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ZIP Code 43914

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48047 MILL AL
MONAHAN, FLOYD WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0012105281).

48060 MAIN ST
SPRINGER, JUDY ANN (Voter ID number OH0012107493).
SPRINGER, TERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0012107483).
SPRINGER, TISHIA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0021159095).

48064 MAIN ST
GAUDING, EMILY CHRISTINE (Voter ID number OH0023349557).

48073 MAIN ST
GARDNER, BRUCE ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0023833225).
OLLOM, MIRANDA L. (Voter ID number OH0022343524).

48073 MAIN ST, APT 1
DAY, BRANDON MATTHEW (Voter ID number OH0023350233).

48090 WOOD ST
HOSKINS, PEGGY S. (Voter ID number OH0018633999).

48090 WOOD ST, APT 4
HOSKINS, JOHN OTTO (Voter ID number OH0012103168).

48095 MAIN ST
KINNEY, KATHERYN JOLENE (Voter ID number OH0023702314).
MOORE, MATTHEW EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0022725336).

48096 WOOD ST
RANDALL, LLOYD LEE (Voter ID number OH0012106203).

48098 WOOD ST
RANDALL, KAREN THERESA (Voter ID number OH0012106189).

48102 SR 78
MESSENGER, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number OH0019083880).

48102 ST RT 78
MESSENGER, LETISHA L. (Voter ID number OH0013257378).

48111 WOOD ST
CROOK, SHARON J. (Voter ID number OH0012101147).

48113 MAIN ST
BRAGUE HARTLINE, CAROLYN B. (Voter ID number OH0012102669).
HARTLINE, RANDOLPH A. (Voter ID number OH0012102690).

48124 WOOD ST
TUCKER, CHRISTY ANN (Voter ID number OH0022547612).
TUCKER, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number OH0020375707).

48134 MAIN ST
DANIELS, ANGIE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0023497012).
DANIELS, BENJAMIN L. (Voter ID number OH0023681963).
HOWARD, SARA I. (Voter ID number OH0020787561).

48137 MAIN ST
PLETCHER, DALE EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0012105980).

48139 MAIN ST
HUDSON, DAVID J. (Voter ID number OH0012103256).

48139 WOOD ST
WILSON, CHARLES DANIEL (Voter ID number OH0012108689).
WILSON, LUCAS C. (Voter ID number OH0020867017).
WILSON, MICHAELEEN (Voter ID number OH0012108708).

48164 MAIN ST
BRUNNER, JASON LEE (Voter ID number OH0012100296).

48171 MAIN ST
SIMPSON, ARLENE S. (Voter ID number OH0021243347).

48171 WOOD ST
HASLAM, AMY J. (Voter ID number OH0020603878).

48172 MAIN ST
ADY, MARK EVERETT (Voter ID number OH0012099228).
ADY, THERESA ANN (Voter ID number OH0012099230).

48174 WOOD ST
BUSCHE, CHARLES WALTER (Voter ID number OH0022402639).

48181 MAIN ST
HUPP, EVA J. (Voter ID number OH0012103370).
MARMIE, ANISSA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0021555589).
MARMIE, BRIAN KEITH (Voter ID number OH0012104689).
MARMIE, CAROL LEA (Voter ID number OH0012104695).

48200 WOOD ST
BOGGS, DAVID L. (Voter ID number OH0012099957).
BOGGS, VINCENTE DAVID (Voter ID number OH0021925009).

48202 WOOD ST
BEAVER, AMBER ROSE (Voter ID number OH0012099656).
BEAVER, CHARLES ROY (Voter ID number OH0012099660).

48209 MAIN ST
STARR, MYRNA SUE (Voter ID number OH0012107541).
STARR, ROGER LEE (Voter ID number OH0012107553).

48223 MAIN ST
MALLETT, DONALD G. (Voter ID number OH0012104635).
MALLETT, MARY L. (Voter ID number OH0020859102).

48230 MAIN ST
OLLOM, CAROL A. (Voter ID number OH0012105658).
OLLOM, TIMOTHY BRYAN (Voter ID number OH0019278545).

48230 MAIN ST, 1/2
OLLOM, TYLER J. (Voter ID number OH0020603933).

48230-1/2 MAIN ST
TIBER, LISA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0020851597).

48306 MAIN ST
HASLAM, JOSEPH EARL (Voter ID number OH0012102712).

48318 MAIN ST
DAUGHERTY, MYLES ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0023743625).
HAMMEL, ASHLEY KAY (Voter ID number OH0023104788).

48334 MAIN ST
ROTHENBUHLER, DALE WALTER (Voter ID number OH0012106664).
ROTHENBUHLER, STACIE M. (Voter ID number OH0023501071).

48370 MAIN ST
THOMPSON, BETTY LOU (Voter ID number OH0012107949).

48392 MAIN ST
ROTHENBUHLER, DARLENE (Voter ID number OH0012106669).
ROTHENBUHLER, GENE FLOYD (Voter ID number OH0012106666).

48396 MAIN ST
ROTHENBUHLER, DEAN LLOYD (Voter ID number OH0012106670).
ROTHENBUHLER, TONDA LEE (Voter ID number OH0012106668).

THOMPSON, JESSICA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0012107953).

This is a privately owned genealogy website using a downloaded copy of the Ohio voter list, which is unrestricted, public information.