OH0011717106).

25573 TR 180
STEELE, DAVID R. (Voter ID number OH0015862556).
STEELE, LERA T. (Voter ID number OH0022002915).
STEELE, MARY CAROLYN (Voter ID number OH0015862555).

25575 CR 10
EVERHART, CHRISTY M. (Voter ID number OH0011705093).

25583 CR 10
JACOBS, CHRISTINE RAE (Voter ID number OH0011705100).
JACOBS, RICKEY EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0011705118).

25587 CR 10
EVERHART, JOSHUA WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0011701488).
JACOBS, RAMON MATTHEW (Voter ID number OH0011716712).

25590 TR 180
WISE, BELINDA A. (Voter ID number OH0011715928).
WISE, TIFFANY ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0019476220).
WISE, TIMOTHY CHARLES (Voter ID number OH0011715937).

25593 CR 10
RUBY, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number OH0011707425).
RUBY, KEVIN SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0021265795).

25600 CR 10
NICK, ELIZABETH M. (Voter ID number OH0023346416).
SISTERHEN, JOSEPH DAVID (Voter ID number OH0021142232).
SISTERHEN, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number OH0018731018).
SISTERHEN, MARGIT MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0018625174).
SYVERSON, HANNAH MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0020866223).
SYVERSON, KEVIN D. (Voter ID number OH0020043597).

25601 TR 180
CAUDILL, PEGGY J. (Voter ID number OH0011698899).

25633 CR 10
SMITH, JUDY A. (Voter ID number OH0011703313).
SMITH, LARRY E. (Voter ID number OH0011713032).

25654 TR 180
DARNER, MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0011700082).
DARNER, THOMAS S. (Voter ID number OH0011700087).

25658 CR 10
MCGINNIS, HOWARD M. (Voter ID number OH0011708122).
MCGINNIS, LYNETTE SUE (Voter ID number OH0011708121).

25677 TR 249
LOWER, CHARLES R. (Voter ID number OH0011707117).

25680 CR 10
AMORE, IRMA M. (Voter ID number OH0014064779).

25700 TR 180
ADAMS, LAURIE L. (Voter ID number OH0020283212).

25711 CR 39
MARLATT, WHITNEY JILL (Voter ID number OH0020224273).

25717 CR 10
HOLDSWORTH, NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0011704477).
LUSK, TAYLOR NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0023245340).
SINDEN, KYLE PATRICK (Voter ID number OH0022465006).
TATRO, LINDA MAY (Voter ID number OH0011713951).
TATRO, THOMAS R. (Voter ID number OH0011713941).

25720 CR 93
LOWER, MERLENE R. (Voter ID number OH0011707121).
LOWER, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number OH0011707122).

25730 CR 10
YOUNG, FAITH S. (Voter ID number OH0011716423).
YOUNG, HOWARD A. (Voter ID number OH0023589057).
YOUNG, HOWARD CARROLL (Voter ID number OH0011716440).

25743 CR 10
CROSSLEY, LARRY L. (Voter ID number OH0011699834).
CROSSLEY, WANDA SUE (Voter ID number OH0011699838).

25759 CR 10
ADAMS, CHRIS ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0011695819).
MCCOY, DIANNE K. (Voter ID number OH0011697928).
TURNER, GRANT R. (Voter ID number OH0011714487).

25760 TR 180
CHENEY, THOMAS RANDALL (Voter ID number OH0019739275).
MILLER-CHENEY, KRISTIN MILLER (Voter ID number OH0018904666).

25780 CR 10
HOUSEHOLDER, THELMA V. (Voter ID number OH0011704732).

25788 CR 10
BOWER, JOHN R. (Voter ID number OH0011697721).

25801 CR 10
SATTERTHWAITE, DENNIS L. (Voter ID number OH0011711873).
SATTERTHWAITE, MARY M. (Voter ID number OH0011711870).

25808 CR 93
LOWER, ELAINE M. (Voter ID number OH0011707135).

25834 CR 10
HUNTER, KATHERINE ANN (Voter ID number OH0011704942).
HUNTER, SCOTT LOWE (Voter ID number OH0011704950).

25851 TR 180
MCCABE, CODY C. (Voter ID number OH0021375223).
MCCABE, ROGER CHRISTOPHE (Voter ID number OH0011707743).
MCCABE, TAMMY JANE (Voter ID number OH0011707750).

25857 CR 39
LAPP, JARED B. (Voter ID number OH0014104013).
LAPP, JOEL S. (Voter ID number OH0019139933).

25873 TR 180
MCCABE, KARLEE JO (Voter ID number OH0023202087).
SHAW, AMBER LEIGH (Voter ID number OH0011707715).

25879 CR 10
WALSH, CATHY J. (Voter ID number OH0011711482).
WALSH, STEPHEN ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0011714881).

25887 TR 180
MCCABE, JOAN LEE (Voter ID number OH0011707723).

25901 CR 39
CROGHAN, BENJAMIN CASEY (Voter ID number OH0011699814).
CROGHAN, KERRY J. (Voter ID number OH0011699883).

25909 TR 180
SMITH, MICHAEL ROWLAND (Voter ID number OH0016031445).
SMITH, RACHELLE J. (Voter ID number OH0017872300).
SMITH, SHIRLEY A. (Voter ID number OH0011713092).

25920 CR 10
HALL, FLOYD EARNEST (Voter ID number OH0011703430).
HALL, ROSE W. (Voter ID number OH0011703481).

25938 CR 10
DOBSON, SCOTT EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0023601320).

25940 CR 10
DOBSON, JOHN I. (Voter ID number OH0023345051).
THOMPSON, MELISSA J. (Voter ID number OH0021142352).

25943 CR 10
CORNELISON, KELLIE RAE (Voter ID number OH0023068330).
CORNELISON, MICHAEL JAMES (Voter ID number OH0023068275).

25960 CR 10
HENRY, VICKY (Voter ID number OH0023136750).

25963 CR 10
FORAKER, SHAWN L. (Voter ID number OH0022193752).
WIGGINS, JAMES E. (Voter ID number OH0023189243).
WIGGINS, WANDA L. (Voter ID number OH0019577184).

26018 TR 180
KOCHER, BARBARA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011706100).
KOCHER, MARK O. (Voter ID number OH0011706105).
KOCHER, REBA LIN (Voter ID number OH0023189099).
KOCHER, RODNEY GENE (Voter ID number OH0021927962).

26065 TR 180
JOHNSON, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number OH0021511342).
JOHNSON, SONYA J. (Voter ID number OH0011716580).

26089 TR 180
BARSTOW, JAMES A. (Voter ID number OH0011696879).

26096 SR 93
BENNINGTON, PAMELA S. (Voter ID number OH0020922013).
COLLINS, SCOTT N. (Voter ID number OH0021315967).

26096 TR 180
WHITED, DENNIS RAY (Voter ID number OH0020978440).

26100 TR 180
KOEBEL, CAROL ANN (Voter ID number OH0011868985).
KOEBEL, RICHARD NICHOLAS (Voter ID number OH0023189244).

26102 TR 180
SHORTLIDGE, GAIL R. (Voter ID number OH0011712599).

26121 CR 10
TERTULIANI, MICHAEL THOMAS (Voter ID number OH0018822359).

26194 TR 180
FECHUCH, BILLIE JO (Voter ID number OH0011701590).
FECHUCH, MATTHEW S. (Voter ID number OH0011701597).

26202 TR 1045
WIGGINS, DANIELLE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0021370648).

26220 CR 406
DYE, HAROLD E. (Voter ID number OH0011701093).

26221 SR 621
CABE, FLOYD EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0011698551).
CABE, JACQUELINE RENEE (Voter ID number OH0011698559).
CABE, KATELYN M. (Voter ID number OH0020786121).
CABE, SHELBY LEE ANNE (Voter ID number OH0021553088).

26227 SR 93
PRATER, DRU ANN (Voter ID number OH0011710725).
ROBERTS, CHRISTOPHER T. (Voter ID number OH0020978234).

26229 CR 10
HAWK, CHARLES JEFFREY (Voter ID number OH0011703948).
MULINIX, CARISSA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0023084877).

26253 SR 621
ADAMS, ANGELA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011695808).
ADAMS, BRANDON L. (Voter ID number OH0022738162).
ADAMS, MICHAEL T. (Voter ID number OH0021690304).
ADAMS, TODD EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0011695865).

26276 TR 180
CALEY, BERYL ANN (Voter ID number OH0018048556).
CALEY, JEFFREY R. (Voter ID number OH0011698603).
CALEY, RALIN EILEEN (Voter ID number OH0023068283).

26281 TR 180
ARONHALT, JOSHUA ERIC (Voter ID number OH0011696383).
ARONHALT, TINA M. (Voter ID number OH0011700326).

26291 CR 93
FULLER, CALEB J. (Voter ID number OH0022841539).

26291 SR 93
FULLER, TYLER LEE (Voter ID number OH0021701237).

26296 CR 406
ATKINSON, SHERYL L. (Voter ID number OH0022991652).

26316 CR 406
VANDUSEN, DEBRA L. (Voter ID number OH0011714675).
VANDUSEN, RICKEY W. (Voter ID number OH0011714670).

26317 CR 171
LUSK, KYLIE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0020938132).

26338 CR 10
LAYMAN, PATRICIA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0011706615).
LAYMAN, TERRY SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0011706620).

26340 SR 93
FUNK, SHIRLEY A. (Voter ID number OH0011702260).
HUGHES, SCOTT ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0011704871).

26350 TR 242
DEIBEL, ERIC (Voter ID number OH0011700416).
DEIBEL, HEATH E. (Voter ID number OH0021715126).
DEIBEL, PAMELA S. (Voter ID number OH0011700433).

26366 CR 171
LUKE, LAWRENCE L. (Voter ID number OH0020824181).

26380 TR 180
CROSSLEY, DEBORAH S. (Voter ID number OH0011711822).

26401 SR 621
GLASS, CHREE RENEI (Voter ID number OH0020827666).

26419 TR 242
MULLEN, KYLE LOWELL (Voter ID number OH0019231689).
MULLEN, WILLIAM BLAIN (Voter ID number OH0011709404).

26429 SR 621
WILLS, STEVEN D. (Voter ID number OH0021691880).

26440 CR 406
HUNTER, KENNETH JAY (Voter ID number OH0011704941).

26456 SR 93
OTT, AIMEE J. (Voter ID number OH0022093848).
OTT, CARLA J. (Voter ID number OH0011710027).
OTT, WILLIAM EARL (Voter ID number OH0011710036).

26500 TR 194
WILLS, DARLENE A. (Voter ID number OH0011715750).
WILLS, MARK R. (Voter ID number OH0011715738).

26500 TR 242
DEIBEL, DORIS JOAN (Voter ID number OH0011700410).

26501 TR 180
DANIELS, EDWARD D. (Voter ID number OH0016031451).
DANIELS, PATRICIA R. (Voter ID number OH0011698204).
YBARRA, PATRICIO (Voter ID number OH0022463743).

26510 TR 194
HAMILTON, AMY L. (Voter ID number OH0011703506).
HAMILTON, JAMES GERALD (Voter ID number OH0011703525).

26518 CR 93
SCOTT, DEBRA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0018822341).

26520 CR 10
MOYER, BRITTNEY RENEE (Voter ID number OH0021205824).
MOYER, JEFFREY ALAN (Voter ID number OH0011709364).
MOYER, LINDA RENEE (Voter ID number OH0011709381).

26526 TR 194
HAMILTON, DALE E. (Voter ID number OH0011703521).
HAMILTON, MARY K. (Voter ID number OH0011703533).

26531 CR 10
BACHMAN, LISA R. (Voter ID number OH0016036986).

26537 CR 10
BACHMAN, DARLA K. (Voter ID number OH0011696563).
BACHMAN, JAMES MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0011696569).
BACHMAN, MICHELLE LEE (Voter ID number OH0011717224).

26539 SR 93
BONIFIELD, CHAD L. (Voter ID number OH0023050240).
BONIFIELD, SHERRI L. (Voter ID number OH0021740021).

26596 CR 171
MCKEE, PATSY J. (Voter ID number OH0011708193).

26612 CR 10
OLINGER, JANE A. (Voter ID number OH0011709971).
OLINGER, LARRY R. (Voter ID number OH0011709964).

26618 SR 93
STEPHAN, LAURIE A. (Voter ID number OH0011713422).

26640 TR 194
HAMILTON, CELESTA F. (Voter ID number OH0011703508).

26660 TR 180
HUNTER, ANDREW J. (Voter ID number OH0011704930).
HUNTER, JUNE ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0011704940).

26674 CR 406
HORN, BRUCE O. (Voter ID number OH0011704624).
HORN, SHARON K. (Voter ID number OH0011704634).

26700 CR 406
WEBER, LINDA H. (Voter ID number OH0011715151).

26728 CR 10
ROBERTSON, ROSA R. (Voter ID number OH0011711469).

26746 CR 171
MCKEE, FAYE I. (Voter ID number OH0011708185).
MCKEE, RICHARD H. (Voter ID number OH0016031489).
WRIGHT, JUSTIN (Voter ID number OH0011716195).
WRIGHT, MEGAN B. (Voter ID number OH0021022634).

26752 TR 194
ADAMS, JEFFREY DEAN (Voter ID number OH0011695828).
ADAMS, MANDEE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011695840).

26780 SR 93
GRESS, MARY FLORENCE (Voter ID number OH0011702929).
WRIGHT, KEVIN LEE (Voter ID number OH0011716215).
WRIGHT, RHONDA K. (Voter ID number OH0011716250).

26790 TR 180
FELTON, BRANDON G. (Voter ID number OH0021041501).
MULLET, CHARLENE (Voter ID number OH0023229492).

26790 TR 180, APT 2
MULLET, JESSICA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0021300019).
MULLET, RAYCENE KAY (Voter ID number OH0011696346).

26791 SR 93
CORDER, BONNIE S. (Voter ID number OH0011699504).

26829 CR 171
HICKS, EVELYN MARLEEN (Voter ID number OH0011704240).
HICKS, JAMES W. (Voter ID number OH0011704227).

26839 CR 406
LANEY, DEBORAH DEE (Voter ID number OH0011701217).
LANEY, KEVIN B. (Voter ID number OH0011706368).
NOLAN, CHARLES S. (Voter ID number OH0011709818).

26901 CR 171
CONKLE, PAMELA JO (Voter ID number OH0011699380).
CONKLE, STEPHEN A. (Voter ID number OH0021440945).

26915 CR 406
LOWE, KENNETH DEAN (Voter ID number OH0011707082).
LOWE, MELODY KAY (Voter ID number OH0011707100).

26934 TR 180
BURKART, DONNA M. (Voter ID number OH0011698403).
BURKHART, LOGAN J. (Voter ID number OH0023346077).

26960 CR 93
CABOT, ANGIE RENEE (Voter ID number OH0011698562).
CABOT, MATTHEW KYLE (Voter ID number OH0011698554).

26979 SR 621
UHER, JOSEPH J. (Voter ID number OH0011714531).

26999 TR 197
STEPHAN, NORMAN V. (Voter ID number OH0022031108).

27000 TR 180
MASON, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number OH0011707534).

27060 TR 180
ROOF, MIKE L. (Voter ID number OH0011711642).

27060 TR 203
WILDEN, CHERYL ANN (Voter ID number OH0011715537).
WILDEN, JEFFREY D. (Voter ID number OH0011715533).

27090 SR 93
MIZER, JAMES A. (Voter ID number OH0011709029).

27090 TR 180
MILLER, JOSHUA NATHANIEL (Voter ID number OH0022463976).
PULLIAM, ANGELA GRACE (Voter ID number OH0022350108).

27100 CR 10
COGNION, DONALD SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0023596445).

27120 SR 643
PARKHILL, JAMES A. (Voter ID number OH0011710131).
PARKHILL, MARILYN JEAN (Voter ID number OH0011710141).

27125 CR 93
GARBER, JEFFREY L. (Voter ID number OH0011702355).
GARBER, THOMAS D. (Voter ID number OH0021542439).
MULLEN, ROBIN LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011709410).

27141 CR 406
LAUVRAY, ANN E. (Voter ID number OH0011706536).
LAUVRAY, MATTHEW V. (Voter ID number OH0011716889).
LAUVRAY, STEVEN J. (Voter ID number OH0011716946).

27158 TR 180
MOORE, CAROLYN JEAN (Voter ID number OH0011709140).
MOORE, DOUGLAS W. (Voter ID number OH0011709157).

27175 SR 621
ADAMS, SUE E. (Voter ID number OH0011695873).

27183 CR 171
HARSTINE, BENJAMIN FRANK (Voter ID number OH0011703796).

27187 TR 194
HAMILTON, LINDA S. (Voter ID number OH0011703532).

27187 TR 242
BICKEL, BRUCE E. (Voter ID number OH0011697327).
BICKEL, PATSY JANE (Voter ID number OH0011697352).

27194 CR 171
EDENS, MARY (Voter ID number OH0018782367).
EDENS, ROBERT P. (Voter ID number OH0018289356).

27194 TR 171
MOORE, HEATHER DAWN MCFARLAND (Voter ID number OH0015872734).
MOORE, NATHAN K. (Voter ID number OH0015871350).

27218 CR 406
RABER, KATHERINE LUCILLE (Voter ID number OH0011710825).
RABER, ROBERT DEAN (Voter ID number OH0011710841).
RABER, RYAN DEAN (Voter ID number OH0015827775).

27228 TR 180
TUMBLIN, JAMES EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0011714460).

27241 CR 171
HERSHBERGER, WAYNE A. (Voter ID number OH0023129687).

27241 TR 180
MCCUNE, BETH A. (Voter ID number OH0022880521).
SPROAT, TERRY ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0022977175).
VICKERS, KATHLEEN RUTH (Voter ID number OH0011714751).

27244 TR 180
MASON, EDNA M. (Voter ID number OH0011707519).

27284 SR 93
UNGUREAN, DEBBRA L. (Voter ID number OH0011714617).

27314 CR 93
DEIBEL, DEBORAH L. (Voter ID number OH0011700420).
DEIBEL, GARY L. (Voter ID number OH0011700421).

27328 TR 203
SHEARS, JOSEPH P. (Voter ID number OH0011717127).
SHEARS, STEPHANIE IRENE (Voter ID number OH0017914583).

27348 TR 171
WILKINS, BRANDON J. (Voter ID number OH0011715558).
WILKINS, SHANNON LYNNE (Voter ID number OH0023769369).

27353 SR 621
ADAMS, KATHY A. (Voter ID number OH0011695832).
ADAMS, RODNEY F. (Voter ID number OH0011695852).

27356 SR 621
FENDER, BETTY L. (Voter ID number OH0011701628).
FENDER, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number OH0011701631).

27360 SR 643
WALLACE, MARY C. (Voter ID number OH0011714845).
WALLACE, RICHARD SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0011714847).

27360 TR 242
ROGAN, KAREN S. (Voter ID number OH0011711574).
ROGAN, SHAWN M. (Voter ID number OH0015975048).

27365 CR 171
GARRETT, MARY LYNNE (Voter ID number OH0023250367).

27379 TR 203
BAHMER, CAROLYN J. (Voter ID number OH0011696598).
BAHMER, EDWARD HAROLD (Voter ID number OH0011696601).
BAHMER, KERRIE L. (Voter ID number OH0015825405).

27383 CR 406
LAYMAN, AYLA NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0018657095).
LAYMAN, DOUGLAS DAVID (Voter ID number OH0011706627).
LAYMAN, PAULA L. (Voter ID number OH0011706626).

27408 SR 93
KASER, DEAN A. (Voter ID number OH0021040899).
KASER, KIMBERLY RENEE (Voter ID number OH0021760044).

27422 CR 10
COCHRAN, DAVID LEE (Voter ID number OH0011699210).
COCHRAN, DENICE M. (Voter ID number OH0011699211).
COCHRAN, WESLEY S. (Voter ID number OH0023122644).

27430 TR 180
MASON, ALLEN W. (Voter ID number OH0011707514).
MASON, JACQUELINE R. (Voter ID number OH0011707532).
MASON, SETH WADE (Voter ID number OH0022079166).

27480 CR 93
GARBER, LORI M. (Voter ID number OH0011702351).

27516 TR 199
MCCOY, CRAIG ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0020795243).
WARREN, LARRY L. (Voter ID number OH0022318548).

27550 CR 406
TUMBLIN, KENNETH F. (Voter ID number OH0011714480).
TUMBLIN, MARY J. (Voter ID number OH0011714473).

27552 TR 242
HARRIS, ANTHONY S. (Voter ID number OH0011703768).
HARRIS, BILLY JO (Voter ID number OH0023130697).
LEWIS, DONALD E. (Voter ID number OH0011706812).

27577 TR 203
HOFFMAN, LAURA L. (Voter ID number OH0011704396).
HOFFMAN, RICHARD B. (Voter ID number OH0011704403).

27580 CR 171
ROYER, CHRISTOPHER JAMES (Voter ID number OH0011716673).
ROYER, TRACY A. (Voter ID number OH0011715681).

27597 TR 180
LAWRENCE, JOHN W. (Voter ID number OH0011706586).
LAWRENCE, LORIE A. (Voter ID number OH0011706574).

27600 CR 171
MINER, ELIZABETH ANN (Voter ID number OH0022838056).
MINER, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number OH0020855080).

27611 TR 242
STUTZMAN, DUANE N. (Voter ID number OH0021007760).
STUTZMAN, LISA N. (Voter ID number OH0021541593).

27612 CR 406
WARREN, CHARLES K. (Voter ID number OH0011714980).
WARREN, DOROTHY E. (Voter ID number OH0011714977).

27615 CR 171
CORBETT, DAVID A. (Voter ID number OH0011699486).
CORBETT, TRUDY EVEONE (Voter ID number OH0011705054).

27616 SR 643
GOLDEN, KATHLEEN SUE (Voter ID number OH0011702674).
GOLDEN, PAUL D. (Voter ID number OH0011702681).

27620 TR 180
SHINGLETON, SHEILA ANN (Voter ID number OH0011712579).

27630 SR 93
BERG, JASON R. (Voter ID number OH0021179333).
DAUGHERTY, DESTINY JUNE (Voter ID number OH0023531179).
DAUGHERTY, SIERRA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0023151878).

27630 TR 180
SHINGLETON, SCOTT L. (Voter ID number OH0011712578).

27641 SR 93
BARDALL, SARAH B. (Voter ID number OH0021206147).
BARDALL, SCOTT EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0011696767).
BARDALL, TRICIA A. (Voter ID number OH0011696762).
BARDALL, TYLER S. (Voter ID number OH0023712686).
PIEHL, LAURA D. (Voter ID number OH0022159503).

27653 CR 406
BRADFORD, MARLENE KAY (Voter ID number OH0011697811).
BRADFORD, SARAH L. (Voter ID number OH0022508306).

27658 SR 643
MATIS, ESTHER F. (Voter ID number OH0011707635).
MATIS, JOHN (Voter ID number OH0011707628).

27674 CR 171
STITELER, KEITH SHANE (Voter ID number OH0011713572).

27676 SR 93
BARR, MICHAEL GENE (Voter ID number OH0023192502).

27688 TR 242
ELMORE, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number OH0021776926).
ELMORE, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number OH0011701299).

27691 CR 10
ALLNUTT, ADAM M. (Voter ID number OH0018827163).

27697 CR 171
DUNN, BETTY A. (Voter ID number OH0018902841).
DUNN, WILLIE LEE (Voter ID number OH0018879267).

27721 TR 203
HOSTETLER, REBECCA S. (Voter ID number OH0011704685).

27737 TR 242
DYER, CHASE ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0018537324).

27740 SR 643
GROSSENBAUGH, CHERYL L. (Voter ID number OH0012325883).

27740 TR 242
HERSHBERGER, ABE V. (Voter ID number OH0011704157).
HERSHBERGER, RUTH A. (Voter ID number OH0011716908).

27765 CR 10
TIMMONS, EUGENE RICHARD (Voter ID number OH0011714264).

27789 TR 171D
CAHILL, LEE MATTHEW (Voter ID number OH0017914588).
CAHILL, TRUDY L. (Voter ID number OH0011698582).

27790 CR 10
GLAZER, RICKY J. (Voter ID number OH0011702642).
GLAZER, SHIRLEY D. (Voter ID number OH0011702636).
REIDENBACH, HEATHER JO (Voter ID number OH0018906482).

27799 TR 203
OLINGER, JEFFREY B. (Voter ID number OH0011709967).
OLINGER, KAYLA S. (Voter ID number OH0020797671).
OLINGER, KIMBERLY S. (Voter ID number OH0011709959).

27807 TR 205
THORPE, ROSS F. (Voter ID number OH0011714219).
ZELONES, TERESE HEROUX (Voter ID number OH0011716496).

27812 TR 194
JOHNSON, BREANNA MORGAN (Voter ID number OH0023528870).

27825 SR 643
YODER, NORMAN J. (Voter ID number OH0023850508).

27830 SR 93
STEIN, CARL D. (Voter ID number OH0011713414).
STEIN, JEAN E. (Voter ID number OH0011713411).

27858 SR 93
BEAL, CHARLES MEREDITH (Voter ID number OH0011697067).
SARAZEN, REBECCA JO (Voter ID number OH0011697073).

27884 TR 242
KEISER, BARBARA Y. (Voter ID number OH0021495734).
KEISER, BRIAN M. (Voter ID number OH0022079929).
POORMAN, KRISTIN MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0023391641).

27910 TR 242
ALBERTS, JASON S. (Voter ID number OH0021339573).
ESPIG, AMBER SKYE (Voter ID number OH0022710706).
SMITH, KATHERINE MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0023780651).

27926 SR 621
EBERWINE, JOANNA LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0022896808).
EBERWINE, PAMELA L. (Voter ID number OH0011701173).

27930 TR 182
SCHLABACH, MARVIN R. (Voter ID number OH0015574761).

27932 SR 643
HARTER, BRANDON DAVID (Voter ID number OH0019658788).
HARTER, DAVID P. (Voter ID number OH0011703845).
HARTER, MONICA A. (Voter ID number OH0011703836).

27932 TR 196
HOWELL, JOAN M. (Voter ID number OH0011704773).

27933 TR 194
ALLEN, BETTY A. (Voter ID number OH0011696016).
MIKESELL, CAROL J. (Voter ID number OH0011708618).
MIKESELL, LYNN D. (Voter ID number OH0011708622).

27934 TR 194
BIBLE, AMANDA M. (Voter ID number OH0022574356).
BIBLE, DEBORAH S. (Voter ID number OH0015842169).

27946 TR 194
BIBLE, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number OH0011705848).

27948 SR 93
CLARY, PAUL M. (Voter ID number OH0011699166).

27953 TR 205
BIBLE, JOHN L. (Voter ID number OH0019011521).

27957 SR 643
MOUNTS, LARRY L. (Voter ID number OH0011709351).

27961 CR 10
ALLNUTT, AARON M. (Voter ID number OH0021798317).
MCMORROW, MARTHA LEE (Voter ID number OH0011708249).
MCMORROW, WILLIAM ARGENE (Voter ID number OH0011708266).

27972 TR 194
AULT, BEVERLY A. (Voter ID number OH0023294526).
AULT, GARY E. (Voter ID number OH0023294525).

28015 TR 203
ALLOWAY, SHARON L. (Voter ID number OH0011698239).
ALLOWAY, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number OH0011696079).

28017 TR 182
FISHER, TIMOTHY P. (Voter ID number OH0021991611).

28018 TR 194
DARR, JAMES E. (Voter ID number OH0011700121).
DARR, MARGARET A. (Voter ID number OH0011700122).

28030 SR 621
CHANDLER, ALMA K. (Voter ID number OH0023374512).
CHANDLER, PAUL E. (Voter ID number OH0023374514).

28041 TR 203
OLINGER, DON J. (Voter ID number OH0011709941).
OLINGER, MIRANDI LYNN (Voter ID number OH0023271834).
OLINGER, TERESA L. (Voter ID number OH0011709990).

28047 SR 93
WILKINS, JACQUELIN SUE (Voter ID number OH0018824018).
WILKINS, JOHN S. (Voter ID number OH0011715544).

28058 SR 93
SMITH, DONNA D. (Voter ID number OH0011712987).

28067 TR 196
FLOWERS, JENNIFER MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0011701829).

28100 SR 643
SMITH, ANDREW T. (Voter ID number OH0023528849).
SMITH, HERBERT O. (Voter ID number OH0011713011).
SMITH, JULIE A. (Voter ID number OH0011713026).
SMITH, KATIE E. (Voter ID number OH0022709207).

28113 TR 194
FORD, DEBORAH J. (Voter ID number OH0011701877).
FORD, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number OH0011701894).

28118 SR 621
SHARE, DOUGLAS JAMES (Voter ID number OH0011712338).
SHARE, KATHERINE L. (Voter ID number OH0021816667).
SHARE, REBECCA LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0011712347).
SHARE, VICTORIA R. (Voter ID number OH0022918148).

28123 TR 171
COBLENTZ, BRANDON R. (Voter ID number OH0022590884).
COBLENTZ, MARNITA KAY (Voter ID number OH0022273629).

28140 TR 182
FISHER, JONATHAN (Voter ID number OH0011701732).
FISHER, WENDY MARTHA (Voter ID number OH0011701759).
FISHER, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number OH0011701766).

28140 TR 194
NORMAN, JAMES DENNIS (Voter ID number OH0011709821).

28141 TR 205
LAYMAN, JOYCE A. (Voter ID number OH0011706629).
LAYMAN, WENDELL L. (Voter ID number OH0011706630).

28142 CR 93
SCHLABACH, KELLY JO (Voter ID number OH0011712011).
SCHLABACH, LOYAL JAY (Voter ID number OH0011712015).
SCHLABACH, TRAVIS J. (Voter ID number OH0021544133).

28146 CR 10
DARR, BRIAN EMORY (Voter ID number OH0011869042).

28175 TR 182
EICHER, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0021324594).
EICHER, JACOB H. (Voter ID number OH0021244507).
SCHWARTZ, WAYNE M. (Voter ID number OH0020834455).

28189 TR 196
GOTTARDI, TROY D. (Voter ID number OH0011702748).

28200 TR 171
BROWN, AMY DARLENE (Voter ID number OH0011698093).
PARKS, HENRY R. (Voter ID number OH0011710161).

28203 TR 171
ELLIOTT, DANA M. (Voter ID number OH0022593768).

28210 SR 643
BROWN, DAVID W. (Voter ID number OH0011698121).
BROWN, MERYL JEAN (Voter ID number OH0011698179).

28213 CR 10
TURNER, DAVID E. (Voter ID number OH0011714501).
TURNER, ROSEMARY (Voter ID number OH0011714511).

28229 TR 171
FARVER, EDITH JANE (Voter ID number OH0011701577).

28233 TR 171
FARVER, CHRISTOPHER JERRY (Voter ID number OH0011701579).

28238 TR 171D
LEIENDECKER, MARCUS D. (Voter ID number OH0011706742).

28261 TR 182
HERSHBERGER, ABRAHAM N. (Voter ID number OH0020136083).
HERSHBERGER, JEFFREY SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0023642117).
HERSHBERGER, TAMMY KAY (Voter ID number OH0020151044).
HERSHBERGER, WESLEY ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0022195225).

28266 TR 203
OLINGER, BAXTER E. (Voter ID number OH0011709952).
OLINGER, JON DRU (Voter ID number OH0011709968).

28276 SR 643
CROFT, DARBY HAYLIE (Voter ID number OH0023619781).
CROFT, LESLIE ANN (Voter ID number OH0011699807).
CROFT, WHITNEY J. (Voter ID number OH0011699811).

28286 TR 171
COX, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number OH0022574132).

28286 TR 171D
HAARMAN, JODI LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011703260).
WELLER, DIANA L. (Voter ID number OH0011715199).

28295 SR 93
WILKINS, JUSTIN ROGER (Voter ID number OH0020978448).

28300 TR 194
VICKERS, KAREN J. (Voter ID number OH0011697252).
VICKERS, RICKY LEE (Voter ID number OH0011714743).

28312 TR 171
GONTER, ODESSA MAE (Voter ID number OH0018306010).
HAYWOOD, BRIAN JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0022225823).

28319 TR 171
ROGERS, BEVERLY SUE (Voter ID number OH0011711561).

28334 CR 10
YODER, ARLENE N. (Voter ID number OH0021397332).
YODER, ROMAN M. (Voter ID number OH0021397561).

28339 SR 643
LOZOWSKI, BRENDA KAY (Voter ID number OH0011707139).
LOZOWSKI, DAVID J. (Voter ID number OH0011707155).
LOZOWSKI, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0023720579).
LOZOWSKI, RACHEL LEE (Voter ID number OH0023726394).

28356 TR 182
KIRKS, PAUL A. (Voter ID number OH0011717339).

28357 CR 93
MCAFEE, RANDOLPH A. (Voter ID number OH0020978180).
MULLET, SAMUEL E. (Voter ID number OH0016031975).
WIGFIELD, GAIL L. (Voter ID number OH0020978447).

28379 TR 205
LAYMAN, REBECCA J. (Voter ID number OH0011706628).
LAYMAN, THOMAS LOREN (Voter ID number OH0022876946).
LAYMAN, TODD LOREN (Voter ID number OH0011706621).
MEEK, JOHN EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0011708434).

28401 SR 643
CLAPPER, UNA SUE (Voter ID number OH0022516015).

28422 TR 95
WERLEY, TIMOTHY M. (Voter ID number OH0018999603).

28444 SR 93
MILLER, MARVIN R. (Voter ID number OH0022554479).

28448 CR 10
HESS, SANDRA LEE (Voter ID number OH0018739128).

28455 TR 171D
MILLER, ELI A. (Voter ID number OH0019324787).
MILLER, ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0011708734).

28493 TR 194
SCHEETZ, CHRISTY A. (Voter ID number OH0011711955).
SCHEETZ, DANIELLE JUSTINE (Voter ID number OH0020869929).
SCHEETZ, DWAINE D. (Voter ID number OH0011711946).

28495 TR 203
CRAWFORD, JOANN (Voter ID number OH0011699771).

28500 TR 206
LAUTENSCHLEGER, AMANDA MAY (Voter ID number OH0011706508).
LAUTENSCHLEGER, JAY ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0011706527).

28502 TR 171
YODER, EDWIN A. (Voter ID number OH0022921315).

28513 TR 203
CRAWFORD, EDWARD CHARLES (Voter ID number OH0011699762).
CRAWFORD, LAURA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0023844572).

28514 TR 171
DELONG, GLENN D. (Voter ID number OH0019965589).

28520 TR 171
DILLY, DAVID H. (Voter ID number OH0011700624).
DILLY, PATRICIA E. (Voter ID number OH0011697766).

28530 TR 95
MCGUINNESS, JANET E. (Voter ID number OH0023642161).
MCHUGH, CHARLES ANTHONY (Voter ID number OH0023093014).

28541 SR 643
MILLER, MATTHEW M. (Voter ID number OH0023534846).

28590 CR 93
HAYES, WILBUR W. (Voter ID number OH0020978119).
MARDIS, ASHLEY M. (Voter ID number OH0019661348).

28592 TR 421
STEIN, RENEE D. (Voter ID number OH0021206161).

28615 CR 10
MOORE, JANET L. (Voter ID number OH0011709177).
MOORE, RANDY MAC (Voter ID number OH0011709188).

28640 SR 93
RENNER, CAROLYN KAYE (Voter ID number OH0017914591).

28648 SR 643
MAST, WAYNE M. (Voter ID number OH0023086866).

28648 TR 421
MOORE, KYLE J. (Voter ID number OH0020978203).
MOORE, TAMARA CHRISTINE (Voter ID number OH0011709213).

28668 CR 93
MLADEK, VIRGINIA J. (Voter ID number OH0011709058).
MLADEK, WAYNE R. (Voter ID number OH0011709048).

28703 CR 10
LESSING, KENNETH A. (Voter ID number OH0011706780).
SHERMAN, MARY A. (Voter ID number OH0011712562).

28705 TR 182
BRILLHART, ANGELA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011705005).
BRILLHART, SCOTT ADAM (Voter ID number OH0011698047).

28707 TR 205
PRIEST, JAMES C. (Voter ID number OH0011710750).
PRIEST, KAREN M. (Voter ID number OH0011710753).
PRIEST, KYLE JAMES (Voter ID number OH0021874003).
PRIEST, SAMANTHA RENEE (Voter ID number OH0021042655).

28728 SR 93
MENNINGER, CHRISTOPHER BLAKE (Voter ID number OH0011716638).

28739 CR 12
LAWRENCE, BOBBADEAN MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0011706565).
LAWRENCE, KYLE DAVID (Voter ID number OH0011706577).

28745 CR 10
MILLER, ADEN M. (Voter ID number OH0011708650).

28749 TR 95
KEDIGH, LINDA D. (Voter ID number OH0021546699).
KEDIGH, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number OH0021546704).

28771 TR 182
REGULA, TRAVIS E. (Voter ID number OH0019577289).

28777 CR 12
JONES, BRUCE JAMES (Voter ID number OH0022989606).
JONES, MARJORIE ROBIN (Voter ID number OH0011705474).

28812 SR 93
LAUTENSCHLEGER, JASON NEIL (Voter ID number OH0018900562).
LAUTENSCHLEGER, MARLENE J. (Voter ID number OH0011706518).
LAUTENSCHLEGER, NEIL L. (Voter ID number OH0020978159).

28821 CR 12
RICHARD, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number OH0022086958).
RICHARD, PAUL V. (Voter ID number OH0022764673).

28824 TR 463
SITTEL, JANICE E. (Voter ID number OH0011712834).

28866 SR 93
GILKERSON, TIMOTHY A. (Voter ID number OH0015991869).

28877 TR 194
LATHAM, RANDI JO (Voter ID number OH0017914595).

28907 SR 643
BOWEN, ADAM C. (Voter ID number OH0011697691).
BOWEN, PETER M. (Voter ID number OH0011697704).
BOWEN, WENDY LEE (Voter ID number OH0011697158).
MILLER, HOPE C. (Voter ID number OH0011708739).

28930 SR 93
LAUTENSCHLEGER, ANGELA JILL (Voter ID number OH0019362569).

28940 CR 10
CURRENCE, GLENDA (Voter ID number OH0011700027).
RAHMOELLER, LOLA M. (Voter ID number OH0023007222).

28943 TR 95
HOTHEM, GERALD D. (Voter ID number OH0011704698).
HOTHEM, JOY C. (Voter ID number OH0011704706).

28960 CR 10
JENKINS, RICHARD (Voter ID number OH0023139541).

28975 CR 10
NISLEY, MELVIN J. (Voter ID number OH0022515172).

28980 CR 12
MILLER, ELIZABETH MARY (Voter ID number OH0011708725).
MILLER, MALCOLM E. (Voter ID number OH0011708810).

29040 CR 10
SNODGRASS, THOMAS R. (Voter ID number OH0011713147).
SNODGRASS, TINA KAYE (Voter ID number OH0011703614).

29048 SR 93
SPECHT, KEVIN WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0011713266).
SPECHT, TAMARA PEARL (Voter ID number OH0011699285).

29049 CR 10
GRESS, DIANE M. (Voter ID number OH0011702897).
GRESS, RYAN D. (Voter ID number OH0019507715).

29061 CR 10
WILSON, DIXIE KAY (Voter ID number OH0011713299).

29077 CR 10
CLOUGH, CHARLES R. (Voter ID number OH0018732220).
HANNA, JANET LEE (Voter ID number OH0011703600).

29080 SR 93
WARREN, JASON E. (Voter ID number OH0020978290).
WARREN, PAUL R. (Voter ID number OH0011714999).

29081 TR 212
LORENZ, MALINDA SUE (Voter ID number OH0011707058).
LORENZ, STEVEN CRAIG (Voter ID number OH0011707049).

29100 TR 212
MILLER, DAVID N. (Voter ID number OH0023401142).

29106 CR 10
MILLER, JACOB C. (Voter ID number OH0011708741).
MILLER, NORMA J. (Voter ID number OH0011708814).

29132 TR 203
KEIM, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0011705698).

29144 TR 203
KEIM, ANDREW E. (Voter ID number OH0018551960).

29180 SR 643
WILLIAMS, PERCY M. (Voter ID number OH0011715636).

29217 SR 643
AMES, JULIE A. (Voter ID number OH0011696114).
AMES, MARK R. (Voter ID number OH0011696124).

29227 CR 12
DAUGHERTY, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number OH0011700149).
DAUGHERTY, MICHAEL ERNEST (Voter ID number OH0011700199).
DAUGHERTY, SARA BETH (Voter ID number OH0021636851).

29228 CR 10
ARNEY, GORDON N. (Voter ID number OH0011696303).

29232 CR 190
MILLER, DANIEL R. (Voter ID number OH0023532123).

29245 CR 10
MILLER, JOSHUA JAY (Voter ID number OH0018941944).
MILLER, NICOLE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011708822).

29265 SR 643
BULLOCK, SCOTT EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0018669515).

29294 SR 93
MCCUNE, GEORGE E. (Voter ID number OH0022977182).

29317 CR 190
DAMRON, KEVIN LOWELL (Voter ID number OH0021649652).

29325 CR 190
YODER, RACHEL M. (Voter ID number OH0023078023).

29330 CR 10
MILLER, JANET S. (Voter ID number OH0011708766).
MILLER, MONICA A. (Voter ID number OH0022344783).

29376 SR 93
DAUGHERTY, SHALYNN DANEEN (Voter ID number OH0020221179).
DAUGHERTY, SHERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0020221988).

29400 SR 93
SWEAT, CAMERON DAVID (Voter ID number OH0019495738).
SWEAT, KRISTI LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011713852).
SWEAT, RALPH DAVID (Voter ID number OH0011713838).

29404 CR 12
DAUGHERTY, ADAM JAMES (Voter ID number OH0023501445).
DAUGHERTY, CLARK J. (Voter ID number OH0011700151).
DAUGHERTY, DIANE E. (Voter ID number OH0011700154).
DAUGHERTY, KATELYN MARIE (Voter ID number OH0021973391).

29420 TR 212
YODER, NOAH R. (Voter ID number OH0020867085).

29444 SR 93
HARSH, SHERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0011703810).

29450 CR 10
TROYER, ANNAMAE (Voter ID number OH0022822756).

29466 SR 93
JADOS, KATHERINE (Voter ID number OH0011705132).

29479 CR 190
WEIGAND, SARAH RUTH (Voter ID number OH0018980514).

29483 SR 643
AMES, JEAN H. (Voter ID number OH0011696113).
AMES, ROGER W. (Voter ID number OH0011696117).

29484 SR 93
BALDWIN, PATRICK M. (Voter ID number OH0020210747).
JADOS, VICTORIA A. (Voter ID number OH0020227265).

29499 TR 469
GUILLIAMS, JEFFREY J. (Voter ID number OH0011703132).
GUILLIAMS, KAREN L. (Voter ID number OH0015644462).

29515 CR 190
CLOUGH, KAYLEE DANIELLE (Voter ID number OH0020850163).
HAMILTON, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number OH0011703542).
MATHEWS, DIANA M. (Voter ID number OH0011707618).
MCMORROW, WENDOLEN M. (Voter ID number OH0018687683).

29535 CR 10
RABER, WYMAN A. (Voter ID number OH0014439270).

29540 CR 10
TROYER, AMY SUE (Voter ID number OH0020881692).
TROYER, ANDREW R. (Voter ID number OH0020881645).
TROYER, ANNA MAE (Voter ID number OH0020881272).
TROYER, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number OH0011714421).

29551 CR 10
RABER, ALVIN L. (Voter ID number OH0011710820).
RABER, WAYNE A. (Voter ID number OH0020938311).

29552 TR 469
MCALLISTER, KAREN S. (Voter ID number OH0011707722).
MCALLISTER, STEVEN EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0011707729).

29559 SR 93
KEIM, JOHN E. (Voter ID number OH0011705702).

29578 SR 93
OSWALD, CHRISTINE LEA (Voter ID number OH0019954595).
OSWALD, MATTHEW C. (Voter ID number OH0019928391).

29588 CR 190
SHETLER, MYRON D. (Voter ID number OH0023614599).

29590 SR 93
PRENTICE, JOLENE LEE (Voter ID number OH0018758170).
SCHILLING, CHAD N. (Voter ID number OH0013256779).

29620 TR 89
LORENZ, PAULA D. (Voter ID number OH0011707050).

29636 CR 236
OWENS, DOROTHY F. (Voter ID number OH0011710068).
OWENS, FRANK D. (Voter ID number OH0011710060).

29652 TR 212
BRENLY, GARY D. (Voter ID number OH0011697953).
BRENLY, LINDA K. (Voter ID number OH0011697940).

29686 TR 227
KURUCZ, JENNIFER M. (Voter ID number OH0021587072).
YOUNG, DUKE (Voter ID number OH0011716431).
YOUNG, DUKE (Voter ID number OH0011716443).
YOUNG, LAURA ASHLIE (Voter ID number OH0022977279).

29707 CR 12
DAUGHERTY, GRANT K. (Voter ID number OH0011700164).
DAUGHERTY, GRANT KARR (Voter ID number OH0011716694).
KING-DAUGHERTY, DENISE VIVIAN (Voter ID number OH0018727964).

29707 TR 227
FELLOWS, BRANDON M. (Voter ID number OH0022090435).
FELLOWS, BRIAN L. (Voter ID number OH0011701608).
FELLOWS, VICTORIA A. (Voter ID number OH0011701612).

29742 CR 236
MAST, ADAM TYLER (Voter ID number OH0011707554).
MAST, JO ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0011707563).

29742 TR 227
KERR, ROBERT I. (Voter ID number OH0011705765).

29832 SR 93
LORENZ, ANN L. (Voter ID number OH0011707030).

29846 CR 190
NISLEY, LESTER J. (Voter ID number OH0021758921).

29881 SR 643
HARVEY, CHRISTOPHER C. (Voter ID number OH0011703872).
YODER, DAN H. (Voter ID number OH0020870907).

29891 TR 227
CALDWELL, LORNA L. (Voter ID number OH0021097671).

29951 CR 190
ERB, ARLEN D. (Voter ID number OH0022488003).

29952 CR 10
MILLER, ABE N. (Voter ID number OH0020867061).

29958 CR 190
BALL, CHARLES L. (Voter ID number OH0022422458).
RABER, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number OH0023712301).

29962 SR 643
YODER, IVAN R. (Voter ID number OH0019324670).
YODER, LINDA A. (Voter ID number OH0020065698).

29991 CR 236
RABER, DAVID LEE (Voter ID number OH0022357154).

30005 SR 93
HOWELL, RACHEL DEBORAH (Voter ID number OH0013257343).

30031 TR 212
KRASKY, LEIGHA JO (Voter ID number OH0018601891).
MAST, ROY E. (Voter ID number OH0019739605).

30034 SR 643
RICHARD, JAMES M. (Voter ID number OH0011711194).
SHRIVER, CHARLES KEITH (Voter ID number OH0011712642).
SHRIVER, KERRY WYN (Voter ID number OH0019349913).

30046 CR 190
FLUHARTY, ASHLEY NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0023501003).

30053 TR 227
LYONS, BONNY ELOISE (Voter ID number OH0011707227).

30066 CR 236
MILLER, MARY S. (Voter ID number OH0023091297).

30080 CR 190
DARR, DOUGLAS LEE (Voter ID number OH0011700104).
DARR, JULIE ANN (Voter ID number OH0011700111).

30099 CR 10
DOMBEK, JOSEPH J. (Voter ID number OH0011700721).

30111 CR 190
MCMORROW, WILLIAM SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0018165699).
POWELL, KARALEE ZOE (Voter ID number OH0017791447).

30167 CR 190
MILLER, DIANE N. (Voter ID number OH0022946330).
MILLER, LEROY R. (Voter ID number OH0021264167).

30201 CR 10
EMLER, JANICE D. (Voter ID number OH0011701351).
EMLER, REX L. (Voter ID number OH0011701345).

30245 CR 236
IANNIELLO, JONATHAN MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0011705014).
IANNIELLO, TERRI ALLYN (Voter ID number OH0011705020).

30245 TR 214
MYERS, MEAGAN MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0022594080).
RUSNAK, DUSTIN M. (Voter ID number OH0016038893).

30290 CR 190
BREHM, JEREMY SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0022422952).
KINDRED, BRANDY J. (Voter ID number OH0021179590).
WATTERS, DYLAN GAGE (Voter ID number OH0022981328).

30299 CR 10
ERB, JASON J. (Voter ID number OH0023619789).
ERB, SUSAN O. (Voter ID number OH0023619788).

30303 CR 236
IANNIELLO, BRENDA K. (Voter ID number OH0011705008).

30334 TR 214
KENT, EVAN R. (Voter ID number OH0022323924).
YOUNG, MAGGIE ALISCE (Voter ID number OH0019417362).

30340 TR 231
RABER, ANDY (Voter ID number OH0018173673).

30355 TR 227
HALIBURTON, PATRICIA R. (Voter ID number OH0021262840).

30355 TR 229
HALIBURTON, RICHARD WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0021111275).

30370 SR 643
FOWLER, CARL J. (Voter ID number OH0022583911).
FOWLER, TINA LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0022822344).
SHEPLER, ANDREA (Voter ID number OH0021541632).

30386 TR 214
LILLIBRIDGE, ANN DENISE (Voter ID number OH0011706838).
LILLIBRIDGE, JOHN G. (Voter ID number OH0011706864).

30391 CR 236
IDEN, BEVERLY RUTH (Voter ID number OH0011705032).
IDEN, DONALD EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0011705030).

30401 SR 643
RABER, JUDY A. (Voter ID number OH0012983654).
RABER, NORMAN R. (Voter ID number OH0011710851).

30443 SR 643
RABER, LUKE A. (Voter ID number OH0015842280).
RABER, RHONDA JOY (Voter ID number OH0023061422).

30495 CR 10
TROYER, JOHN V. (Voter ID number OH0011714423).

30523 TR 11
MILLER, JOHN LESTER (Voter ID number OH0011708765).

30551 CR 236
MILLER, JARED (Voter ID number OH0022936203).
MILLER, LORETTA L. (Voter ID number OH0011708795).
MILLER, MERVIN DEAN (Voter ID number OH0011708798).
MILLER, SETH ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0022134606).

30573 TR 212
AMES, KAREN D. (Voter ID number OH0011696123).

30588 TR 89
MILLER, JONAS R. (Voter ID number OH0011708768).

30607 TR 11
MILLER, JOHN L. (Voter ID number OH0011708762).
MILLER, SHIRLEY J. (Voter ID number OH0011708882).

30609 TR 212
AMES, EDWARD LEE (Voter ID number OH0011696119).
SELLERS, ERIC JAMES (Voter ID number OH0022948416).
SELLERS, JOSEPHINE A. (Voter ID number OH0022825571).

30621 CR 10
FOX, MICHAEL K. (Voter ID number OH0011702039).

30625 TR 231
MILLER, ANDREW M. (Voter ID number OH0011708660).

30639 CR 12
MILLER, KATIE W. (Voter ID number OH0011708788).
MILLER, WAYNE J. (Voter ID number OH0011708898).

30643 TR 231
RABER, JOHN J. (Voter ID number OH0011710823).

30659 TR 11
KUHNS, WILLIS M. (Voter ID number OH0022843106).

30671 TR 231
MILLER, MONROE A. (Voter ID number OH0011708817).

30698 TR 231
MILLER, JEREMY O. (Voter ID number OH0021631511).
MILLER, OWEN A. (Voter ID number OH0011708815).
MILLER, OWEN A. (Voter ID number OH0020881684).

30757 TR 212
PALL, DAVID M. (Voter ID number OH0014063808).
PALL, LINDA S. (Voter ID number OH0015430184).
PALL, NICKOLE L. (Voter ID number OH0011710094).

30765 TR 213
HERSHBERGER, LENA J. (Voter ID number OH0020532606).
HERSHBERGER, WILLIS M. (Voter ID number OH0020532614).

30789 TR 212
ROBISON, DANIEL SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0011711504).

30797 TR 213
BURKHOLDER, ATLEE H. (Voter ID number OH0020862655).
BURKHOLDER, LINDA J. (Voter ID number OH0020862648).

30821 SR 643
MAST, NORMAN H. (Voter ID number OH0011707571).

30838 CR 236
FOSTOR, VIOLA M. (Voter ID number OH0011702007).

30841 TR 213
YODER, ADEN M C (Voter ID number OH0011716336).

30852 CR 236
FOSTOR, GLENDA D. (Voter ID number OH0011701986).
FOSTOR, JERRY E. (Voter ID number OH0011702012).

30919 TR 11
YODER, MARK E. (Voter ID number OH0011716672).

30927 CR 12
DAUGHERTY, GRETA A. (Voter ID number OH0011711996).
DAUGHERTY, R MARTIN (Voter ID number OH0011700187).

31020 TR 213
MONTGOMERY, FRED EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0011709102).
MONTGOMERY, RACHEL A. (Voter ID number OH0011709104).
MOORE, JASON L. (Voter ID number OH0022592235).

31024 TR 11
BROWN, DONALD W. (Voter ID number OH0018879241).
BROWN, JAMES CODY (Voter ID number OH0020243145).

31037 SR 643
SCHLABACH, JOHN (Voter ID number OH0011711999).
SCHLABACH, MELVIN JAY (Voter ID number OH0020867088).

31095 TR 11
BRIANAS, NATHANIEL S. (Voter ID number OH0022975870).
STAUFER, JOAN D. (Voter ID number OH0015568428).

31141 TR 89
BURRELL, LAURA A. (Voter ID number OH0023426570).

31152 TR 227
BARKMAN, ERVIN D. (Voter ID number OH0011696803).
BARKMAN, SUSAN A. (Voter ID number OH0011696793).

31180 TR 231
TROYER, EDWIN E. (Voter ID number OH0021569768).
TROYER, EMANUEL A. (Voter ID number OH0011714402).

31220 TR 236
PARKS, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number OH0011710153).

31300 CR 12
MAST, SCOTT D. (Voter ID number OH0011707570).

31331 TR 235
YODER, ELI N.E. (Voter ID number OH0011716363).

31337 TR 235
YODER, NOAH E. (Voter ID number OH0011716389).

31350 TR 236
GARBER, THOMAS MILTON (Voter ID number OH0011702360).

31380 TR 236
STEINEBREY, KATHRYN M. (Voter ID number OH0011713418).
STEINEBREY, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number OH0011713424).

31399 TR 11
HERSHBERGER, ROSIE W. (Voter ID number OH0023846197).

31412 CR 236
MARHOFER, MARK A. (Voter ID number OH0023534160).

31412 TR 227
TROYER, ADRIAN A. (Voter ID number OH0020881235).

31440 SR 93
GREEN, CHESTER M. (Voter ID number OH0011702872).
GREEN, JANICE E. (Voter ID number OH0011702868).

31464 CR 236
STAGGS, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number OH0023649710).
YORK, TANIKA SIMONE (Voter ID number OH0023050965).

31479 TR 231
HOCHSTETLER, MONROE L. (Voter ID number OH0011704359).

31491 TR 227
YODER, DAVID M.C. (Voter ID number OH0011716331).

31501 CR 12
DAUGHERTY, ANDREA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0022574252).
DAUGHERTY, CAROLINE D. (Voter ID number OH0011700166).
DAUGHERTY, KYLE W. (Voter ID number OH0023753243).
DAUGHERTY, WILLIAM S. (Voter ID number OH0011700209).

31530 CR 236
KEENER, KERRY LEE (Voter ID number OH0022975927).

31569 CR 236
YERKEY, EMMA M. (Voter ID number OH0016033462).
YERKEY, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number OH0021166897).

31595 TR 89
GARBER, ADRIAN L. (Voter ID number OH0011702346).
GARBER, ARTHUR G. (Voter ID number OH0011702345).
GARBER, REBECCA A. (Voter ID number OH0011702363).

31648 TR 235
MAST, ROBERT S. (Voter ID number OH0020464521).
MAST, SAM E. (Voter ID number OH0011707574).

31654 TR 235
MAST, AMOS S. (Voter ID number OH0011707550).

31713 SR 93
SMITH, SHIRLEY A. (Voter ID number OH0011713093).

31761 TR 11
BARKMAN, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number OH0011696813).

31792 TR 236
ELKINS, JILL M. (Voter ID number OH0011711232).

31847 TR 236
ARMBRUST, LISA J. (Voter ID number OH0011696276).
ARMBRUST, TODD A. (Voter ID number OH0011696277).
GOODMAN, NICKOLAS S. (Voter ID number OH0020899325).

31855 TR 227
BARKMAN, VERNON E. (Voter ID number OH0011696795).

31895 SR 93
BERGER, LUCAS MARK (Voter ID number OH0021073344).
BERGER, RANDY M. (Voter ID number OH0011697207).
BERGER, TAMMY J. (Voter ID number OH0011697199).

31919 TR 89
HONAKER, MATTHEW RICHARD (Voter ID number OH0023681344).
HONAKER, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number OH0011704543).
HONAKER, SANDRA ELAINE (Voter ID number OH0011704544).

31969 SR 93
WOODRING, BEVERLY L. (Voter ID number OH0011716074).
WOODRING, CODY WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0022572218).
WOODRING, DAVID W. (Voter ID number OH0015896945).

32035 SR 643
POTTNER, DANIEL M. (Voter ID number OH0022808350).
POTTNER, JULIANNE (Voter ID number OH0022808357).

32150 SR 643
KAUFMAN, NICHOLIA CHRISTY (Voter ID number OH0011713063).
SMITH, RANDALL W. (Voter ID number OH0018879669).
SMITH, RANDY LEE (Voter ID number OH0011713067).

32151 CR 12
YODER, EDNA E. (Voter ID number OH0020881568).
YODER, MAHLON A. (Voter ID number OH0020881242).

32161 SR 643
CREMEANS, LARRY T. (Voter ID number OH0022981344).

32187 TR 235
TROYER, LEVI D. (Voter ID number OH0011714415).
TROYER, MOSES L. (Voter ID number OH0020775856).

32206 SR 643
BARKMAN, LINDA D. (Voter ID number OH0023059284).

32208 SR 643
MAST, DUANE J. (Voter ID number OH0020871008).
MAST, HENRY JR (Voter ID number OH0020867101).

32257 CR 10
SUNDHEIMER, SABRINA D. (Voter ID number OH0021246642).
SUNDHEIMER, SHAWNNA LEE (Voter ID number OH0011713803).
YODER, ROBERT WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0011716394).

32274 SR 643
RABER, NOAH C. (Voter ID number OH0020867070).

32277 TR 219
HERSHBERGER, IVAN D. (Voter ID number OH0011704190).

32305 TR 272
YODER, ELI A. (Voter ID number OH0020864483).

32327 SR 643
LEMBKE, DANIEL T. (Voter ID number OH0011706747).
LEMBKE, NANCY J. (Voter ID number OH0011706768).

32330 TR 219
EMERSON, MARK S. (Voter ID number OH0015428880).
EMERSON, MARTHA LISE (Voter ID number OH0015428906).

32332 SR 643
SCHEETZ, DONOVAN P. (Voter ID number OH0011711957).
SCHEETZ, THERESA (Voter ID number OH0011711962).

32394 TR 235
MILLER, KATIE J. (Voter ID number OH0011708778).
MILLER, MOSE J. (Voter ID number OH0011708813).

32441 CR 12
RABER, ANDY J. (Voter ID number OH0011710832).

32444 TR 232
WEAVER, JOHN WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0019681932).
WEAVER, ROY E. (Voter ID number OH0011715097).

32470 TR 272
MILLER, BRIAN R. (Voter ID number OH0011708676).
MILLER, IRENE W. (Voter ID number OH0020375500).
MILLER, MARTIN JAY (Voter ID number OH0020958208).

32501 TR 89
MILLER, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number OH0011708861).
MILLER, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number OH0022592709).

32509 TR 89
YODER, JOHN MARK (Voter ID number OH0023863983).
YODER, LENA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0023863989).

32512 SR 643
SCHEETZ, GARY M. (Voter ID number OH0021998066).
SCHEETZ, MELANIE A. (Voter ID number OH0021998077).

32536 TR 272
TROYER, HENRY J. (Voter ID number OH0011714405).
TROYER, MARTY H. (Voter ID number OH0021711642).

32540 CR 10
DUNCAN, GARY L. (Voter ID number OH0011700983).

32675 TR 232
MCGUIRE, BRYCE ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0022194921).
MCGUIRE, HOLLY ANN (Voter ID number OH0022141238).
MCGUIRE, MICHAEL H. (Voter ID number OH0019820079).
MCGUIRE, SHELLY A. (Voter ID number OH0018606513).

32740 TR 235
SCHLEGEL, GRETA C. (Voter ID number OH0011712050).
SCHLEGEL, KENNETH R. (Voter ID number OH0011712042).

32744 TR 235
YODER, JUNIOR M.C. (Voter ID number OH0011716379).

32797 TR 231
LEHMAN, JONAS M. (Voter ID number OH0021361181).

32870 CR 10
YODER, ROMAN A.E. (Voter ID number OH0011716401).

32880 TR 272
DEMYAN, DAVID G. (Voter ID number OH0021969100).
DEMYAN, ELISA (Voter ID number OH0021674822).

32901 CR 10
BURKHOLDER, LEROY J. (Voter ID number OH0020867104).
SCHLABACH, ALAN A. (Voter ID number OH0022377362).

32948 TR 272
MILLER, IAN W. (Voter ID number OH0020811228).
MILLER, RAYMOND A. (Voter ID number OH0011708839).
MILLER, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number OH0019882772).
MILLER, TOBIAS ALAN (Voter ID number OH0023645676).

33037 CR 10
TROYER, ROY A. (Voter ID number OH0011714426).

33080 SR 643
YODER, MATTIE M. (Voter ID number OH0020864490).
YODER, MONROE A.M. (Voter ID number OH0020864491).

33150 TR 235
WEAVER, ALVIN H. (Voter ID number OH0011715068).
WEAVER, NATHANIEL A. (Voter ID number OH0022460089).

33200 SR 643
MAST, LEROY R. (Voter ID number OH0023403749).

33204 SR 643
MILLER, JOSEPH V. (Voter ID number OH0023374510).

33208 SR 643
MAST, VERNON R. (Voter ID number OH0023844368).

33272 SR 643
BOYD, BOBBIE JEANETTE (Voter ID number OH0023294520).
MILLER, DAVID N. (Voter ID number OH0023059161).
SHETLER, DORCAS DELORES (Voter ID number OH0022791626).

33419 SR 643
BARKMAN, ADA MAE (Voter ID number OH0011696782).
BARKMAN, ALVIN D. (Voter ID number OH0011696784).
BARKMAN, ANNA A. (Voter ID number OH0011696792).
BARKMAN, JUNIOR A. (Voter ID number OH0011696805).
BARKMAN, MARY ANN (Voter ID number OH0011696808).

33440 TR 272
YODER, ADRIAN A. (Voter ID number OH0020806506).
YODER, ALBERT E. (Voter ID number OH0011716345).

33779 CR 10
SCHLABACH, HENRY E. (Voter ID number OH0011711988).
SCHLABACH, MARY E. (Voter ID number OH0015594490).
SCHLABACH, RACHEL H. (Voter ID number OH0020881223).

33783 CR 10
TROYER, MELISSA J. (Voter ID number OH0011714414).

33841 CR 10
MILLER, JONATHAN D. (Voter ID number OH0011708759).

33849 SR 643
BARKMAN, ELI E. (Voter ID number OH0011696802).

33868 SR 643
BARKMAN, ADA E. (Voter ID number OH0011696781).
BARKMAN, ELI A. (Voter ID number OH0011696785).

REGULA, DONNA M. (Voter ID number OH0013301719).
REGULA, WAYNE T. (Voter ID number OH0013277092).

REGULA, KENNETH E. (Voter ID number OH0013297832).

REGULA, REBECCA A. (Voter ID number OH0013293747).
REGULA, STEVEN A. (Voter ID number OH0022707371).

47989 TR 198
COATES, DALE MITCHELL (Voter ID number OH0019173662).
COATES, DEBORAH ANNE (Voter ID number OH0019173669).
COATES, KIRSTY J. (Voter ID number OH0022356784).
COATES, RUTH-ANNE (Voter ID number OH0023530190).

48393 TR 198
CARROLL, REBECCA L. (Voter ID number OH0020617934).
HENDERSON, KRISTIE L. (Voter ID number OH0020528792).

48395 TR 198
EPPERSON, RACHEL LAUREN (Voter ID number OH0023017543).

48408 CR 186
FRY, AUBREY ALANA (Voter ID number OH0021542189).
LAWRENTZ, JOSEPH ALAN (Voter ID number OH0011706596).
LAWRENTZ, STACY A. (Voter ID number OH0011706614).

48668 TR 198
GIBSON, JENNA LAYNE (Voter ID number OH0021007867).
GIBSON, MICHAEL ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0019495644).

48739 CR 186
FARMER, CYNTHIA K. (Voter ID number OH0021875457).
FIELD, JAMES WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0021692281).
FIELD, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number OH0011701658).

48878 CR 186
MCKINNEY, JAMES G. (Voter ID number OH0011708224).
MCKINNEY, JEANNE V. (Voter ID number OH0019111010).

48932 TR 198
ROTHENSTINE, BRENDA E. (Voter ID number OH0011711711).

48990 TR 198
ARONHALT, JAMES W. (Voter ID number OH0019273492).
ARONHALT, SHAWN M. (Voter ID number OH0019289754).

49041 CR 186
WARREN, DEBRA L. (Voter ID number OH0011714966).
WARREN, DUANE A. (Voter ID number OH0011714976).

49103 CR 186
HUTCHISON, GREGORY ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0011704994).

49195 TR 198
ADAMS, JANDI MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0022941080).

49240 TR 198
RABER, AUSTIN DANIEL (Voter ID number OH0023587104).
RABER, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number OH0011710824).
RABER, PAMELA (Voter ID number OH0011710839).

49259 TR 198
JENSEN, MERI KHRISTINA (Voter ID number OH0020986985).
TAYLOR, STEVE ALLAN (Voter ID number OH0011713986).

49308 CR 186
MCKEE, H ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0011708186).
MCKEE, MAX LEON (Voter ID number OH0011708178).

49341 TR 198
SAMPSEL, JAMES W. (Voter ID number OH0011711836).
SAMPSEL, KANDY M. (Voter ID number OH0011711830).
SAMPSEL, KATIE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0022144567).

ARNOLD, CLAUDIA KAY (Voter ID number OH0013258172).
ARNOLD, HARRY PAUL (Voter ID number OH0013265508).

49567 CR 186
SMITH, BRUCE A. (Voter ID number OH0011712954).
SMITH, SHERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0011713102).

49600 CR 186
HERON, MEAGAN ANN (Voter ID number OH0011713239).
SABROSKY, MORGAN ANN (Voter ID number OH0011713244).
SPARKS, GEORGE RAYMOND (Voter ID number OH0011713245).

49687 TR 195
BURRELL, JANET GAIL (Voter ID number OH0011698438).
BURRELL, JEFFREY S. (Voter ID number OH0011698436).

49713 TR 195
CONRAD, JEFFREY O. (Voter ID number OH0011699411).
CONRAD, JUDITH A. (Voter ID number OH0011699415).
CONRAD, NEAL J. (Voter ID number OH0020171191).

49735 CR 186
PANNETON, ANTHONY S. (Voter ID number OH0019577165).

49785 TR 195
HOUSINGER, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number OH0011704735).
HOUSINGER, ELSIE B. (Voter ID number OH0011701521).

49813 TR 195
MCNAMEE, JAMES R. (Voter ID number OH0011708265).

49819 TR 195
BURRELL, ANDREW K. (Voter ID number OH0015962356).

49881 TR 195
LEASURE, MARK D. (Voter ID number OH0022512456).

49892 CR 186
BURLINGAME, CHERYL K. (Voter ID number OH0011698422).
MATHIAS, BRETT A. (Voter ID number OH0011707622).

49928 TR 195
LEASURE, DAVID I. (Voter ID number OH0011706651).
LEASURE, KIM M. (Voter ID number OH0022484144).
LEASURE, REBECCA M. (Voter ID number OH0011706675).

49951 TR 215
CORNELL, ANNE E. (Voter ID number OH0011699567).
KRIDLER, DAVID A. (Voter ID number OH0011706195).
KRIDLER, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number OH0019148956).

49960 TR 430
TUMBLIN, DONNA M. (Voter ID number OH0011714464).

49986 TR 195
DREHER, BERNICE M. (Voter ID number OH0011700905).

50017 TR 189
HOTHEM, DANIEL L. (Voter ID number OH0011704692).
HOTHEM, MARILYN A. (Voter ID number OH0011704707).

50024 TR 430
ADDY, JUSTIN M. (Voter ID number OH0011695893).
TUMBLIN, RAYMOND W. (Voter ID number OH0011714472).

50095 CR 186
RICHARD, NICOLE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011710111).

50117 TR 215
YODER, MOSE A. (Voter ID number OH0020862668).

50122 TR 189
WACHTEL, DONALD D. (Voter ID number OH0011714779).

50162 TR 195
DREHER, CHRIS KENNETH (Voter ID number OH0011700907).
DREHER, VICKIE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011700924).
DREHER, WILSON C. (Voter ID number OH0023229030).

50199 CR 186
GREATHOUSE, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number OH0016417051).

50217 TR 215
SCHLABACH, JOSEPH J. (Voter ID number OH0020715887).

50454 TR 189
BAKER, ASHLEY (Voter ID number OH0023230399).

50474 CR 186
DERINGER, RICKY E. (Voter ID number OH0011700489).

50481 TR 200
HAINS, BERTHA MAXINE (Voter ID number OH0011703399).
HAINS, MICHELLE L. (Voter ID number OH0015862514).

50584 TR 170
REISS, AMY L. (Voter ID number OH0011711057).
REISS, BRIAN LEE (Voter ID number OH0011711066).

50594 TR 189
RAMALEY, BLAIR JOHN (Voter ID number OH0019005702).
RAMALEY, CLAUDETTE DENISE (Voter ID number OH0019893627).

50780 TR 186
EBERWINE, BONNIE L. (Voter ID number OH0011701159).

50820 TR 191
GRETEN, KARRIE J. (Voter ID number OH0011702948).
GRETEN, VINCENT M. (Voter ID number OH0011702938).

50854 TR 191
GRETEN, CAROLE S. (Voter ID number OH0011702935).

50973 TR 225
HUGHES, CHARLOTTE L. (Voter ID number OH0011704835).
HUGHES, DENVER RAY (Voter ID number OH0011704849).

50984 TR 191
FRAZEE, GARY SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0011702100).

51112 TR 224
TROYER, ARLENE RAE (Voter ID number OH0022515356).
TROYER, FIRMAN A. (Voter ID number OH0022919544).

51225 TR 224
EVERHART, BARBARA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0011701489).
EVERHART, JEFFREY L. (Voter ID number OH0011701501).

51269 TR 224
HAVRANEK, THOMAS F. (Voter ID number OH0011703934).

51283 TR 224
HAVRANEK, ALBERT JERRY (Voter ID number OH0019271191).
HAVRANEK, HEATHER A. (Voter ID number OH0020985587).

51284 TR 170
BARRICK, BRUCE ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0011696860).

51312 TR 186
TROYER, KAREN D. (Voter ID number OH0023769381).

51421 TR 178
STROUP, A. DALE (Voter ID number OH0023010856).

51440 TR 178
WEST, LUCINDA ANN (Voter ID number OH0011715314).

51456 TR 224
HAVRANEK, CHARLENE (Voter ID number OH0011703921).

51468 TR 178
GRESS, CELIA MAKAYLA (Voter ID number OH0022041631).
HUNTER, CRAIG JAMES (Voter ID number OH0020193294).
HUNTER, FELICIA NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0021700841).

51505 TR 224
HOLT, JOSHUA M. (Voter ID number OH0011704518).

BRINK, JOHN WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0013263589).
BRINK, NORMA L. (Voter ID number OH0013304606).

51578 TR 224
BOOTH, RODERICK EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0021788264).
EVERHART, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number OH0021990458).

51579 TR 214B
BARKMAN, ALBERT D. (Voter ID number OH0011696783).
BARKMAN, FANNIE D. (Voter ID number OH0011696804).

51596 TR 220
MAST, HENRY S. (Voter ID number OH0011707558).

51615 TR 224
EVERHART, LYNN DANEEN (Voter ID number OH0023294148).
JONES, STEVEN STANLEY (Voter ID number OH0023294192).

51650 CR 227
HAMMOND, JAMES CLIFF (Voter ID number OH0011700757).

51659 TR 178
BICKLE, CHRIS A. (Voter ID number OH0011697361).

51694 TR 224
MAST, KATIE (Voter ID number OH0022690494).

51713 TR 178
DEARYAN, AMANDA R. (Voter ID number OH0023481356).
DEARYAN, JULIE A. (Voter ID number OH0020867132).
DEARYAN, OTHNIEL (Voter ID number OH0020867136).

51792 TR 178
HAMAS, GEORGE R. (Voter ID number OH0011703497).
HAMAS, MARC R. (Voter ID number OH0011703496).
WATKINS, DENISE A. (Voter ID number OH0023128503).

51793 CR 425
BRADFORD, MICHAEL B. (Voter ID number OH0023275167).
CLARK, MICHAEL ANTHONY (Voter ID number OH0015567850).

51849 TR 186
BROWN, LYDIA J. (Voter ID number OH0011698163).
BROWN, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number OH0011698245).
DEL TORO, MATTHEW ALEXANDER (Voter ID number OH0023085013).

51859 TR 178
HUNT, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number OH0022195662).

51901 TR 178
MURRAY, CAROLINE JANE (Voter ID number OH0011709501).
MURRAY, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number OH0011709508).

51901 TR 225
REHARD, DOUGLAS JOHN ALLAN (Voter ID number OH0023245324).
SHEPLER, CARLA RANDI (Voter ID number OH0021541111).

51910 TR 170
DILLON, JERRY S. (Voter ID number OH0020986998).
DILLON, NANCY L. (Voter ID number OH0020986999).
HOLLEY, JOE FRANKLIN (Voter ID number OH0022475402).

51953 TR 186
BROWN, AUSTIN C. (Voter ID number OH0023085044).
BROWN, BRIAN SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0011698106).
BROWN, JULIA MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0011698154).

51979 TR 214B
TROYER, ARLEN O. (Voter ID number OH0020870944).
TROYER, ORA S. (Voter ID number OH0011714411).

51985 CR 425
TAYLOR, AMY L. (Voter ID number OH0015668176).
TAYLOR, SCOTT G. (Voter ID number OH0015668138).

52008 TR 509
COOPER, JUNE ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0011699463).
COOPER, LEROY H. (Voter ID number OH0011699468).

52025 TR 509
GREEN, SAMANTHA R. (Voter ID number OH0023126714).

52060 TR 509
ARONHALT, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number OH0018165747).
GUILLIAMS, STEPHANIE LEE (Voter ID number OH0011703174).

52079 TR 214B
YODER, ADEN R. (Voter ID number OH0021199261).

52085 CR 227
HAMMOND, STEPHANIE J. (Voter ID number OH0021429960).
SZELIGA, LAURENCE WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0022597059).

52108 TR 170
GEARY, CAROL JANE (Voter ID number OH0013312215).
GEARY, STEPHEN D. (Voter ID number OH0011702441).
GEARY, VICTORIA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0021551528).

52147 TR 178
WRIGHT, LESLIE D. (Voter ID number OH0011716222).
WRIGHT, SAMUAL S. (Voter ID number OH0011716268).

52163 CR 425
JAMES, DEREK COLE (Voter ID number OH0020362767).

52176 CR 425
JAMISON, TYLER JORDAN (Voter ID number OH0023843770).
KELSO, CORTNIE K. (Voter ID number OH0021007754).
STEWART, LAVERNE A. (Voter ID number OH0011713514).
STEWART, LESTER H. (Voter ID number OH0011713499).

52180 TR 509
MOORE, LINDA D. (Voter ID number OH0011709182).

52185 TR 509
SHARIER, TINA M. (Voter ID number OH0011712372).

52187 CR 425
MAST, DAVID R. (Voter ID number OH0023619790).
MAST, ESTA R. (Voter ID number OH0023619794).
WILSON, DALE ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0011715780).

52200 TR 186
EMERSON, DIANA C. (Voter ID number OH0011701317).
EMERSON, GARRETT E. (Voter ID number OH0020978081).
MCKEE, CAMERON MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0021255711).
MCKEE, MICHAEL DEAN (Voter ID number OH0011708187).

52202 TR 509
ADKINS, JAN A. (Voter ID number OH0015959685).

52205 US 36
RIDENBAUGH, DOUGLAS A. (Voter ID number OH0011711305).
RIDENBAUGH, PATRICIA E. (Voter ID number OH0019273355).

52218 TR 170
UNGER, CHRISTIAN DANE (Voter ID number OH0011714582).

52296 TR 186
HOLPP, JOLINA DIANNE (Voter ID number OH0011713468).
HOLPP, VIRGIL JOHN (Voter ID number OH0011704502).

52302 TR 186
WIGGINS, JACQUELYN SUE (Voter ID number OH0011715483).
WIGGINS, ROGER E. (Voter ID number OH0016003065).

52320 CR 425
GRANT, SHANNON E. (Voter ID number OH0015936795).
GRAY, RANDALL L. (Voter ID number OH0011702845).

52324 TR 509
GALLAGHER, BRAD DAVID (Voter ID number OH0021142291).
GALLAGHER, JACOB KENNETH (Voter ID number OH0022271262).
GALLAGHER, REBECCA M. (Voter ID number OH0011702293).
GALLAGHER, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number OH0011702300).
MESLER, JONATHAN THOMAS (Voter ID number OH0023742795).

52325 TR 228
SCHLABACH, JOSEPH I. (Voter ID number OH0021444467).

52332 CR 425
BINNING, TERRY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011697391).

52353 CR 425
FITCH, DAWN Y. (Voter ID number OH0015862372).

52411 CR 425
WHITE, JENNIFER D. (Voter ID number OH0020815702).

52428 TR 509
MICHAEL, AMBER D. (Voter ID number OH0021573334).
MICHAEL, J MELINDA K. (Voter ID number OH0015667869).

52429 CR 425
BISS, HAWK MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0020866264).
STURTZ, HEATHER DAWN (Voter ID number OH0011713767).

52444 CR 227
SHROYER, JAMES BRENT (Voter ID number OH0011712658).
SHROYER, NICOLE L. (Voter ID number OH0011712665).

52444 TR 509
WILSON, TROY LEE (Voter ID number OH0012850857).
ZETTY, REBECCA L. (Voter ID number OH0011716509).

52448 TR 509
WILSON, DONNA ZETTY (Voter ID number OH0011716487).
WILSON, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number OH0020377124).

52470 TR 186
FARVER, JEFFERY EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0020978099).
FARVER, MARLA KAY (Voter ID number OH0011701587).

52473 CR 425
PHILLIPS, BRADEN ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0022512454).
PHILLIPS, CURTIS A. (Voter ID number OH0019360435).
PHILLIPS, KARISSA L. (Voter ID number OH0021816683).
PHILLIPS, TERRI LYNN (Voter ID number OH0019275073).

52484 TR 170
STITELER, JASON ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0011713570).
STITELER, LISA M. (Voter ID number OH0011700485).

52484 TR 509
CANTRELL, CHRISTOPHER M. (Voter ID number OH0021777550).

52485 CR 425
COVERT, JULIA (Voter ID number OH0022791584).

52498 TR 170
PIPES, BETTY J. (Voter ID number OH0011710533).
PIPES, MILO E. (Voter ID number OH0011710548).

52502 TR 509
SHORTT, RAYLYNN D. (Voter ID number OH0019088414).

52503 TR 186
HENGST, ABIGAIL GLORIECE (Voter ID number OH0021142801).
HENGST, IAN BRADLEY (Voter ID number OH0011704133).
HENGST, JETHRO M. (Voter ID number OH0021151785).
HENGST, STACI RENEE (Voter ID number OH0011704124).

52506 CR 227
SHROYER, JAMES J. (Voter ID number OH0011712649).
SHROYER, NORMA J. (Voter ID number OH0011712677).

52511 TR 170
KULBACKI, JAMES C. (Voter ID number OH0011706232).
KULBACKI, SARA STARR (Voter ID number OH0011699437).
MOODY, MORGAN NOELLE (Voter ID number OH0023680739).

52513 CR 425
SHELLY, DAVID P. (Voter ID number OH0018207980).
SHELLY, SHERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0018207978).

52517 CR 227
MAST, ABBEY IRENE (Voter ID number OH0022915902).
YOUNGEN, LAURA L. (Voter ID number OH0015667752).
YOUNGEN, LYNDSEY L. (Voter ID number OH0020866585).

52517 TR 186
DARR, STEVEN A. (Voter ID number OH0023444466).
HARRISON, BROOKIE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011703791).

52527 TR 178
HOWELL, BRENDA D. (Voter ID number OH0019680350).

52544 TR 509
SHORTT, TYLER JOE (Voter ID number OH0011712614).

52590 TR 178
BARR, FRED D. (Voter ID number OH0011696838).
BARR, SHERYL A. (Voter ID number OH0011696840).

52591 CR 425
TREJO, JAVIER (Voter ID number OH0011714374).

52605 CR 227
YOUNGEN, DANIEL G. (Voter ID number OH0019680434).

52608 CR 425
EVERHART, MARISSA NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0021701121).

52616 TR 170
RANTZ, DEBBIE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011710917).
RANTZ, GARY DEL (Voter ID number OH0011710927).

52624 CR 227
MOURER, AMY JO (Voter ID number OH0011709345).
MOURER, CHARLES DANIEL (Voter ID number OH0011709350).
SMITH, TYLER (Voter ID number OH0022737862).

52640 TR 178
BARR, FRED R. (Voter ID number OH0020978005).
BARR, HARMONY (Voter ID number OH0021701375).

52648 CR 425
BRINK, PAUL E. (Voter ID number OH0011698056).

52650 CR 425
FISHER, RONNIE RAY (Voter ID number OH0011701754).

52663 TR 178
GOEDEL, AMY RENEE (Voter ID number OH0011702664).
GOEDEL, DAKOTA WARREN (Voter ID number OH0020866277).
GOEDEL, ERIC D. (Voter ID number OH0011702677).

52667 CR 425
GOODWILL, CHARLOTTE M. (Voter ID number OH0011702714).
GOODWILL, RAYMOND R. (Voter ID number OH0011702718).

52680 TR 178
DILLY, DAVID S. (Voter ID number OH0011700625).

52687 TR 178
MATIS, SHERRI D. (Voter ID number OH0011707648).
MATIS, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number OH0011707658).

52708 TR 170
DEFFENBAUGH, KAREN S. (Voter ID number OH0011698658).

52710 CR 425
FINTON, AMY D. (Voter ID number OH0022240619).
FINTON, MICHAEL DEAN (Voter ID number OH0011701708).
HALTER, PAMELA A. (Voter ID number OH0011703494).

52716 CR 227
HOCHSTETLER, TRAVIS JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0023611773).

52731 TR 170
HUGHES, TANYA S. (Voter ID number OH0011704873).
HUGHES, WAYNE E. (Voter ID number OH0011704875).

52733 CR 425
ELLWOOD, DELLA L. (Voter ID number OH0011701311).
MOORE, ROBERTA MAY (Voter ID number OH0011696908).
MOORE, SHAUN A. (Voter ID number OH0023341607).

52739 TR 179
GOEDEL, COURTNEY CECILIA (Voter ID number OH0023734061).
GOEDEL, EMILY ANN (Voter ID number OH0023734060).
GOEDEL, JENNIFER MARIE (Voter ID number OH0023734054).
GOEDEL, MATTHEW J. (Voter ID number OH0023734062).

52757 CR 425
KRASKY, JEREMY L. (Voter ID number OH0019029564).

52775 CR 425
BURKHOLDER, HAYDEN K. (Voter ID number OH0023664466).
BURKHOLDER, MISTY MARIE (Voter ID number OH0017872447).

52800 CR 227
RIDENBAUGH, CONNIE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011711298).

52800 TR 509
REICHELDERFER, DONALD M. (Voter ID number OH0011711029).
REICHELDERFER, JUDITH E. (Voter ID number OH0011711026).

52811 CR 227
CUTSHALL, DAWN MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011699876).
CUTSHALL, MARK ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0011699886).

52814 TR 179
SMITH, DAVID R. (Voter ID number OH0021564049).
SMITH, JACOB RYAN (Voter ID number OH0022071456).
SMITH, LINDA BETH (Voter ID number OH0021491469).

52842 CR 227
GARBER, DORIS L. (Voter ID number OH0011702356).

52844 TR 170
RODRIGUEZ, NIZA ESTHER (Voter ID number OH0019273868).
RODRIGUEZ, RUT NIZA DANEYLIZ (Voter ID number OH0023197133).

52851 US 36
OSWALD, REBECCA L. (Voter ID number OH0011702378).

52864 TR 179
FOUNTAIN, ROBERT T. (Voter ID number OH0020938606).

52884 TR 178
ASHLEY, CYNTHIA GAY (Voter ID number OH0011696479).

52890 CR 227
GARBER, CURTIS A. (Voter ID number OH0011702349).
GARBER, MAURITA J. (Voter ID number OH0011702357).

52891 US 36
ORTT, BENJAMIN JAMES (Voter ID number OH0011710016).

52907 TR 170
DEFFENBAUGH, GLORIA A. (Voter ID number OH0011700399).
DEFFENBAUGH, LAWRENCE E. (Voter ID number OH0021214066).
DEFFENBAUGH, WESLEY S. (Voter ID number OH0011700397).

52923 CR 425
HUMPHREY, DEBORAH LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011704886).
HUMPHREY, MICKEY REESE (Voter ID number OH0011704889).

52961 TR 170
BLACKSTONE, KAYLEEN RENEE (Voter ID number OH0011697410).
FORTUNE, JONATHON ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0022451458).

53018 TR 178
EMIG, LAURA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0015828792).
EMIG, RANDALL WARREN (Voter ID number OH0023179100).
EMIG, RYAN S. (Voter ID number OH0020978090).

53020 TR 170
BRANDON, RICKIE DEAN (Voter ID number OH0023496282).

53042 TR 170
SCHLABACH, JESSICA L. (Voter ID number OH0020986596).

53150 TR 170
SEYMOUR, DONALD L. (Voter ID number OH0023847274).

53156 TR 508
LEAVENGOOD, MARTHA L. (Voter ID number OH0011706684).

53171 TR 177
GUILLIAMS, ROLLIN MORGAN (Voter ID number OH0021907872).
LYONS, CAROL J. (Voter ID number OH0021275253).

53180 CR 425
GUINTHER, LISA K. (Voter ID number OH0011703190).
GUINTHER, TIMOTHY M. (Voter ID number OH0011703184).

53192 TR 170
MCKEE, LAURA L. (Voter ID number OH0018903910).

53220 CR 425
GRUDIER, JENNA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0022504584).

53258 CR 227
OLINGER, LARRY L. (Voter ID number OH0011709970).
OLINGER, MARGERY (Voter ID number OH0011709975).

53258 CR 425
GUESS, BARBARA R. (Voter ID number OH0011703106).
GUESS, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number OH0011703112).

53278 CR 227
BURR, ELIZABETH ANN (Voter ID number OH0011705011).
BURR, RYAN MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0023683367).

53280 TR 177
BAUMGARDNER, LARRY A. (Voter ID number OH0011696981).
BAUMGARDNER, TRACY J. (Voter ID number OH0011714876).

53288 TR 178
ARNOLD, WILLIAM THOMAS (Voter ID number OH0011696360).
MISER, TRACEY M. (Voter ID number OH0011708956).

53315 TR 177
HOLBERT, SHELBY LEIGH (Voter ID number OH0020799834).
JONES, CARRIE LEIGH (Voter ID number OH0011705373).
JONES, RONALD G. (Voter ID number OH0011705492).

53400 CR 425
ADKINS, MATTHEW RESIN (Voter ID number OH0011695905).

53421 TR 170
ADDY, KIMBERLY R. (Voter ID number OH0011695892).
BICE, TRAVIS WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0015842163).

53478 TR 178
EICK, CHAD ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0011700198).
EICK, FORREST E. (Voter ID number OH0011700190).
EICK, PAULETTE J. (Voter ID number OH0011701228).

53493 TR 177
MULLET, MARY G. (Voter ID number OH0011709435).
MULLET, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number OH0022559361).

53496 TR 508
MCELHANEY, BRIAN RICHARD (Voter ID number OH0022157807).
MCELHANEY, CAROL LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011708063).
MCELHANEY, DUANE E. (Voter ID number OH0011708055).

53514 CR 425
LYONS, KEVIN C. (Voter ID number OH0011707219).
LYONS, TUESDAY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0023131749).

53519 CR 425
MURPHY, LINDA K. (Voter ID number OH0011709489).
MURPHY, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number OH0011709482).

53522 CR 425
BOWMAN, KAREN M. (Voter ID number OH0011697755).
BOWMAN, THOMAS LEE (Voter ID number OH0011697751).

53573 TR 170
PETRAK, JANET LEE (Voter ID number OH0018182516).
PETRAK, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number OH0018182515).

53602 TR 177
ADAMS, JENNIFER LEE (Voter ID number OH0023875684).
ADAMS, TROY M. (Voter ID number OH0023138256).

53640 TR 170
SHANNON, MATTHEW ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0011712334).
SHANNON, PHILLIP (Voter ID number OH0023862615).

53678 TR 177
DOMER, JERRY E. (Voter ID number OH0011700724).

53690 TR 178
CORNELISON, JOANN L. (Voter ID number OH0023294186).
CORNELISON, ROBERT PAUL (Voter ID number OH0023294136).
DOVENBARGER, TYLER WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0022947037).

53710 TR 237
DONLEY, CARRIE BETH (Voter ID number OH0023719366).
DONLEY, CHRISTOPHER SHANE (Voter ID number OH0020366544).

53748 TR 177
OLINGER, PAMELA LEE (Voter ID number OH0020922374).
OLINGER, TERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0011709983).

53778 CR 425
LORENZ, LINDA SUE (Voter ID number OH0011707059).
LORENZ, RONALD EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0011707046).

53813 CR 425
FOSTER, NANCY A. (Voter ID number OH0011701972).

53818 CR 425
GEESE, E M. (Voter ID number OH0011702463).

53862 TR 170
MENCER, BRENDA LEE (Voter ID number OH0015893533).
MENCER, DARCEY JANAE (Voter ID number OH0022040552).
MENCER, JOHN TERRY (Voter ID number OH0011708493).
MENCER, KRISTAN LEEANDRA (Voter ID number OH0023637030).

53862 TR 90
BUCHER, BRENT D. (Voter ID number OH0011698302).
BUCHER, JANET LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011698307).

53880 CR 425
LOWE, MARGARET ANN (Voter ID number OH0011707105).

53921 TR 170
MULFORD, LOUIS K. (Voter ID number OH0011709403).
MULFORD, NORA D. (Voter ID number OH0011709419).

53930 CR 425
BANKS, CHARLOTTE LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0011696724).

53945 TR 170
BRADFORD, SUZAN A. (Voter ID number OH0011820791).
MULFORD, TIMOTHY L. (Voter ID number OH0011709406).

54065 TR 170
MULFORD, BENJAMIN E. (Voter ID number OH0011709389).
MULFORD, KATHERINE ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0011709398).

54102 TR 172
CUNNINGHAM, RAYLENE RIES (Voter ID number OH0011700009).
CUNNINGHAM, RAYMOND ISAAC (Voter ID number OH0020165849).
CUNNINGHAM, RYAN C. (Voter ID number OH0023769386).

54105 TR 173
ELMER, BRENT R. (Voter ID number OH0011701312).
ELMER, MARY ANNE (Voter ID number OH0011706309).

54108 TR 172
ARRON, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number OH0011696404).
BAILEY, BRENDA LEE (Voter ID number OH0023571537).

54108 TR 173
MEEK, ROSA D. (Voter ID number OH0011708429).
MEEK, VIRGIL GARY (Voter ID number OH0011708450).
OGLE, SHELLY A. (Voter ID number OH0011709921).
OGLE, TIMOTHY NED (Voter ID number OH0011709929).

54110 TR 172
DARLING, GARY E. (Voter ID number OH0019583453).
DARLING, SHELLY ANN (Voter ID number OH0011700072).

54120 TR 172
DECKROSH, JOYCE E. (Voter ID number OH0011700400).

RHYNE, KIRK E. (Voter ID number OH0013270230).
RHYNE, TERRY G. (Voter ID number OH0013291980).

54136 TR 501
HARBOLD, SARAH L. (Voter ID number OH0011703618).

54140 TR 172
JOHNSON, FRANCES FERN (Voter ID number OH0018571274).

54143 TR 172
JOHNSON, DON F. (Voter ID number OH0018209265).
LAYTON, DAWN BERNADETTE (Voter ID number OH0019011428).
TAEGER, REGINA C. (Voter ID number OH0021164605).

54158 TR 172
POOLE, DEAN F. (Voter ID number OH0011710580).
POOLE, JACQUELINE LEE (Voter ID number OH0011710573).

54159 TR 172
FISHER, ASHLEY N. (Voter ID number OH0021990561).

54160 TR 501
DOMER, PAUL M. (Voter ID number OH0011700735).

54182 TR 175
EVERT, DAVID N. (Voter ID number OH0023705679).
EVERT, HERBERT GLEN (Voter ID number OH0022683757).
EVERT, KRISTINE ANN (Voter ID number OH0022683759).

54193 TR 172
DANLEY, DONALD L. (Voter ID number OH0011700059).

54202 TR 175
HAYNES, AMY E. (Voter ID number OH0011704001).

54210 US 36
CARNES, CODY ALAN (Voter ID number OH0020858530).
POWELL, ANDREA LOU (Voter ID number OH0011710692).
POWELL, ANNA CHRISTINE (Voter ID number OH0023700485).
POWELL, BRIAN HERMAN (Voter ID number OH0011710693).

54220 TR 172
SIMMONS, AUDREY F. (Voter ID number OH0011712763).
SIMMONS, JERRY A. (Voter ID number OH0011712773).

54220 TR 90
BURCH, HANNAH J. (Voter ID number OH0019583984).
CHAFFIN, MARK B. (Voter ID number OH0011698916).
CHAFFIN, RUTH A. (Voter ID number OH0011698917).

54226 TR 172
HOLMES, LARRY E. (Voter ID number OH0019205377).
SMITH, BRENDA E. (Voter ID number OH0023596585).

54227 TR 175
BAISDEN, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number OH0018739854).

54228 TR 501
ARNOLD, BARRY W. (Voter ID number OH0011696308).

54232 TR 172
MCDORMAN, DOUGLAS L. (Voter ID number OH0011708044).
MCDORMAN, RENEE E. (Voter ID number OH0011708054).

54233 TR 172
POWERS, GREGORY D. (Voter ID number OH0022465007).
POWERS, KATHY JEAN (Voter ID number OH0022465008).

54236 TR 172
LUCAS, JAMES D. (Voter ID number OH0022925395).
LUCUS, VIRGINIA N. (Voter ID number OH0023068230).

54240 TR 172
ERICKSON, JOHN CHARLES (Voter ID number OH0021495716).
ERICKSON, TAMARA A. (Voter ID number OH0022147573).

54243 TR 172
AMES, KAREN LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011696115).

54248 TR 172
GALLOWAY, AMY MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011702299).

54249 TR 172
DEAN, THOMAS E. (Voter ID number OH0011700390).

54249 TR 175
GUTHRIE, ANGELA R. (Voter ID number OH0021634314).
KOBEL, ERIC D. (Voter ID number OH0011706076).

54253 TR 420
KIMBALL, JULIA LOWE (Voter ID number OH0011705826).
KIMBALL, MARTIN EMERY (Voter ID number OH0011705821).

54256 TR 172
BAHMER, GREGORY MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0015875585).
BAHMER, SHEA ANN (Voter ID number OH0011702480).

54259 TR 172, APT A
LINDSEY, ROBERT JAMES (Voter ID number OH0018900471).
LINDSEY, SAMANTHA JO (Voter ID number OH0020614431).

54259 TR 172, APT C
HERSHBERGER, ANNE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0020791127).

54265 TR 173
WYLER, SAMUEL D. (Voter ID number OH0011716305).

54269 TR 175
HESS, TYLER ALONZO (Voter ID number OH0019288538).

54269 TR 420
KIMBALL, HELEN M. (Voter ID number OH0011705819).

54270 TR 172
NICHOLAS, RENEE LYNNETTE (Voter ID number OH0021431103).

54279 TR 172
BOATMAN, JOHN A. (Voter ID number OH0011697523).
BOATMAN, NORMA CECILE (Voter ID number OH0011702877).

54284 TR 420
FRAZEE, ALAYNA SUE (Voter ID number OH0021876639).
FRAZEE, DARBI ANN (Voter ID number OH0011702105).
FRAZEE, LAURA (Voter ID number OH0023255497).

54288 TR 172
STUTZMAN, LEVI M. (Voter ID number OH0023403573).

54313 TR 420
SHAFFER, JONIE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011696923).

54316 TR 420
SMITH, TERESA G. (Voter ID number OH0011713099).

54340 TR 420
HATFIELD, ALLISON MAE (Voter ID number OH0022574535).

54342 TR 175
HAYNES, BRENT A. (Voter ID number OH0011703989).

54345 TR 175
HICKS, N R. (Voter ID number OH0011704236).
HICKS, ROBY O. (Voter ID number OH0011704226).

54378 TR 420
SALMON, JAIME L. (Voter ID number OH0020145489).

54389 TR 404
MIZER, LILLIAN D. (Voter ID number OH0011709042).
MIZER, VERNON L. (Voter ID number OH0011709065).

54393 TR 420
ROOF, CALLY RENEE (Voter ID number OH0023085069).
ROOF, CLARRISA ROCHELLE (Voter ID number OH0021798570).
ROOF, SHANNON SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0011711646).

54403 TR 172
HOSLER, CAROL LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011699870).
HOSLER, THOMAS L. (Voter ID number OH0016204129).

54422 TR 172B
MCCREA, EMMA I. (Voter ID number OH0011707974).

54425 TR 172
LAHNA, JENNIFER A. (Voter ID number OH0021039210).
LAHNA, JOHN EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0011706304).

54427 TR 172B
MCCREA, MARTHA J. (Voter ID number OH0011707963).

54429 TR 173
LOWERY, NANCY J. (Voter ID number OH0011707153).
LOWERY, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number OH0011707140).

54470 TR 175
KIMBALL, JACKQUESE L. (Voter ID number OH0011705814).
KIMBALL, MILES L. (Voter ID number OH0011705820).

54580 TR 175
MITCHELL, MARK (Voter ID number OH0023843772).
WRIGHT, BRITTANY M. (Voter ID number OH0011716901).

54610 TR 88
SCHROCK, DUANE A. (Voter ID number OH0011712109).

54661 CR 2
STOWERS, LOREN LEE (Voter ID number OH0015936551).
STOWERS, TODD GLENN (Voter ID number OH0015936510).
WISECARVER, RUTH DARLENE (Voter ID number OH0016031441).

54678 CR 2
ORTIZ, PATRICE (Voter ID number OH0021112662).

54722 TR 176
DARLING, VIRGINIA T. (Voter ID number OH0011700090).

54728 CR 2
UNGER, GAIL Y. (Voter ID number OH0011714587).
UNGER, TIMOTHY E. (Voter ID number OH0011714593).

54742 TR 170
BRILEY, JOHN A. (Voter ID number OH0015669631).

54745 TR 172
FENN, JACIE L. (Voter ID number OH0011716736).
FENN, MICHAEL THOMAS (Voter ID number OH0019094322).

54756 TR 88
PONTE, CHARLES F. (Voter ID number OH0018051856).

54757 TR 172B
FENN, MIKE E. (Voter ID number OH0011701632).
FENN, TERESA E. (Voter ID number OH0011701634).

54760 CR 2
OLINGER, HARVEY E. (Voter ID number OH0011709962).
OLINGER, REVA J. (Voter ID number OH0011709977).

54760 TR 90
ELLIS, AUSTIN D. (Voter ID number OH0023619792).
ELLIS, SALLY J. (Voter ID number OH0011701296).
ELLIS, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number OH0021480932).
ELLIS, WILLIAM C. (Voter ID number OH0011701293).
STALDER, GRACE J. (Voter ID number OH0011713361).
STALDER, JOHN E. (Voter ID number OH0011713356).

54769 TR 172
THOMAS, JOHN SPENCER (Voter ID number OH0018900490).

54769 TR 172, B
WOODRING, KRISTA L. (Voter ID number OH0011716064).

54769 TR 172B
THOMAS, JOHN R. (Voter ID number OH0011716708).
THOMAS, JOHN SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0011714094).
THOMAS, VICKI J. (Voter ID number OH0011714136).

54782 TR 176
NELISSE, STEVEN WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0022819610).

54790 CR 2
LOWER, GREGORY W. (Voter ID number OH0011707127).
LOWER, LAUREL ANN (Voter ID number OH0011707137).

54821 TR 174
GEESE, JANELLEN MARIE (Voter ID number OH0019233402).
GEESE, LOUISSA J. (Voter ID number OH0011702453).
GEESE, MARC A. (Voter ID number OH0011702455).

54870 CR 2
LOWER, DELORES C. (Voter ID number OH0011707125).
LOWER, WILLIAM H. (Voter ID number OH0011707154).

54878 TR 90
RUEGSEGGER, CINDY L. (Voter ID number OH0011711761).
RUEGSEGGER, JUSTIN DALE (Voter ID number OH0020799740).
RUEGSEGGER, RICKEY DALE (Voter ID number OH0011711763).

54886 TR 175
GOOD, LINDSEY REBECCA (Voter ID number OH0021542178).
WRIGHT, WADE MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0018051868).

54889 TR 88
SHARIER, LORETTA K. (Voter ID number OH0011717027).

54893 TR 172
THOMAS, JOHN JOSHUA (Voter ID number OH0011714087).
THOMAS, MARY ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0011710418).

54900 TR 90
BLAIR, CARLEEN ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0018887682).
BLAIR, DOUGLAS A. (Voter ID number OH0011697435).
BLAIR, MARY A. (Voter ID number OH0011697452).

54912 TR 90
SLAUGHTER, JIM E. (Voter ID number OH0011712859).
SLAUGHTER, SHERYL L. (Voter ID number OH0011712881).

54979 TR 172
EMLER, STELLA MAE (Voter ID number OH0011701354).
EMLER, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number OH0011701367).
HANNON, DANIEL JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0021541585).

55131 TR 176
GAUMER, DEBRA L. (Voter ID number OH0011702444).
GAUMER, LUKE B. (Voter ID number OH0011702433).

55178 TR 169
YODER, LINDA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011716381).
YODER, WAYNE J. (Voter ID number OH0011716406).

55182 TR 172
BARRETT COGNION, DANIELLE LEAH (Voter ID number OH0014439807).
COGNION, KIRK MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0011699271).
MAST, GREGORY A. (Voter ID number OH0011707566).

55203 TR 90
REGULA, ASHLEY RACHAEL (Voter ID number OH0020922050).
REGULA, GARTH A. (Voter ID number OH0021798347).
REGULA, LORI A. (Voter ID number OH0011711000).
REGULA, MARK E. (Voter ID number OH0011710991).

55204 TR 172
MAST, PENNY L. (Voter ID number OH0011713066).

55211 TR 169
YODER, CONRAD GREBE (Voter ID number OH0011716338).
YODER, MARGARET H H (Voter ID number OH0011716377).

55220 CR 2
CUTSHALL, KAREN (Voter ID number OH0011699877).

55230 TR 176
BUSH, HANNA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0023643536).
BUSH, MICHAEL DOUGLAS (Voter ID number OH0011698505).
BUSH, TAMMY JO (Voter ID number OH0011698510).

55232 TR 175
DEFFENBAUGH, AMANDA R. (Voter ID number OH0011709982).

55250 TR 175
SHETLER, JOHN D. (Voter ID number OH0011712560).

55290 CR 2
KARL, DEVON E. (Voter ID number OH0020938276).
KARL, JACOB D. (Voter ID number OH0023553709).

55317 TR 176
MCCOY, BRENDA R. (Voter ID number OH0011707915).
MCCOY, JIM C. (Voter ID number OH0018051853).

55321 TR 169
RUMSEY, JERI A. (Voter ID number OH0011711757).
RUMSEY, JESSIE GROSVENOR (Voter ID number OH0011717340).

55323 TR 169
MALENKE, NEIL TODD (Voter ID number OH0011707312).
MALENKE, PATTI CAROLE (Voter ID number OH0011707301).

55325 TR 169
KING, SARA ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0011705879).
YODER, MARLIN EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0015659179).

55333 TR 169
RAINWATER, GABRIEL KEVIN (Voter ID number OH0018668664).
RAINWATER, HEATHER A. (Voter ID number OH0018941618).

55343 TR 174
CALEY, KAREN A. (Voter ID number OH0011698604).
CALEY, TERRANCE F. (Voter ID number OH0011698610).

55343 TR 176
HAYES, JULIE E. (Voter ID number OH0011703979).

55345 TR 169
MEYER, GLORIA S. (Voter ID number OH0011708573).
MEYER, JEROLD A. (Voter ID number OH0011708560).

55347 TR 169
RAINWATER, DANIEL KIRK (Voter ID number OH0020070843).
RAINWATER, HOLLI HADDIX (Voter ID number OH0011710861).
RAINWATER, KEVIN MORRIS (Voter ID number OH0011710867).
RAINWATER, MICHAEL M. (Voter ID number OH0023588701).

55350 TR 88
ARVIDSON, JOSEPH KENNETH (Voter ID number OH0022683753).
EVERHART, TANYA SUE (Voter ID number OH0021465573).

55361 TR 169
ELY, KEVIN JAMES (Voter ID number OH0023851015).
MALENKE, JAEL ROTH (Voter ID number OH0023734723).

55365 TR 169
HUMPHREY, MATTHEW L. (Voter ID number OH0011704888).
HUMPHREY, SARA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0011704893).

55399 TR 169
SLIFKO, JAMES L. (Voter ID number OH0020978244).
SLIFKO, STEPHANIE ANNE (Voter ID number OH0011710838).

55488 TR 169
ROOTE, DENNIS RAYMOND (Voter ID number OH0011711647).
ROOTE, ERIKA BROOK (Voter ID number OH0011711004).

55488 TR 172
SOLLER, JOHN W. (Voter ID number OH0020978283).
SOLLER, TERESA DARLENE (Voter ID number OH0022040923).
WIRES, TRACY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0019638570).

55502 TR 87
LIMBACHER, DAVID F. (Voter ID number OH0011706890).

55518 TR 172B
WARREN, BRIAN E. (Voter ID number OH0011714972).
WARREN, JONNA M. (Voter ID number OH0020978296).

55551 TR 86
LORENZ, SHANNON ELAINE (Voter ID number OH0021361661).

55581 TR 176
WYLER, ANNETTE MAXINE (Voter ID number OH0011716276).
WYLER, JOHN F. (Voter ID number OH0011716307).
WYLER, KURT FREDRICK (Voter ID number OH0022146444).

55593 TR 172B
TROENDLY, STEPHEN J. (Voter ID number OH0011714393).

55601 TR 87
KEIM, JASON A. (Voter ID number OH0020193264).
KEIM, SHARON E. (Voter ID number OH0019012434).

55608 TR 87
MILLER, RALPH E. (Voter ID number OH0011708833).
MILLER, TIFFANY L. (Voter ID number OH0011708886).

55622 TR 169
GUILLIAMS, EUGENIA RENEE (Voter ID number OH0011703122).
GUILLIAMS, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number OH0011703148).

55626 TR 176
WYLER, DEAN F. (Voter ID number OH0011716303).
WYLER, MARILYN A. (Voter ID number OH0011716301).

55644 CR 2
MOYER, JEREMY ALAN (Voter ID number OH0011709375).
MOYER, TINA RAYLYNN (Voter ID number OH0019834662).

55657 TR 172
MCMORROW, MARY E. (Voter ID number OH0011708264).
MCMORROW, MATTHEW ADAM (Voter ID number OH0021245904).
TROENDLY, AARON M. (Voter ID number OH0018789528).

55660 TR 174
REIDENBACH, RICHARD E. (Voter ID number OH0011711044).
REIDENBACH, SUSAN K. (Voter ID number OH0011711046).

LADRACH, LAURA DIAN (Voter ID number OH0013260402).

55680 TR 175
SCOTT, ANDREW N. (Voter ID number OH0021805705).
STEPHAN, MARILYN E. (Voter ID number OH0017871864).
STEPHAN, MARK G. (Voter ID number OH0011713420).

55690 TR 87
GERBER, GARY L. (Voter ID number OH0011702513).

55707 TR 507
WILSON, KARISSA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0019076690).

55727 TR 507
FISHER, RICK A. (Voter ID number OH0011868984).

55751 TR 507
SAVAGE, AUSTIN LEE (Voter ID number OH0023085047).
SAVAGE, JANA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0015842298).
SAVAGE, KENNETH W. (Voter ID number OH0011711879).

55752 CR 2
WILKINS, DAVID B. (Voter ID number OH0011715541).

55774 US 36
HOSTETLER, MARVIN RAY (Voter ID number OH0015561826).
HOSTETLER, REVA K. (Voter ID number OH0015561772).

55808 CR 88
TROYER, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number OH0022515296).

55818 TR 175
MCVAY, DAVID W. (Voter ID number OH0011708359).
MCVAY, JASON CURTIS (Voter ID number OH0022433466).
MCVAY, MICHELLE JUNE (Voter ID number OH0011708379).

55830 US 36
SHAW, SIERRA (Voter ID number OH0022574396).

55855 TR 172
BOTSFORD, SHELBIE M. (Voter ID number OH0023259645).

55888 TR 172
HUNT, ANGELA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011704896).

55927 TR 175
PATTERSON, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number OH0011710293).

55937 TR 172B
SHAMPLE, DENISE RENEE (Voter ID number OH0011712340).

55953 CR 2
COURTRIGHT, DREW MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0021007705).
NICHOLES, JACK S. (Voter ID number OH0011709759).
NICHOLES, VICTORIA L. (Voter ID number OH0011709752).

55953 TR 172
STERLING, AARON B. (Voter ID number OH0022573166).
STERLING, BRIAN D. (Voter ID number OH0011713450).

55996 CR 2
HERSHBERGER, MARVIN J. (Voter ID number OH0011704176).

56040 TR 172
SHARROCK, REBECCA J. (Voter ID number OH0018057079).

56081 TR 172
LAHNA, HEATH T. (Voter ID number OH0011716675).
WALLACE, LESLEY ANNE (Voter ID number OH0023248084).

KREBS, JOBINA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0013294731).
KREBS, VAN ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0013264150).

56199 TR 172
KUBALA, AMY J. (Voter ID number OH0018879554).

56260 TR 176
STORM, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number OH0011713667).
STORM, SUSAN E. (Voter ID number OH0018046315).

56261 TR 482
STEIN, LARRY LEE (Voter ID number OH0011713409).
STEIN, LYNN S. (Voter ID number OH0011713400).

56323 TR 172
CASEY, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number OH0011698854).
CASEY, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number OH0011698859).

56351 CR 2
MIZER, DANIEL EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0011709008).
MIZER, JOHANNA M. (Voter ID number OH0011709038).

56447 TR 172
GONZALES, PEARL C. (Voter ID number OH0018697325).

56505 TR 172
DRUMMOND, LISA SUE (Voter ID number OH0021279540).

56562 CR 2
HART, HUGH DONALD (Voter ID number OH0022944786).
HART, LORI L. (Voter ID number OH0022562717).
HART, SCOTT L. (Voter ID number OH0023529491).
HART, SHAWN DENNIS (Voter ID number OH0011703823).
HART, SONYA L. (Voter ID number OH0011703824).

56565 TR 176
COX, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number OH0011699699).

56601 TR 174
STOUT, BRUCE E. (Voter ID number OH0011713675).

56601 TR 176
MCCULLOUGH, LINDSAY M. (Voter ID number OH0020065701).
MOORE, DANIEL M. (Voter ID number OH0019271192).

56662 CR 2
CREACHBAUM, MICHAEL LEWIS (Voter ID number OH0020010032).
SMITH, MARGARET LOU (Voter ID number OH0011713058).

56664 CR 2
TOLAND-STAGGS, KURTIS MATTHEW (Voter ID number OH0023441347).

56670 TR 176
HAYHURST, PASKAL L. (Voter ID number OH0018605615).
HAYHURST, SANDRA K. (Voter ID number OH0018605616).

56686 TR 172
MATTHEWS, CAROL ELAINE (Voter ID number OH0011707660).
UNTIED, LINUS RODNEY (Voter ID number OH0019391097).

56749 CR 2
ERMAN, MATTHEW F. (Voter ID number OH0011701444).

56835 CR 2
BEICHEL, CHERYL ANN (Voter ID number OH0020948286).
BEICHEL, PERRY LEE (Voter ID number OH0022819633).

56851 CR 2
MCBRIDE, CARRIE NICHOLE (Voter ID number OH0022153711).
MCBRIDE, LAURA A. (Voter ID number OH0015842239).
MCBRIDE, LOREN MATTHEW (Voter ID number OH0022592618).
MCBRIDE, RODNEY J. (Voter ID number OH0015842238).
ZIMMERMAN, ROBYN LYNN (Voter ID number OH0021496689).

56854 CR 2
OLINGER, DONALD KEVIN (Voter ID number OH0021113772).
OLINGER, DORIS FAY (Voter ID number OH0021113780).

56857 TR 172
PARSELL, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number OH0021716637).

56921 CR 2
ROBINSON, CLINT C. (Voter ID number OH0011711486).

57048 CR 2
OLINGER, JENNIFER K. (Voter ID number OH0023533057).
OLINGER, KYLE M. (Voter ID number OH0018689623).

57261 TR 1261
STORM, ADRIENNE L. (Voter ID number OH0019148483).
STORM, VICTOR ROBBIE (Voter ID number OH0011713662).

57426 CR 2
ZIMMERMAN, BETTY I. (Voter ID number OH0011716526).

57766 CR 2
CANFIELD, EDDIE LEE (Voter ID number OH0020978010).

58010 CR 2
ZINKON, KAREN LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0015842319).

FARMER, NICOLE A. (Voter ID number OH0021478430).

ZAHNER, AMY S. (Voter ID number OH0023389806).
ZAHNER, TODD E. (Voter ID number OH0018661464).

ADAMS, DANIELLE R. (Voter ID number OH0020043326).
GOEDEL, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number OH0013265198).
GOEDEL, JEFFREY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0013259396).

POLLOCK, JAMES C. (Voter ID number OH0018887335).

TROYER, ALBERT A. (Voter ID number OH0020880911).
TROYER, ANNIE W. (Voter ID number OH0020880918).

LIMBACHER, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number OH0021064505).
LIMBACHER, SHERRI SUE (Voter ID number OH0021517933).

REGULA, GEORGE NATHANIEL (Voter ID number OH0013265148).
REGULA, PENELOPE JO (Voter ID number OH0013262243).

TROYER, ADEN E. (Voter ID number OH0013295001).

CREACHBAUM, TODD A. (Voter ID number OH0022226342).

BOLOGNA, DIANE (Voter ID number OH0013294750).
BYERS, CHARLES F. (Voter ID number OH0013284196).

HERSHBERGER, MARVIN M. (Voter ID number OH0022806615).

MULLET, ARLENE M. (Voter ID number OH0020814712).
MULLET, CHARLES ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0013304977).

MCROBIE, BARRY D. (Voter ID number OH0023626057).

REGULA, GUSTAV CHARLES (Voter ID number OH0013258771).
REGULA, KATHY RENAE (Voter ID number OH0013263284).

MASTERS, RODNEY D. (Voter ID number OH0021989600).

MILLER, BECKY SUE (Voter ID number OH0013265157).
MILLER, JERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0013263438).

FREY, ANTHONY JOHN (Voter ID number OH0013269732).
FREY, DAWN MARIE (Voter ID number OH0013304346).
FREY, JOHN HOWARD (Voter ID number OH0023384705).
FREY, MARYANN (Voter ID number OH0023384703).

WATSON, BARBARA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0013296981).
WATSON, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number OH0013305567).

YODER, MARTY A. (Voter ID number OH0021779190).

HOTHEM, MELISSA LEE (Voter ID number OH0022377857).

This is a privately owned genealogy website using a downloaded copy of the Ohio voter list, which is unrestricted, public information.