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CAIN, JASMINE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0022670495).
DUDZINSKI, MARY L. (Voter ID number OH0013907717).
FITZPATRICK, KATHRYN C. (Voter ID number OH0023049945).
MCCRARY, LEANDRA YVONNE (Voter ID number OH0023284929).
MCNAY, GABRIEL ALEX (Voter ID number OH0021878328).
MUKIRI, KALYN R. (Voter ID number OH0023791186).
SCHMUTTE, RITA B. (Voter ID number OH0013907702).
THOMAS, MATTHEW REED (Voter ID number OH0022218981).

5701 DELHI AVE, APT 206W
MULLIN, MICHAEL JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0023521970).

5701 DELHI AVE, APT 233
KILBURN, HANNAH MARIE (Voter ID number OH0022061461).

5701 DELHI AVE, APT 403 SE
SAVAGE, BRENDAN EARLE (Voter ID number OH0023402660).

5701 DELHI AVE, APT 508E
MONTAZERI, PEGA MOHAGHEGH (Voter ID number OH0023474141).

PFAFF, JOHN ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0022002641).

STEIN, MATTHEW JAMES (Voter ID number OH0020294216).

HELMES, NICHOLAS L. (Voter ID number OH0013908379).
HELMES, VERONICA (Voter ID number OH0013908382).

ANDERSON, MARYLAND THERESA (Voter ID number OH0023251465).
ANTHONY, MARGARET MARIE (Voter ID number OH0013907627).
ARNOLD, MARY ROSE (Voter ID number OH0013908290).
AUFDERBECK, JOANNE M GRACE (Voter ID number OH0023303900).
BERNARD, SUSAN A. (Voter ID number OH0014825737).
BODDE, MARY ALBERTA (Voter ID number OH0018536500).
BOEDDEKER, DOROTHY M. (Voter ID number OH0013908022).
BOMYA, MARY ALICE (Voter ID number OH0021871145).
BREHM, JOYCE A. (Voter ID number OH0013907522).
BRENNER, CAROL ANN (Voter ID number OH0013907579).
BRESLIN, MARY G. (Voter ID number OH0013661790).
BROWN, ROSE VIRGINIA (Voter ID number OH0022935426).
BURKE, MARY S. (Voter ID number OH0013907662).
CASHMAN, ELIZABETH THERESE (Voter ID number OH0013914173).
CHAVEZ, ERLINDA J. (Voter ID number OH0021951407).
CHU, JOSEPHINE L. (Voter ID number OH0018559575).
COCHRAN, JEANNETTE M. (Voter ID number OH0021549864).
CONLEY, MARY MARTHA (Voter ID number OH0013908073).
COOK, LYNN ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0021746911).
COOPER, IMELDA JANE (Voter ID number OH0020099867).
CRANLEY, MARY HELEN (Voter ID number OH0013783343).
CREMERING, ADELE ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0013908302).
CROCKER, JOAN (Voter ID number OH0021136138).
CULLEN, HELEN M. (Voter ID number OH0013666284).
DAVIS, NANCY C. (Voter ID number OH0021901191).
DEITERS, JULIA MARY (Voter ID number OH0013908067).
DELISLE, LORRAINE E. (Voter ID number OH0013907516).
DEMPSEY, PATRICIA ANN (Voter ID number OH0013908253).
DERMODY, MARY M. (Voter ID number OH0013907748).
DIBA, JANE FRANCES F. (Voter ID number OH0022788979).
DONOVAN, MARY ANN (Voter ID number OH0022043686).
DURLING, DIANA D. (Voter ID number OH0021288428).
EAGAN, MARGARET G. (Voter ID number OH0022363158).
EAGAN, S ROSEMARY C. (Voter ID number OH0013907681).
ENGLERT, MARGARET MARY (Voter ID number OH0013588122).
FALLER, MARY C. (Voter ID number OH0013789721).
FARFSING, MARJORIE G. (Voter ID number OH0013908086).
FELIX, DOLORES M. (Voter ID number OH0013908094).
FINN, ELIZABETH L. (Voter ID number OH0013907721).
FLYNN, JOAN Z. (Voter ID number OH0013956478).
FOKEN, CLAIRE ANN (Voter ID number OH0013676718).
FOX, HELEN CLARE (Voter ID number OH0023197036).
FREY, ANNETTE CATHERINE (Voter ID number OH0023296986).
GALLAGHER, MARY MARGARET (Voter ID number OH0013987321).
GARDT, AGNES A. (Voter ID number OH0018762750).
GERRETY, ROSEMARIE R. (Voter ID number OH0013908316).
GLANDORF, ANGELA M. (Voter ID number OH0013900239).
GLUTZ, JEAN ANN (Voter ID number OH0013682138).
GORNICK, ROSEMARY T. (Voter ID number OH0019631815).
GRATSCH, GRACE M. (Voter ID number OH0013829002).
GUNN, MARY KATRINKA (Voter ID number OH0013908088).
HAFERTEPE, ROSLYN ANN (Voter ID number OH0013668783).
HAHN, HELEN M. (Voter ID number OH0013908152).
HARRINGTON, PATRICIA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0013586114).
HAWK, RITA F. (Voter ID number OH0014837783).
HERZOG, RITA ANN (Voter ID number OH0013726430).
HILL, PATRICIA L. (Voter ID number OH0013794868).
HOELSCHER, KATHERINE H. (Voter ID number OH0021683566).
HOLTHOUSE, JEANINE A. (Voter ID number OH0013661801).
HOUCK, KATHLEEN (Voter ID number OH0018288890).
HOWE, SANDRA K. (Voter ID number OH0016023746).
HUMBERT, ESTHER MARIE (Voter ID number OH0013907552).
HUNT, SONDRA LEE (Voter ID number OH0013588209).
HURR, MARGARET F. (Voter ID number OH0013908283).
IZZO, FLORENCE GIOVANNINA (Voter ID number OH0022484993).
JONES, J MIRIAM (Voter ID number OH0013900648).
JONES, PAMELA A. (Voter ID number OH0013907664).
JOYCE, PATRICIA ANN (Voter ID number OH0019904910).
KAMBEITZ, BERNADETTE (Voter ID number OH0021204274).
KLEE, ANN M. (Voter ID number OH0013908308).
KOEBEL, RITA ANN (Voter ID number OH0013907525).
KORMANEC, MARY E. (Voter ID number OH0021368572).
KRALL, MARY LEE (Voter ID number OH0020600755).
KUHN, RUTH J. (Voter ID number OH0013907797).
LEBLANC, SHIRLEY MAURIE (Voter ID number OH0013908248).
LEHMAN, JOANNE B. (Voter ID number OH0020865651).
LOVATO, MARIE VIRGINIA (Voter ID number OH0023879468).
LUTHER, IRENE (Voter ID number OH0019936478).
MAHONEY, REGINA M. (Voter ID number OH0013661908).
MARTINI, JOANN M. (Voter ID number OH0013726195).
MATHIA, LOYOLA G. (Voter ID number OH0022920978).
MAUNTEL, CLARE SYLVIA (Voter ID number OH0021945494).
MCCARTHY, CAROL JOANN (Voter ID number OH0013907715).
MCFERRIN, MARY K. (Voter ID number OH0013908084).
MCKENNA, MARY H. (Voter ID number OH0013907738).
MCNALLY, PATRICIA L. (Voter ID number OH0013908243).
MERHAR, EDITH L. (Voter ID number OH0023478935).
MICELI, LILLIAN M. (Voter ID number OH0013668860).
MILLER, JEAN M. (Voter ID number OH0019631849).
MORAN, ALICE MAY (Voter ID number OH0013907589).
MORAN, THERESA ANN (Voter ID number OH0023355102).
MORGAN, VIRGINIA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0013907705).
MULLIGAN, SARAH LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0013908321).
MURPHY, MARY ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0013667277).
MURRAY, MARGARET ANN (Voter ID number OH0021683589).
MUTH, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number OH0013942055).
NOPPENBERGER, RUTH A. (Voter ID number OH0013968474).
PADILLA, BARBARA (Voter ID number OH0013965376).
PANNING, MARY E. (Voter ID number OH0013907746).
PAVIONI, FRANCES (Voter ID number OH0013586016).
PHILIPPART, NANCY ANN (Voter ID number OH0021582007).
REIMER, GLENDA RAE (Voter ID number OH0021204213).
RENNE, ELEANOR THERESA (Voter ID number OH0013908154).
RIGGIO, JACQUELINE JANE (Voter ID number OH0022992685).
RODY, RUTH ANN (Voter ID number OH0021503829).
SAUPE, DOROTHY L. (Voter ID number OH0013907527).
SCHMIDT, ELIZABETH ROSE (Voter ID number OH0023478949).
SCHNEIDER, DOLORES A. (Voter ID number OH0013661823).
SCHNEIDER, LORAINE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0013661732).
SCHROEDER, MARTHA A. (Voter ID number OH0013665520).
SELZER, JEAN A. (Voter ID number OH0013968766).
SHUMATE, MARY M. (Voter ID number OH0013907980).
SLUSSER, ROSELLA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0022336995).
STANG, KATHLEEN (Voter ID number OH0013907563).
STEIN, MARY ALICE (Voter ID number OH0023299959).
TARDIFF, KATHERINE ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0019632567).
TERMINI, JOANNE M. (Voter ID number OH0022621132).
TRAMPIETS, SHIRLEY ANN (Voter ID number OH0023614889).
TSAI, SHU CHINE (Voter ID number OH0013907870).
VOGT, MARY JANE (Voter ID number OH0013907856).
VONHAGEL, BETTY ANN (Voter ID number OH0013682222).
WALSH, MARTHA ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0013587901).
WICH, ROSE T. (Voter ID number OH0021949066).
WILLMAN, DOROTHY R. (Voter ID number OH0019631559).

5900 DELHI RD, APT 11
OMALLEY, THERESA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0021368571).

5900 DELHI RD, APT 207 EMH
HUBER, BARBARA LEE (Voter ID number OH0021141407).

5900 DELHI RD, APT 208
GROFF, JOAN C. (Voter ID number OH0013783246).

5900 DELHI RD, APT 307
ROACH, JEANNE KATHRYN (Voter ID number OH0013992073).

MAXIMOVICH, REGINA C. (Voter ID number OH0022431370).

5900 DELHI RD, APT 320
JOSEPH, EVA ANN (Voter ID number OH0013992180).

5900 DELHI RD, APT 339
BUSCH, LORETTA A. (Voter ID number OH0013907728).

5900 DELHI RD, APT 406
SLIVA, FLORENCE M. (Voter ID number OH0021111860).

5900 DELHI RD, APT 409
MCDONALD, DOLORES M. (Voter ID number OH0013941930).

5900 DELHI RD, APT 415
PAGAC, AGNES HELEN (Voter ID number OH0021368574).

5900 DELHI RD, APT AL505
HUNT, RUTH MARIAN (Voter ID number OH0013907614).

5900 DELHI RD, APT E 302
COCQUYT, RITA MAE (Voter ID number OH0020294326).

5900 DELHI RD, APT MH-C421
MANIACI, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number OH0013665618).

5900 DELHI RD, APT MHC-315
BERSON, HELEN FRANCES (Voter ID number OH0013690153).

5900 DELHI RD, APT MHE 206
BOYLE, MARY F. (Voter ID number OH0021898001).

5900 DELHI RD, APT MHE-403
SABOURIN, PATRICIA ANN (Voter ID number OH0021151036).

ERNST, JANICE M. (Voter ID number OH0021181349).

5900 DELHI RD, APT MW418
KANDRAC, BERNARDINE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016524648).

5900 DELHI RD, APT MW431
TEVIS, REGINA M. (Voter ID number OH0019629378).

5900 DELHI RD, APT W-316
ATTENWEILER, HELEN J. (Voter ID number OH0013665637).

5900 DELHI RD, APT W-428
OCONNOR, MARGARET E. (Voter ID number OH0013690238).

This is a privately owned genealogy website using a downloaded copy of the Ohio voter list, which is unrestricted, public information.