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1 TWP RD 184W
SUMMERS, ROSE LEE (Voter ID number OH0020862035).

100 P D 1820 CO RD 4
GANDEE, ANNA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0020948945).

1000 STATE RT 373
HARVEY, GEORGE KEITH (Voter ID number OH0016124458).
RUSSELL, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number OH0019244512).

1001 STATE RT 522
TURVEY, KEVIN RAY (Voter ID number OH0016126940).

1002 TWP RD 155E
MILLER, MYRTLE ALA (Voter ID number OH0016101076).

1003 P R 2913 CO RD 27
HANEY, LANCE AARON (Voter ID number OH0016132282).
HANEY, RITA F. (Voter ID number OH0016132285).
HANEY, WILLIAM F. (Voter ID number OH0016132286).

1006 TWP RD 155E
DAY, ANGELA KATHLEEN (Voter ID number OH0016101040).

1007 COUNTY RD 44N
DAVIS, BETTY JO (Voter ID number OH0016111122).
DAVIS, LAWRENCE RON (Voter ID number OH0016111123).

10079 COUNTY RD 5
WILSON, OLENA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016133806).

1008 TWP RD 155E
STAMPER, EWELL E. (Voter ID number OH0016101049).
STAMPER, SHARON K. (Voter ID number OH0016101044).

1009 COUNTY RD 4
MARCUM, KYLE M. (Voter ID number OH0018913808).
MARCUM, RETHER (Voter ID number OH0016106323).
MARCUM, WANETTA (Voter ID number OH0016106014).

101 P R 2173 CO RD 41S
BARTRUM, INDY E. (Voter ID number OH0020829196).
DEPRIEST, WADE D. (Voter ID number OH0019293250).

10187 COUNTY RD 5
LAMBERT, HOLLY REBEKAH (Voter ID number OH0016127870).
LAMBERT, NATHAN RAY (Voter ID number OH0016106921).

1019 P D 6636 COUNTY RD 4
LEITH, J TARA (Voter ID number OH0019076820).
LEITH, JOSEPH R. (Voter ID number OH0019084263).

102 TWP RD 184W
MARSDEN, JEAN E. (Voter ID number OH0016101595).

1024 TWP RD 199
DEPRIEST, JANET YVONNE (Voter ID number OH0016101840).
DEPRIEST, RONALD LEE (Voter ID number OH0016101821).

10273 COUNTY RD 5
WILSON, DONALD M. (Voter ID number OH0016111515).
WILSON, HILDA JANE (Voter ID number OH0016111516).
WILSON, JOSHUA E. (Voter ID number OH0016111543).

103 TWP RD 160
JILES, AMY RENEE (Voter ID number OH0019465867).

1030 TWP RD 199
ALBRIGHT, BONNIE M. (Voter ID number OH0016101822).
ALBRIGHT, JOSEPH WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0016101795).

10318 STATE RT 93
MURPHY, JAMIE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0018791577).
MURPHY, JOHN T. (Voter ID number OH0018791578).

1035 STATE RT 522
TURVEY, BEVERLY LEE (Voter ID number OH0023646535).
TURVEY, JAMEY LEVI (Voter ID number OH0023330509).

1036 COUNTY RD 14
COX, CONNIE LORRAINE (Voter ID number OH0021141959).
COX, RUSSELL WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0016107861).
DUNCAN, VALERIE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016107858).
HARPER, MARY FRANCES (Voter ID number OH0016107871).

1039 COUNTY RD 4
SHOPE, GREG GORDON (Voter ID number OH0016110907).
SHOPE, LAMINDA RASCHEL (Voter ID number OH0019104253).
SHOPE, VINETA DENISE (Voter ID number OH0016110928).

1043 TWP RD 199
SANDERS, CARL B. (Voter ID number OH0016101818).
SANDERS, JUNE GAIL (Voter ID number OH0016101808).
SANDERS, LUTHER PAUL (Voter ID number OH0016101849).

10509 STATE RT 93
KERNS, CAROLYN DEANNE (Voter ID number OH0016133135).
KERNS, RANDY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016093100).

1056 TWP RD 155E
BRUCE, PEGGY J. (Voter ID number OH0020225370).

106 P D 9262 ST RT 93
STAMPER, JAMES ADAM (Voter ID number OH0016093067).

107 TWP RD 370
MAYS, DUSTIN RAY (Voter ID number OH0016125982).

10702 STATE RT 93
WATSON, ADAM (Voter ID number OH0016093245).
WATSON, BARBIE LEEANN (Voter ID number OH0020843651).
WATSON, LYNDA JOYCE (Voter ID number OH0016093020).
WATSON, ROGER LEE (Voter ID number OH0016093022).

10704 STATE RT 93
GILES, HAROLD A. (Voter ID number OH0020843659).
GILES, JOANN (Voter ID number OH0020844008).
REED, DUSTIN G. (Voter ID number OH0020474468).

10718 STATE RT 93
KEEN, VIRGINIA D. (Voter ID number OH0022239469).
MALONE, JOSEPH R. (Voter ID number OH0021930516).
MALONE, LAWRENCE R. (Voter ID number OH0019437833).
MALONE, MELISSA S. (Voter ID number OH0021164740).
MALONE, SUZANNE (Voter ID number OH0019437832).
MALONE, TERESA (Voter ID number OH0016093281).
NEWMAN, WAYNE E. (Voter ID number OH0019437949).

10722 STATE RT 93
MCMANUS, CARRIE LEA (Voter ID number OH0016092662).
STEVENS, TRESSA S. (Voter ID number OH0021042090).

10728 STATE RT 93
NEWMAN, RUTH A. (Voter ID number OH0019437950).

10732 STATE RT 93
MALONE, RONALD HARRY (Voter ID number OH0016093005).

1075 COUNTY RD 14
LARGE, CARL (Voter ID number OH0016107887).
LARGE, CARL E. (Voter ID number OH0016107864).

10750 STATE RT 93
MALONE, ALFRED C. (Voter ID number OH0016093001).

1078 TWP RD 155E
NICELY, JERRY RAY (Voter ID number OH0016101091).

108 TWP RD 269
COGHILL, KELSEY DIANNE (Voter ID number OH0021750756).
COOPER, GARY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016102847).
COOPER, JANET ELAINE (Voter ID number OH0016102842).
FUENTES, AMANDA JANE (Voter ID number OH0022643432).

10802 STATE RT 93
BRADLEY, JAMES F. (Voter ID number OH0016110889).
BRADLEY, SUSIE KAY (Voter ID number OH0016110911).

1082 COUNTY RD 14
KELLY, SARAH NICHOLE (Voter ID number OH0021740046).

10820 STATE RT 93
RUTH, BENJAMIN ELI (Voter ID number OH0016092878).
RUTH, EMILY ANN (Voter ID number OH0018648083).
RUTH, ROGER DALE (Voter ID number OH0016093030).

10826 STATE RT 93
SANDERS, MELIANA L. (Voter ID number OH0022557434).

1083 COUNTY RD 25
HARRISON, BRADLEY (Voter ID number OH0020105542).

10837 STATE RT 93
ROMERO, JUDY ANN (Voter ID number OH0023236483).

10846 STATE RT 93
JENKINS, CHARLES EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0016093181).

10860 STATE RT 93
FOX, DAVID ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016092955).
FOX, ELLA F. (Voter ID number OH0016093038).

10870 STATE RT 93
FOX, KEISHA N. (Voter ID number OH0022496831).
FOX, KOURTNEY (Voter ID number OH0023262660).
FOX, MICHAEL CLYDE (Voter ID number OH0016093283).
FOX, SABRINA GAIL (Voter ID number OH0016092962).

10878 STATE RT 93
MCFANN, RANDY (Voter ID number OH0016092694).

10882 STATE RT 93
JILES, FLORENCE KATHRINE (Voter ID number OH0016112399).

10910 STATE RT 93
CALLICOAT, LARRY DEAN (Voter ID number OH0021498308).
COX, JAMES ERCIL (Voter ID number OH0016093188).
COX, KAYLA B. (Voter ID number OH0018642283).
COX, SYLVIA JOANN (Voter ID number OH0016093189).
HOWARD, MARY C. (Voter ID number OH0018791819).

1092 COUNTY RD 14
KELLY, ARIEL N. (Voter ID number OH0022109174).

1102 TWP RD 199
MCFANN, IDA JEANETTE (Voter ID number OH0016101804).
MILLER, CONNIE L. (Voter ID number OH0016101835).
MILLER, PAUL STEPHEN (Voter ID number OH0016101812).

1103 P D 2913 CO RD 27
GAGAI, JANET BARNETTE (Voter ID number OH0016131432).

11032 STATE RT 93
DYKE, SARA M. (Voter ID number OH0023371536).
JOHNSON, KENDRA SHAY (Voter ID number OH0020105527).
REDMOND, JARED RANDALL (Voter ID number OH0016111546).
WARBOY, SAMUEL J. (Voter ID number OH0022720831).

11058 STATE RT 93
LAWSON, JAMES KENNETH (Voter ID number OH0016133132).
LAWSON, JOYCE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016133134).

11078 STATE RT 93
BOGGS, BETTY JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016093092).
BOGGS, FORREST M. (Voter ID number OH0016093091).
BOGGS, ZACHARY M. (Voter ID number OH0019463985).

11082 STATE RT 93
BOGGS, GREGORY A. (Voter ID number OH0016092708).
BOGGS, NICHOLE E. (Voter ID number OH0019282388).

1114 COUNTY RD 44N
BURD, CHELA MAE (Voter ID number OH0016133762).
BURD, DAVID LEON (Voter ID number OH0016111134).

1117 TWP RD 199
JOHNSON, HEATHER NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0019280746).
JOHNSON, MICHAEL LEE (Voter ID number OH0016103329).

11180 STATE RT 93
OWENS, JUDY D. (Voter ID number OH0016133131).

11196 STATE RT 93
MARKEL, MARJORIE (Voter ID number OH0016093116).
STURGILL, JOAN ELAINE (Voter ID number OH0016134487).

112 TWP RD 184E
SALYER, MELINDA G. (Voter ID number OH0020868535).

112 TWP RD 184W
BURKS, JOHN H. (Voter ID number OH0019296126).
ROBINSON, KIMBERLY (Voter ID number OH0020105534).
SHOPE, EDITH (Voter ID number OH0018791816).

11224 STATE RT 93
WAUGH, DALE E. (Voter ID number OH0016133114).
WAUGH, RITA J. (Voter ID number OH0016093069).

1124 COUNTY RD 4
JENKINS, JOHN THOMAS (Voter ID number OH0016110063).

11257 STATE RT 93
ASHWORTH, FRED A. (Voter ID number OH0016093093).
DEMERSE, RUTH A. (Voter ID number OH0021764491).

11264 STATE RT 93
TURVEY, JUDY F. (Voter ID number OH0018794267).
TURVEY, LESLEY A. (Voter ID number OH0016128277).
WRIGHT, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number OH0022556932).

11283 STATE RT 93
BLANKENSHIP, LARRY MAURICE (Voter ID number OH0016093138).
BLANKENSHIP, SHARLINE (Voter ID number OH0016093137).

11296 STATE RT 93
ASHWORTH, FRED A. (Voter ID number OH0016092653).
ASHWORTH, NICOLE M. (Voter ID number OH0020285495).

113 COUNTY RD 29
BURGE, CYNTHIA H. (Voter ID number OH0018692636).
BURGE, TONY M. (Voter ID number OH0018692661).

113 P D 1577 CO RD 25
ERVIN, ALYSSA NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0022885894).
ERVIN, CHARLES ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0016131072).
ERVIN, JACOB RYAN (Voter ID number OH0023687051).
ERVIN, ROBERTA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016131063).

11305 STATE RT 93
BLANKENSHIP, ANGELA BETH (Voter ID number OH0016092875).
BLANKENSHIP, BRANDON AUSTIN (Voter ID number OH0022557442).

11329 STATE RT 93
SPARKS, WESLEY (Voter ID number OH0023232257).

11344 STATE RT 93
JENKINS, BRYAN A. (Voter ID number OH0020990382).

11384 STATE RT 93
MAY, SHEILA KAY (Voter ID number OH0016092868).
SPARKS, BRYAN L. (Voter ID number OH0022556049).
SPARKS, DARRELL L. (Voter ID number OH0022556437).

11393 STATE RT 93
TACKETT, BRENDA G. (Voter ID number OH0016092689).
TACKETT, DAVID LEE (Voter ID number OH0016092667).

1143 P R 2913 CO RD 27
JONES, JULIA M. (Voter ID number OH0016132269).
JONES, RAY ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016132275).

11488 STATE RT 93
SPARKS, SADIE G. (Voter ID number OH0016093002).
SPARKS, WOODROW W. (Voter ID number OH0016093061).

1149 TWP RD 150
ABRAMS, DESIRAE (Voter ID number OH0018648091).
ABRAMS, TIMOTHY W. (Voter ID number OH0019146079).

11490 STATE RT 93
DAVIS, KEVIN D. (Voter ID number OH0020225377).
SPARKS, MICHELLE D. (Voter ID number OH0016093278).

115 P R 2913 CO RD 27
SCOTT, EMILY D. (Voter ID number OH0016132267).

115 P R 977 CO RD 44N
CHRISTMAN, TYLER JACOB (Voter ID number OH0022854472).
ROBINSON, ROBERT BRUCE (Voter ID number OH0023687440).

1158 COUNTY RD 4
ELKINS, JASON C. (Voter ID number OH0019436517).
WISEMAN, JACKSON RAY (Voter ID number OH0016127743).
WISEMAN, SHEENA R. (Voter ID number OH0016098793).

1171 TWP RD 196W
RABEL, NIKKI LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016101758).
RABEL, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number OH0023246826).
RABEL, THOMAS E. (Voter ID number OH0016101756).

11732 STATE RT 93
MALONE, WILLIAM JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0016093035).

1176 TWP RD 140E
SUTTLES, JOSHUA DARRIN MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0022397222).
WAGONER, CHRISTINA L. (Voter ID number OH0018692976).
WAGONER, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number OH0016122250).

1176 TWP RD 166
COX, GAROLD (Voter ID number OH0016093186).
COX, PATRICIA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016101332).
SNAVELY, JASON M. (Voter ID number OH0018914025).

1178 TWP RD 160
BLACK, RICHARD LEE (Voter ID number OH0016101230).

118 P D 2911 CO RD 27
BENTLEY, KATHY JO (Voter ID number OH0016131422).

118 P R 169 TWP RD 160
CAMPBELL, BETH A. (Voter ID number OH0016132167).
CAMPBELL, DONALD ALAN (Voter ID number OH0020847167).

118-1/2 P R 169 TWP RD 160
COX, KAREN S. (Voter ID number OH0020883964).
POSTON, VALLIE MAY (Voter ID number OH0022682866).

11858 COUNTY RD 5
WALIZER, BARBARA (Voter ID number OH0016114632).
WALIZER, JACK (Voter ID number OH0016114617).

11870 STATE RT 93
DEPRIEST, BERNARD L. (Voter ID number OH0016092834).
DEPRIEST, LOWELL S. (Voter ID number OH0016093004).
DEPRIEST, NOEL S. (Voter ID number OH0016093155).

119 P D 16968 ST RT 93
MCFANN, WILLIAM RYAN (Voter ID number OH0016101775).
PHILLIPS, JANE SUE (Voter ID number OH0016120005).
PHILLIPS, JEFFREY ALAN (Voter ID number OH0016120003).
PHILLIPS, KAYLA BETH (Voter ID number OH0020225433).
PHILLIPS, SARA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0022983642).

11906 STATE RT 93
LAMBERT, DENNIS GEORGE (Voter ID number OH0020247958).
LAMBERT, VICTORIA J. (Voter ID number OH0020822237).

1193 TWP RD 199
ARDEN, CARROL M. (Voter ID number OH0016133393).

11982 STATE RT 93
MARKEL, VERA (Voter ID number OH0016093008).

120 P D 265 TWP RD 150
KNIPP, GREGORY S. (Voter ID number OH0016092991).

1201 COUNTY RD 16
STEVENS, JOHN WILLIS (Voter ID number OH0016108452).

1206 COUNTY RD 14
ANDERSON, RONALD LEE (Voter ID number OH0016107828).
HENSLEY, TERESA B. (Voter ID number OH0019023856).

12080 STATE RT 93
COX, DENNIE (Voter ID number OH0016133113).
COX, SHEILA KAY (Voter ID number OH0016093052).

1209 P R 2913 CO RD 27
MALONE, HEATHER LYNN (Voter ID number OH0021776242).

121 COUNTY RD 49
GOTHARD, JAMES M. (Voter ID number OH0018301745).
GOTHARD, JESSICA L. (Voter ID number OH0016111347).

121 P D 7951 ST RT 522
FRIEND, BONNIE L. (Voter ID number OH0016131933).
JUSTICE, JOANNE (Voter ID number OH0016131931).

12128 STATE RT 93
BLEVINS, DOROTHY L. (Voter ID number OH0016092916).
BLEVINS, TIMOTHY E. (Voter ID number OH0016092981).

12130 STATE RT 93
BRUCE, DEREK ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0022879777).
BRUCE, DORA BETH (Voter ID number OH0021665082).
BRUCE, FREDDIE (Voter ID number OH0016092647).
BRUCE, GLENDA S. (Voter ID number OH0016092648).

12156 STATE RT 93
NANCE, ETHEL IRENE (Voter ID number OH0016103813).
PRUITT, GARY LELAND (Voter ID number OH0016125372).

1216 TWP RD 140E
GARLAND, ERMA LOU (Voter ID number OH0016100036).
GARLAND, WILLIAM ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016100039).

12176 STATE RT 93
FRENCH, CRYSTAL GAYLE (Voter ID number OH0016092939).
PRUITT, TIM LEE (Voter ID number OH0016093294).

12196 STATE RT 93
FRENCH, BRIAN EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0016093227).
FRENCH, BRIAN MITCHELL (Voter ID number OH0023232107).
SCHARBROUGH, JACOB (Voter ID number OH0016093131).

1220 COUNTY RD 4
CRANK, EDDIE E. (Voter ID number OH0016777010).

12246 STATE RT 93
BLOOMFIELD, NATHAN J. (Voter ID number OH0016092909).

BURNS, SUSAN E. (Voter ID number OH0020362645).
KOUNS, AIMEE N. (Voter ID number OH0020834111).

12308 STATE RT 93
REDMOND, KRISTY (Voter ID number OH0016093104).
REDMOND, RANDY RAY (Voter ID number OH0016093096).

12324 STATE RT 93
DEPRIEST, BRANDON LEE (Voter ID number OH0016522727).
DEPRIEST, LINZY E. (Voter ID number OH0016126215).

12347 COUNTY RD 5
MUSICK, DENISE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016111556).
SHEPHERD, GEONNA L. (Voter ID number OH0021658977).
TAYLOR, ANDREW RAY (Voter ID number OH0021852220).

1235 TWP RD 199
MCFANN, EDGAR ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016101816).
MCFANN, MARY SUE (Voter ID number OH0016101827).

12350 STATE RT 93
DEPRIEST, KATHY LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0016133112).
DEPRIEST, WALTER RAY (Voter ID number OH0016093053).

1236 COUNTY RD 14
ANDERSON, ERIC L. (Voter ID number OH0019299891).

124 P D 910 ST RT 522
BLEVENS, AMY L. (Voter ID number OH0018293734).

12409 STATE RT 93
KERNS, VIRGINIA J. (Voter ID number OH0016093163).

12495 STATE RT 93
WHEELER, WANDA KAY (Voter ID number OH0016093195).

12541 STATE RT 93
REAPER, BARBARA (Voter ID number OH0016093040).
REAPER, JOHN JEFFREY (Voter ID number OH0016093134).

12551 STATE RT 93
REAPER, JOHN (Voter ID number OH0016093128).

12563 STATE RT 93
SIZEMORE, CALVIN C. (Voter ID number OH0020848313).
SIZEMORE, LINDA L. (Voter ID number OH0020848305).

12589 STATE RT 93
FRIEND, PHYLLIS J. (Voter ID number OH0016121452).

126 P D 910 ST RT 522
LARGE, HAROLD P. (Voter ID number OH0016101562).
LARGE, MARY K. (Voter ID number OH0016101536).
WIGGINS, WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0020838665).
ZALL, KATHERINE (Voter ID number OH0020838751).

1264 TWP RD 199
DEPRIEST, BRIAN A. (Voter ID number OH0018063586).
DEPRIEST, MARTA (Voter ID number OH0016101803).
DEPRIEST, RICKY RAY (Voter ID number OH0016101802).

127 P R 2173 CO RD 41S
DEPRIEST, HEATHER SUE MAY (Voter ID number OH0016121454).
DEPRIEST, WADE DOUGLAS (Voter ID number OH0016121453).

127 TWP RD 150
MALONE, EARL N. (Voter ID number OH0016100790).

127 TWP RD 351
DARBY, DEVIN (Voter ID number OH0022556652).
DARBY, LAWRENCE R. (Voter ID number OH0019274168).
DARBY, LEANNE (Voter ID number OH0020869968).
HAAS, CASSIE E. (Voter ID number OH0020870140).

1276 COUNTY RD 4
KOSTER, EARL EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0016110897).
KOSTER, ELLEN M. (Voter ID number OH0018642148).

128 P D 16968 ST RT 93
PHILLIPS, KRYSTAL JO (Voter ID number OH0016120004).

12834 STATE RT 93
KERNS, SHANE RYAN (Voter ID number OH0016092712).

12840 STATE RT 93
KERNS, CHERYL ANN (Voter ID number OH0016093125).

12846 STATE RT 93
MARKEL, LEAH P. (Voter ID number OH0016092759).
MARKEL, SCOT D. (Voter ID number OH0016093239).

12892 STATE RT 93
BOGGS, KEITH EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0016093275).
MCMASTER, GABRIELLE NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0023669452).
MCMASTER, JASON LEE (Voter ID number OH0020866244).

129 TWP RD 324
COSNER, REBECCA S. (Voter ID number OH0020827808).

12940 STATE RT 93
BOGGS, REBECCA J. (Voter ID number OH0016093199).
BOGGS, ROGER ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016093203).

130 P R 2715 CO RD 29
MATKINS, DOROTHY M. (Voter ID number OH0016121597).

13044 STATE RT 93
HASKINS, JOHN C. (Voter ID number OH0016093174).
HASKINS, MAXINE (Voter ID number OH0017790527).

13078 STATE RT 93
KIDD, JASON KYLE (Voter ID number OH0016126715).
KIDD, TIFFANI RAE (Voter ID number OH0016124147).

131 COUNTY RD 29
DAY, MATTHEW SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0016110077).
DAY, MELISSA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016110062).

131 P R 160 TWP RD 294
WHITT, LORA JANE (Voter ID number OH0016121370).
WHITT, PATRICK GILBERT (Voter ID number OH0016121363).

1317 TWP RD 199
BARNARD, DEBRA L. (Voter ID number OH0016101807).
BARNARD, LARRY D. (Voter ID number OH0016101806).
BARNARD, MATTHEW R. (Voter ID number OH0016101783).

132 STATE RT 373
SPARKS, GEORGE (Voter ID number OH0018692851).

13205 STATE RT 93
DUNN, ZACHARY D. (Voter ID number OH0018791673).
STAPLETON, KENNETH E. (Voter ID number OH0022585020).

13220 STATE RT 93
DUNN, ELOISE (Voter ID number OH0016093176).

133 P R 11014 ST RT 93
BLAKE, MARCUS EPP (Voter ID number OH0022981690).

134 COUNTY RD 29
SHARP, HELEN FELONISE (Voter ID number OH0016110108).
SHARP, JOHN EVERETTE (Voter ID number OH0016110110).
SNAVELY, CHARLES N. (Voter ID number OH0017785669).
SNAVELY, MARY LINDSEY-KATE (Voter ID number OH0016114947).

13401 STATE RT 93
TATE, SHELBY A. (Voter ID number OH0021241189).

13436 STATE RT 93
LEWIS, TONYA LEE (Voter ID number OH0016092923).

1348 TWP RD 199
BOGGS, BECCI L. (Voter ID number OH0019987981).
BOGGS, KYLE A. (Voter ID number OH0016092881).

13483 STATE RT 93
COLLINS, MACKENZIE RAYE (Voter ID number OH0023687126).
SIZEMORE, CAROLYN LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016092892).
SIZEMORE, JESSE CLARENCE (Voter ID number OH0016092897).

13531 STATE RT 93
MULLENS, JOE RAY (Voter ID number OH0016133133).
YOUNG, SHARON K. (Voter ID number OH0020866157).

1354 COUNTY RD 51
JORDAN, SARAH RENA (Voter ID number OH0020865955).
MARTIN, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number OH0020865961).

13560 STATE RT 93
RUSSELL, ALLEN DAVID (Voter ID number OH0021966643).
RUSSELL, DAVID L. (Voter ID number OH0016092703).
RUSSELL, DIANA GAIL (Voter ID number OH0016092704).
RUSSELL, TIFFANY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0021966734).

13598 STATE RT 93
TACKETT, BRADLEY D. (Voter ID number OH0023283097).

136 P D 9639 CO RD 4
CREMEANS, DERREK LEE (Voter ID number OH0018301742).
CREMEANS, WHITNEY L. (Voter ID number OH0019104169).

136 P R 17339 ST RT 93
COX, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number OH0018209276).
COX, RONNIE (Voter ID number OH0018209514).
DELAWDER, MCKENZEE LE ANN (Voter ID number OH0023488506).
RIEDEL, MORGAN N. (Voter ID number OH0023232466).

136 TWP RD 160
HALL, DWAYNE E. (Voter ID number OH0016124488).
HALL, MORGAN E. (Voter ID number OH0018913912).

1363 TWP RD 199
BLAGG, ROGER L. (Voter ID number OH0016133392).

137 COUNTY RD 29
SHARP, EVERETT VICTOR (Voter ID number OH0016121609).
SHARP, MARY MARTHA (Voter ID number OH0016121608).

1377 STATE RT 522
LYONS, HEATHER NICHOLE (Voter ID number OH0019819216).
LYONS, JOSEPH H. (Voter ID number OH0023210292).
SHIVELY, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number OH0016126918).
SHIVELY, TIMOTHY LEWIS (Voter ID number OH0016126973).

1378 COUNTY RD 44N
HICKS, KYLE E. (Voter ID number OH0021588875).
SAMONS, ALMA KAY (Voter ID number OH0021206290).

138 P R 2173 CO RD 41S
BOGGS, SHIRLEY K. (Voter ID number OH0022586685).

1388 COUNTY RD 4
ISON, JAMES A. (Voter ID number OH0016110946).
RICHARDSON, KATIE MAE (Voter ID number OH0016110860).
RICHARDSON, THURMAN E. (Voter ID number OH0018702284).

139 P D 1820 CO RD 4
BRIDGES, TERESA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016132069).
BRIDGES, ZISKA L. (Voter ID number OH0016132071).

1393 TWP RD 196W
BRUMFIELD, BURKLE E. (Voter ID number OH0019491982).

14 P R 349 TWP RD 150
STAMPER, DIANE CAROL (Voter ID number OH0016121729).

141 P D 8468 ST RT 650
DOWNING, NATHANIEL W. (Voter ID number OH0016132030).
LEWIS, JEFFREY ALAN (Voter ID number OH0023112912).
LEWIS, KATHY L. (Voter ID number OH0023193081).
LEWIS, MADISON LEE (Voter ID number OH0023866768).

141 TWP RD 245W
VIA, JOHN H. (Voter ID number OH0019129925).

1410 COUNTY RD 44N
GEHRLING, GRADY J. (Voter ID number OH0018791287).
WALLS, KIMBERLY S. (Voter ID number OH0020828245).

1413 TWP RD 199
CLUTTERS, JOEY (Voter ID number OH0020855157).
CLUTTERS, LEE A. (Voter ID number OH0016101794).

14142 STATE RT 93
EVANS, CONNIE (Voter ID number OH0016093175).
EVANS, TERRY ELLIOTT (Voter ID number OH0016093172).

142 P D 8468 ST RT 650
ALDRIDGE, JOSEPH T. (Voter ID number OH0016132028).

142 TWP RD 41N
DOSSEY, SHIRLEY D. (Voter ID number OH0021528541).

14205 STATE RT 93
KITCHEN, KENDALL V. (Voter ID number OH0016093166).
KITCHEN, SHELIA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016133147).

1427 COUNTY RD 27
CATTELL, DORIS JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016110020).

1433 COUNTY RD 4
MALONE, ANGELA JO (Voter ID number OH0016102721).
MALONE, JACOB T. (Voter ID number OH0022567333).
MALONE, ROGER DALE (Voter ID number OH0016110922).

144 P R 4777 CO RD 16
THOMAS, JACQUELINE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016121860).
THOMAS, JERRY THEODORE (Voter ID number OH0016121856).

14438 STATE RT 93
EVANS, AUSTIN E. (Voter ID number OH0016133152).
EVANS, PATRICIA (Voter ID number OH0016522559).

145 TWP RD 294
JOHNSON, CHARLES DAVID (Voter ID number OH0016103342).
JOHNSON, ROBERTA J. (Voter ID number OH0016103341).

14537 STATE RT 93
KITCHEN, JERRY D. (Voter ID number OH0016092812).

14565 STATE RT 93
BAILEY, KEVIN L D (Voter ID number OH0023481556).
MOORE, AMERICA E. (Voter ID number OH0016093160).

1458 COUNTY RD 16
GIVENS, BILLIE L. (Voter ID number OH0019233968).
GIVENS, RANDY E. (Voter ID number OH0019469992).

14616 STATE RT 93
MOORE, LISA D. (Voter ID number OH0016092721).
MOORE, RICHARD ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0016093217).
WILSON, ANDREA R. (Voter ID number OH0023495934).

1466 COUNTY RD 51
MILLER, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number OH0018303122).

14691 STATE RT 93
CADE, LINDA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016093293).

1475 TWP RD 199
EVANS, CORTNEY ANN (Voter ID number OH0020874363).
EVANS, KYLE LLOYD (Voter ID number OH0019097122).

14769 STATE RT 93
CRAFT, BRENDA KAY (Voter ID number OH0016093043).
CRAFT, TERRY LESLIE (Voter ID number OH0016093286).

14828 STATE RT 93
RUTH, BRIANNA NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0020375058).
RUTH, MERLE ERIC (Voter ID number OH0022573892).

14858 STATE RT 93
PHILLIPS, BEATRICE LEAH (Voter ID number OH0016093037).
PHILLIPS, ROY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016093027).

BOGGS, TIMOTHY ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016110582).

1492 COUNTY RD 4
ISON, JOSEPH ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0016110842).
STEWART, CHRISTY D. (Voter ID number OH0016102181).

1496 COUNTY RD 4
GULLETT, JANETTE FAYE (Voter ID number OH0016093241).
GULLETT, WILLIAM H. (Voter ID number OH0016110910).

150 TWP RD 326
COLLINS, BRIGITTE RHEA (Voter ID number OH0022573836).
COLLINS, JARRED MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0021658928).
MCFANN, BRADLEY L. (Voter ID number OH0016093302).
MCFANN, TARA NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0016124422).

150 TWP RD 370
GIPSON, KELLY BLAKE (Voter ID number OH0016102330).
GIPSON, MELISSA GAIL (Voter ID number OH0016102332).

1508 COUNTY RD 4
BARNETTE, JAMES K. (Voter ID number OH0022564481).
BARNETTE, TIFFANY IRENE (Voter ID number OH0022296792).

1509 COUNTY RD 25
DELONG, MARK E. (Voter ID number OH0021188797).
DELONG, MISTY SUE (Voter ID number OH0021205647).

1509 COUNTY RD 27
CHAFFINS, DIANA (Voter ID number OH0023342641).
CHAFFINS, HEATHER M. (Voter ID number OH0019273901).
CHAFFINS, RYAN M. (Voter ID number OH0023850660).

1510 COUNTY RD 4
BARNETTE, LINDA C. (Voter ID number OH0020517971).

15139 STATE RT 93
BAILEY, MARY M. (Voter ID number OH0018695058).

1515 COUNTY RD 16
BRUCE, JAMES HOWARD (Voter ID number OH0016108451).

15159 STATE RT 93
BOGGS, REBECCA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016093282).
BOGGS, ROGER A. (Voter ID number OH0016092830).

152 COUNTY RD 29
DEPRIEST, ASHLEY BROOKE (Voter ID number OH0019693661).

152 P R 4460 CO RD 29
REYNOLDS, CURTIS FLOYD (Voter ID number OH0016121814).
REYNOLDS, SHEILA KAY (Voter ID number OH0016121822).

1522 TWP RD 207
ROSS, ANDREW DOUGLAS (Voter ID number OH0020248015).
ROSS, MARY ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0016101982).

15245 STATE RT 93
BURCHETT, DAVID K. (Voter ID number OH0020847159).
SPARKS, MARY LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0016126729).

15256 STATE RT 93
MALONE, ANNA RUTH (Voter ID number OH0016093118).
MALONE, MIKE R. (Voter ID number OH0016093117).

15283 STATE RT 93
MCFANN, EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0016133141).
MCFANN, KIMBERLY ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016092950).

15293 STATE RT 93
MCFANN, BETHANY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016092958).
MCFANN, MARK ALAN (Voter ID number OH0016092665).
MCFANN, SARAH LORHEA (Voter ID number OH0023488164).

153 COUNTY RD 51
JENKINS, MICHAEL PAUL (Voter ID number OH0016111623).

153 P R 4975 CO RD 29
MOORE, CHRISTOPHER H. (Voter ID number OH0023525887).
SIZEMORE, JASON S. (Voter ID number OH0021553788).

15317 STATE RT 93
ROGERS, CAROL J. (Voter ID number OH0016093255).

1533 COUNTY RD 25
CASTLE, RANDI M. (Voter ID number OH0016111117).
MARKEL, ROSE E. (Voter ID number OH0019262046).
STAPLETON, MICHAEL JOHN (Voter ID number OH0016109862).

15378 STATE RT 93
COX, MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0016092699).
COX, OTIS (Voter ID number OH0019287775).
COX, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number OH0016093187).

15383 STATE RT 93
MCKENZIE, DIANA L. (Voter ID number OH0016101233).

15393 STATE RT 93
COX, SHEENA RAE (Voter ID number OH0023052034).
TRENT, HANNAH JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016117177).
TRENT, JEANETTE (Voter ID number OH0016112887).

154 P R 160 TWP RD 294
CADE, BRENDA K. (Voter ID number OH0020834193).

15411 STATE RT 93
COX, BETTY JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016093039).
HAAS, KIMBERLY S. (Voter ID number OH0020852180).

15497 STATE RT 93
HOLSTON, TODD ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0018914069).

155 COUNTY RD 29
CASEY, ALLYSON RENEE (Voter ID number OH0022409181).
CASEY, AMY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016110066).
CASEY, ROBERT DAVID (Voter ID number OH0016110127).
CASEY, SAMANTHA JO (Voter ID number OH0022161742).

1557 COUNTY RD 44N
THIBODAUX, ARLENE B. (Voter ID number OH0016111120).

156 P D 910 ST RT 522
RICE, JOSEPH WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0023375147).

1566 TWP RD 207
MALONE, KENNETH ALFRED (Voter ID number OH0016133391).

157 COUNTY RD 27
MADDEN, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number OH0021309483).
MADDEN, SUSAN F. (Voter ID number OH0021660183).
NEWCOMB, ROGER L. (Voter ID number OH0018549699).
NEWCOMB, TAMMY G. (Voter ID number OH0016110005).

1571 COUNTY RD 25
SHOPE, DAVID E. (Voter ID number OH0019088171).
SHOPE, HARRY (Voter ID number OH0016109872).
SHOPE, MARGARET G. (Voter ID number OH0019985821).

1573 COUNTY RD 44N
LABER, ANGELA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0016111142).
LABER, MARY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016111119).

1574 COUNTY RD 4
HARPER, BETTY J. (Voter ID number OH0020827793).

15773 STATE RT 93
BLAGG, KEVIN D. (Voter ID number OH0019240277).
BLAGG, ROBIN R. (Voter ID number OH0016111171).

15791 STATE RT 93
MALONE, AUDREY (Voter ID number OH0016133137).

15793 STATE RT 93
BLAGG, FRED EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0016093198).
BLAGG, MAIDA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016093200).
BLAGG, MICHAEL LEE (Voter ID number OH0016105076).

158 TWP RD 184W
BLANKENSHIP, SHERMAN L. (Voter ID number OH0016103384).
HOWELLS, AMBER L. (Voter ID number OH0019265689).

1582 TWP RD 207
MALONE, KENNETH ALAN (Voter ID number OH0016111621).

1583 COUNTY RD 34
BOGGS, LINDA L. (Voter ID number OH0016110574).
BOGGS, TODD A. (Voter ID number OH0016110580).
BOGGS, TYLER J. (Voter ID number OH0016110576).

15830 STATE RT 93
MCGUIRE, DONALD E. (Voter ID number OH0016124062).
MCGUIRE, TAMMIE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016105045).

15831 STATE RT 93
HUTCHINSON, ANDREA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0023111953).
HUTCHINSON, BENJAMIN RAY (Voter ID number OH0017786102).
HUTCHINSON, RAMONA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016093171).
HUTCHINSON, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number OH0016093170).
HUTCHINSON, ROGER EVAN (Voter ID number OH0016092866).

1585 COUNTY RD 34
BOGGS, TRAVIS URIAH (Voter ID number OH0016110578).

15868 STATE RT 93
GANNON, GREGORY RAY (Voter ID number OH0016113221).
GANNON, MARY KATHERINE (Voter ID number OH0019490331).
LAWSON, ARRON L. (Voter ID number OH0022078475).
TAYLOR, CAROLYN S. (Voter ID number OH0016121121).

15883 STATE RT 93
CHRISTAIN, CASSANDRA B. (Voter ID number OH0023291499).
CHRISTAIN, JAMES OWEN (Voter ID number OH0023632125).
CHRISTAIN, JAMES W. (Voter ID number OH0016124655).
CHRISTAIN, TERESA K. (Voter ID number OH0016109134).

15907 STATE RT 93
BEAIR, CATHY J. (Voter ID number OH0019464636).
STAMPER, CARROLL E. (Voter ID number OH0016093055).

15922 STATE RT 93
MCFANN, BARBARA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016101826).

15931 STATE RT 93
BLAGG, BRITTANY NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0021141933).
BLAGG, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number OH0018537351).

15989 STATE RT 93
BLAGG, GLENDA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016093156).
BLAGG, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number OH0016093202).

16 TWP RD 184E
WORLEY, DWAYNE M. (Voter ID number OH0016101229).
WORLEY, MARJORIE LEANN (Voter ID number OH0016101227).

160 P D 2915 CO RD 27
STAMBAUGH, PAUL ANTHONY (Voter ID number OH0016131441).

160 P D 910 ST RT 522
PERKINS, MICHAEL B. (Voter ID number OH0023609739).
WILSON, ALICE R. (Voter ID number OH0023609569).

160 TWP RD 160
KNIPP, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number OH0020225414).
MUNYAN, JAMES O E (Voter ID number OH0021083556).
WILSON, BRITTANY M. (Voter ID number OH0019674974).

16017 STATE RT 93
BLAGG, JEFF (Voter ID number OH0016093042).
BLAGG, JEFFREY RYAN (Voter ID number OH0022573822).
BLAGG, NATHANIEL TYLER (Voter ID number OH0021658858).

16035 STATE RT 93
ISON, BARBARA JO (Voter ID number OH0016092891).
ISON, JAMES R. (Voter ID number OH0018048000).
ISON, JAMES R. (Voter ID number OH0021073806).

16097 STATE RT 93
PHILLIPS, MELISSA I. (Voter ID number OH0016093259).
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0022573910).
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM BRIAN (Voter ID number OH0016093081).

1613 COUNTY RD 25
BOGGS, JAMES STEVEN (Voter ID number OH0016107784).
MCKENZIE, BONNIE J. (Voter ID number OH0016109836).
MCKENZIE, EVERETT RAY (Voter ID number OH0016109842).
MCKENZIE, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number OH0016120344).

16141 STATE RT 93
CHAVARRIA, JOSHUA R. (Voter ID number OH0019493536).
TACKETT, JOSHUA TODD (Voter ID number OH0021010727).
TRAYLOR, VICTORIA VIOLA (Voter ID number OH0023499548).

1615 COUNTY RD 44N
MANNON, FAITH LEIGH (Voter ID number OH0022239503).
MANNON, SETH R. (Voter ID number OH0023312952).
RICHENDOLLAR, CHRISTINA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0016105638).
RICHENDOLLAR, JAYSON E. (Voter ID number OH0022252405).

1616 COUNTY RD 16
DALTON, CHERYL ANN (Voter ID number OH0016108450).
DALTON, TERRY ALLAN (Voter ID number OH0023140517).

1618 COUNTY RD 44N
BLAIR, RHONDA K. (Voter ID number OH0023777118).
LABER, SHAWN T. (Voter ID number OH0016111108).

1619 COUNTY RD 44N
HUNTER, GEORGE GREGORY (Voter ID number OH0016111136).

16192 STATE RT 93
DEPRIEST, KEVIN R. (Voter ID number OH0018549128).

162 TWP RD 184E
DANIELS, COURTNEY MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016124167).
DANIELS, KENNETH R. (Voter ID number OH0019699288).

1624 COUNTY RD 4
SHARP, ANNETTE SUE (Voter ID number OH0016110820).
SHARP, BRENT EDWIN (Voter ID number OH0016110891).
SHARP, MICHAEL RAY (Voter ID number OH0016110798).
SHARP, RYAN B. (Voter ID number OH0018913955).
SHARP, STEVEN M. (Voter ID number OH0022573994).

1625 STATE RT 522
POTTER, AARON M. (Voter ID number OH0021965077).
POTTER, MEGAN BREANNA (Voter ID number OH0021969653).

1628 COUNTY RD 41N
MOORE, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number OH0016111018).

16283 STATE RT 93
QUALLS, LINDA FONTAIN (Voter ID number OH0016093045).
QUALLS, TIMOTHY BRIAN (Voter ID number OH0016093044).

164 TWP RD 207
FRIEND, JOSEPH ADAM (Voter ID number OH0023610580).
FRIEND, JOSEPH R. (Voter ID number OH0016093145).
FRIEND, JUDITH ANN (Voter ID number OH0016093148).
FRIEND, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number OH0021658674).

1645 COUNTY RD 41N
FRIEND, ED (Voter ID number OH0016111016).

165 TWP RD 269
DALTON, LILA ANGELA (Voter ID number OH0016102843).

1654 TWP RD 199
WISEMAN, JACKSON RAY (Voter ID number OH0016109743).
WISEMAN, SONJA M. (Voter ID number OH0021484792).

1664 COUNTY RD 16
ACKISON, JOEY L. (Voter ID number OH0016108413).

1665 COUNTY RD 25
MURRELL, ERIC RAY (Voter ID number OH0018913780).
MURRELL, EUGENIA L. (Voter ID number OH0019694306).
MURRELL, ROY (Voter ID number OH0023318530).

1673 TWP RD 199
EVANS, DEANE (Voter ID number OH0016101817).
EVANS, FREDDIE LLOYD (Voter ID number OH0016101801).

1674 COUNTY RD 27
HOWARD, CHRISTOPHER R. (Voter ID number OH0022556077).
MCGUIRE, KAY (Voter ID number OH0021471886).

16740 STATE RT 93
MCFANN, KERI LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016120002).

168 TWP RD 324
KIDD, WAYNE D. (Voter ID number OH0016103679).

1680 COUNTY RD 14
NELSON, PAUL E. (Voter ID number OH0016107883).

169 P R 11014 ST RT 93
PARSONS, MARGARETTE E. (Voter ID number OH0016104216).
PARSONS, TERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0016104214).

16919 STATE RT 93
HOLBROOK, JONATHAN M. (Voter ID number OH0016119735).

16961 STATE RT 93
COX, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number OH0016113723).
STAMPER, KAYLA E. (Voter ID number OH0019465024).

16975 STATE RT 93
KELLY, JOHN HENRY (Voter ID number OH0016093016).
KELLY, SHANNA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016093132).

17 P D 2039 CO RD 25
MAYS, DONALD L. (Voter ID number OH0016131142).
MAYS, TAMMY S. (Voter ID number OH0016131139).

17 P D 380 ST RT 373
JILES, BEATRICE L. (Voter ID number OH0016131485).

170 COUNTY RD 29
HACKWORTH, ANNA BELLE (Voter ID number OH0016133699).

17004 STATE RT 93
PHILLIPS, BILLY JOE (Voter ID number OH0016133121).
PHILLIPS, ELOISE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016133129).

17046 STATE RT 93
COX, GREG (Voter ID number OH0019493545).
LANDERS, CHERYL L. (Voter ID number OH0019286177).

17048 STATE RT 93
SARK, MICHAEL LEE (Voter ID number OH0016092971).
SARK, PAULA G. (Voter ID number OH0016092983).

1706 COUNTY RD 27
HACKWORTH, KATRINA ANNE (Voter ID number OH0016110014).

ISON, JAMES EARL (Voter ID number OH0016107019).

17228 STATE RT 93
COX, JOANNE (Voter ID number OH0016133149).
COX, WILLIAM C. (Voter ID number OH0019293217).

17270 STATE RT 93
CADE, ESTHER JANE (Voter ID number OH0019493540).

1729 COUNTY RD 41N
FRIEND, MAYME RUTH (Voter ID number OH0016110997).

17339 STATE RT 93
KELLY, ANGELA C. (Voter ID number OH0018549136).
KELLY, GEORGE STEPHEN (Voter ID number OH0018549122).

17368 STATE RT 93
COX, KASSIDI PAIGE (Voter ID number OH0023480362).
COX, KRISTIAN N. (Voter ID number OH0019462047).
COX, MARY ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0016092685).
COX, SCOTT B. (Voter ID number OH0019441853).

1744 COUNTY RD 27
HACKWORTH, LEE R. (Voter ID number OH0016110024).
HOWARD, GREGORY STEPHEN (Voter ID number OH0019462319).

1746 COUNTY RD 27
HACKWORTH, TABATHA M. (Voter ID number OH0016109038).

17480 STATE RT 93
RIFE, ALFRED EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0016092970).

17554 STATE RT 93
COX, DEBORAH BERNICE (Voter ID number OH0016093191).

17566 STATE RT 93
COX, MORGAN R. (Voter ID number OH0022081779).

1758 COUNTY RD 25
MARKINS, ANGELA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016103340).
MARKINS, JERRY AUSTIN (Voter ID number OH0021658917).
MARKINS, JERRY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016103343).

17618 STATE RT 93
ALDRIDGE, DANNY LEE (Voter ID number OH0021678836).
ALDRIDGE, MICHELLE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0019491602).
ALDRIDGE, SHAWN S. (Voter ID number OH0019487347).

177 TWP RD 1100
BLAGG, CHELSEA L. (Voter ID number OH0019294075).
BLAGG, JEREMY RYAN (Voter ID number OH0020844796).

177 TWP RD 113
BOGGS, PATRICIA K. (Voter ID number OH0016095558).
BOGGS, ROGER PAUL (Voter ID number OH0016095567).

17705 STATE RT 93
MARCUM, CLAUDE G. (Voter ID number OH0016120559).

17727 STATE RT 93
COX, GAROLD ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0016092724).
COX, STEPHANIE D. (Voter ID number OH0016092722).

17737 STATE RT 93
DEAN, DOUGLAS M. (Voter ID number OH0020616258).
DEAN, IDA M. (Voter ID number OH0020616263).

17763 STATE RT 93
COX, DANIEL L. (Voter ID number OH0021342459).
COX, GENE (Voter ID number OH0016093057).
COX, GENE DEWAYNE (Voter ID number OH0020870313).
COX, NICOLE S. (Voter ID number OH0021002650).

17787 STATE RT 93
COX, BERNIE (Voter ID number OH0016093184).

17797 STATE RT 93
COX, MELISSA J. (Voter ID number OH0016093179).
COX, RYAN A. (Voter ID number OH0021658878).
COX, THOMAS ELDON (Voter ID number OH0016093192).
CRANCE, REGGIE ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0020891741).

1786 COUNTY RD 27
DAVIDSON, JOSHUA LEE (Voter ID number OH0021737424).

1786-A COUNTY RD 27
DAVIDSON, DANITA C. (Voter ID number OH0023440045).

17892 STATE RT 93
KELLY, MARCENE ISABELLE (Voter ID number OH0016092951).

DEPRIEST, MARK A. (Voter ID number OH0019465031).

180 P D 910 ST RT 522
ABRAMS, LISA J. (Voter ID number OH0016132050).
ABRAMS, RON L. (Voter ID number OH0016132049).
CADE, COURTNEY LEANN (Voter ID number OH0019493537).

180 TWP RD 160
JAMES, HEATHER M. (Voter ID number OH0021550971).
VAN KEUREN, ROBERT T. (Voter ID number OH0016105264).
VAN KEUREN, STEPHANIE DENISE (Voter ID number OH0019262115).

1801 COUNTY RD 25
ABRAMS, CLARENCE E. (Voter ID number OH0019278591).
ABRAMS, VIRGINIA M. (Voter ID number OH0022701075).

18025 STATE RT 93
AKERS, JONDA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016093126).

18035 STATE RT 93
WIRTZ, KENNETH J. (Voter ID number OH0016093249).

18037 STATE RT 93
AKERS, KIMBERLY D. (Voter ID number OH0016093263).
STAPLETON, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number OH0016092893).

181 TWP RD 324
BESCO, RITA JOAN (Voter ID number OH0016126754).

1816 COUNTY RD 16
CADE, KENNETH (Voter ID number OH0016108426).
CADE, TAMMY L. (Voter ID number OH0016108443).

1819 COUNTY RD 51
HANSHAW, PERRY E. (Voter ID number OH0016128127).

1823 COUNTY RD 25
ABRAMS, TERONDA G. (Voter ID number OH0019278590).

18262 STATE RT 93
PIERCE, RHONDA GAIL (Voter ID number OH0016092974).

183 TWP RD 155E
BRUCE, FREDDIE L. (Voter ID number OH0019278712).
BRUCE, KELLI JO (Voter ID number OH0019278711).

18310 STATE RT 93
HOWARD, MARY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016093167).

1842 COUNTY RD 27
HACKWORTH, KONNIE JANE (Voter ID number OH0016110008).
HAGGY, FRANK A. (Voter ID number OH0016110015).

1852 STATE RT 522
WASHBURN, BRENDA SUE (Voter ID number OH0023862778).
WASHBURN, DONALD RAY (Voter ID number OH0023862771).

1856 COUNTY RD 25
JENKINS, JOHNNY (Voter ID number OH0022081633).
LAWTON, LENA J. (Voter ID number OH0022081590).

1858 COUNTY RD 4
GOAD, CHRIS L. (Voter ID number OH0020870568).
GOAD, DELBERT D. (Voter ID number OH0020838651).
KERNS, SHAUNA D. (Voter ID number OH0020845187).

186 P R 349 TWP RD 150
DALTON, MATTHEW A. (Voter ID number OH0023270279).
SHORT, RANDY DALE (Voter ID number OH0021491504).
STARR, LUCAS R. (Voter ID number OH0016121723).

1864 COUNTY RD 25
MUZAURIETA, ALICE YVONNE (Voter ID number OH0019391721).

1866 COUNTY RD 8
SMITH, PHLORNA DEE (Voter ID number OH0016113316).

187 COUNTY RD 51
JENKINS, MORRIS (Voter ID number OH0016111620).

1874 STATE RT 522
BAINER, HEIDI M. (Voter ID number OH0021877427).
BAINER, JOSEPH BRADLEY (Voter ID number OH0021877436).

18800 STATE RT 93
DOTSON, NELLIE CAROL (Voter ID number OH0023873907).
HOLT, RICKY L. (Voter ID number OH0023232681).

1884 COUNTY RD 27
DUST, LUCIANNE (Voter ID number OH0016095568).
MULLINS, DOROTHY HELEN (Voter ID number OH0016109976).

1887 COUNTY RD 41N
COLLINS, CLETIS RAY (Voter ID number OH0016111005).

190 P D 910 ST RT 522
ABRAMS, AMELLIA ADEAN (Voter ID number OH0021776565).

1906 COUNTY RD 27
RUSSELL, GARY LEE (Voter ID number OH0019727994).

1907 COUNTY RD 25
BRUCE, SHERRY A. (Voter ID number OH0016109864).

CONLEY, MARIA JUNE (Voter ID number OH0016107018).
FRIEND, JAMES L. (Voter ID number OH0018956645).

191 COUNTY RD 29
STAMPER, GEORGE ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016110069).
STAMPER, PATRICIA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016110070).

191 TWP RD 155E
JENKINS, ALVIN JUSTIN (Voter ID number OH0016101050).
THOMAS, FRANK E. (Voter ID number OH0020852539).
THOMAS, MARLENE (Voter ID number OH0016101082).

191 TWP RD 294
JOHNSON, ETHEL (Voter ID number OH0016103324).

1913 COUNTY RD 41N
COLLINS, ROY C. (Voter ID number OH0016111015).
HUTCHINSON, DONNA GAIL (Voter ID number OH0016110993).
HUTCHINSON, JAMES C. (Voter ID number OH0016111010).

1924 COUNTY RD 41S
MILLER, CONNIE FRANCES (Voter ID number OH0016111031).
MILLER, MARK A. (Voter ID number OH0016111038).
RISTER, AMANDA RENEE (Voter ID number OH0016111039).

193 STATE RT 373
FRIEND, AMY LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0021366106).
STAMPER, JASON A. (Voter ID number OH0022567351).

1947 COUNTY RD 41S
CARMON, BRITTANY N. (Voter ID number OH0020821854).
DEPRIEST, BREEANNA (Voter ID number OH0021821219).
GOODALL, DEBRA E. (Voter ID number OH0016111020).
GOODALL, IVAN RANDALL (Voter ID number OH0016111032).
SITES, BRANDEN LEE (Voter ID number OH0020821870).

1953 COUNTY RD 25
DONLEY, KIMBERLY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016109865).
FIZER, BRUCE (Voter ID number OH0023330429).
FIZER, KALIB BRUCE (Voter ID number OH0022968488).

196 TWP RD 184W
MILLER, KATHY (Voter ID number OH0016101602).

1974 TWP RD 196W
MARKIN, JAMES DAVID LEE (Voter ID number OH0016101754).

1979 COUNTY RD 25
PIERSON, JOHNNY L. (Voter ID number OH0020844632).

198 P D 910 ST RT 522
GILLUM, CORY D. (Voter ID number OH0016132048).
GILLUM, STEPHANIE M. (Voter ID number OH0016132051).

199 STATE RT 373
RUTH, ORRELL J. (Voter ID number OH0016093079).

REIS, BILLIE J. (Voter ID number OH0016107009).
REIS, MALINDA F. (Voter ID number OH0016107012).

201 P R 349 TWP RD 150
HACKWORTH, JAMI L. (Voter ID number OH0019182566).
SKAGGS, BOBBY JOE (Voter ID number OH0016121726).

2011 COUNTY RD 25
DONLEY, GLENN JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0016109845).

2012 COUNTY RD 25
STANFIELD, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number OH0018165278).

2017 COUNTY RD 27
ROBINSON, AMANDA L. (Voter ID number OH0020828823).
ROBINSON, RUSTY R. (Voter ID number OH0016110007).

20315 STATE RT 141
WALKER, ALICIA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0016126021).

2036 COUNTY RD 27
ROBINSON, CONNIE S. (Voter ID number OH0016110012).
WILSON, DARRYL E. (Voter ID number OH0023313112).

20363 STATE RT 141
HAMRICK, PATRICK DEAN (Voter ID number OH0020843641).

204 P R 2173 CO RD 41S
KERNS, JOHN LEROY (Voter ID number OH0016121451).
KERNS, JUSTIN MEREDITH (Voter ID number OH0016121448).

204 TWP RD 1100
BLAGG, RACHEL DAWN (Voter ID number OH0019493539).
BLAGG, STEPHEN EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0016094873).

20407 STATE RT 141
STANLEY, JACOB (Voter ID number OH0022537907).

2041 COUNTY RD 25
DONLEY, ALPHA W. (Voter ID number OH0023283210).
DONLEY, ALPHA WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0016126904).
DONLEY, CHRISTY G. (Voter ID number OH0016109853).
DONLEY, NICHOLAS DALE (Voter ID number OH0023705318).
LITTLEJOHN, CASEY J. (Voter ID number OH0023104564).

20449 STATE RT 141
CHINN, JACQUELINE EUGENA (Voter ID number OH0022612775).
COPLEY, ROBERT S. (Voter ID number OH0020833300).

2049 STATE RT 522
YANCY, CINDY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016126937).
YANCY, JAMES D. (Voter ID number OH0016126976).

20495 STATE RT 141
DELONG, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number OH0022078274).
LITTLE, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number OH0021534530).

20533 STATE RT 141
CLARK, JOEY WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0016126137).
CLARK, NANCY MAE (Voter ID number OH0016126255).
CLARK, WAYNE EMORY (Voter ID number OH0016126256).

20553 STATE RT 141
CLARK, ADAM HAROLD (Voter ID number OH0018692937).
CLARK, EMILY J. (Voter ID number OH0016120382).
MYERS, DORA JO (Voter ID number OH0016126274).
MYERS, SAMUEL W. (Voter ID number OH0022239480).
MYERS, SHAWN LEE (Voter ID number OH0016126113).
MYERS, SHAWNA LEE ANN (Voter ID number OH0021393822).

20589 STATE RT 141
BROWN, THELMA LUCILLE (Voter ID number OH0016126257).

206 P R 4777 CO RD 16
THOMAS, JODY RAYMOND (Voter ID number OH0018692994).

20686 STATE RT 141
GULLETT, ETHAN ROSS (Voter ID number OH0021853316).
GULLETT, KARISSA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0019471837).

209 P R 2173 CO RD 41S
WEBB, JOSEPH G. (Voter ID number OH0016121443).
WEBB, LINDSEY MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0022560701).

210 COUNTY RD 51
MURPHY, JOHN TIMOTHY (Voter ID number OH0018535823).
MURPHY, SUSAN DIANE (Voter ID number OH0018535818).

2124 COUNTY RD 25
MCKENNEY, AMANDA L. (Voter ID number OH0019001329).
MCKENNEY, NICKOLIS B. (Voter ID number OH0023232144).
SHOPE, MISTY D. (Voter ID number OH0019986091).

2143 COUNTY RD 41S
DEPRIEST, BRENDA K. (Voter ID number OH0016111034).
DEPRIEST, CLARENCE ELLIS (Voter ID number OH0016111030).
HENRY, SHEILA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016093222).

215 P R 11014 ST RT 93
DEPRIEST, MILEN KEITH (Voter ID number OH0016121254).
DEPRIEST, WANDA (Voter ID number OH0016121251).

2150 COUNTY RD 25
SHOPE, LAURA R. (Voter ID number OH0016109857).
SHOPE, MELISSA J. (Voter ID number OH0016109897).
SHOPE, STEPHANIE LEIGHANN (Voter ID number OH0016109894).
SHOPE, WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0016109896).

2152 COUNTY RD 25
ISON, DAVID EARL (Voter ID number OH0019464651).
ISON, JANA L. (Voter ID number OH0016109854).
ISON, JOSHUA NORMAN (Voter ID number OH0021389379).
ISON, NORMAN D. (Voter ID number OH0016109873).

2153 COUNTY RD 41S
MILLER, JAMIE GENE (Voter ID number OH0016111026).
MILLER, MALLORIE ALISE (Voter ID number OH0020248011).
MILLER, TERRY RANDOLPH (Voter ID number OH0016133759).
SPARKS, BONNIE L. (Voter ID number OH0016093149).

2155 COUNTY RD 16
REYNOLDS, BERTHA (Voter ID number OH0016133624).

216 P R 10930 CO RD 5
SHIPLEY, BRENDA KAY (Voter ID number OH0016121256).
SHIPLEY, KENNETH MILLARD (Voter ID number OH0016134206).
SHIPLEY, KIRT R. (Voter ID number OH0018913981).

2160 COUNTY RD 16
WADE, BRIDGET NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0016125848).

2164 COUNTY RD 41S
BALL, TIMOTHY DARRELL (Voter ID number OH0016093193).

21662 STATE RT 141
JENKINS, JOEY A. (Voter ID number OH0018303081).

217 COUNTY RD 49
DELAWDER, MARK A. (Voter ID number OH0020853793).
HOWARD, TANNER B. (Voter ID number OH0023609411).
MALONE, DYLAN A. (Voter ID number OH0023229846).
MALONE, KIMBERLY L. (Voter ID number OH0020870485).

2175 COUNTY RD 4
DRUMMOND, ORLYN ARNOLD (Voter ID number OH0023180993).
WALKER, CRESSIE NELLIE (Voter ID number OH0023181016).

2176 COUNTY RD 25
SHOPE, MINTIE L. (Voter ID number OH0016109848).
SHOPE, WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0016109877).

218 TWP RD 160
ADKINS, VERNON A. (Voter ID number OH0023283126).
SALYERS, MELISSA J. (Voter ID number OH0021154997).

2181 COUNTY RD 41S
FRIEND, DESMOND E. (Voter ID number OH0016111027).
FRIEND, KRISTINA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0019465033).
FRIEND, SHERRI LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0016111025).

22 P R 4252 CO RD 29
DIXON, EMORY (Voter ID number OH0020872625).
DIXON, KATHY M. (Voter ID number OH0016121801).

220 P R 9183 ST RT 650
DELONG, GEORGE E. (Voter ID number OH0022920321).
LARGE, RITA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016122085).

2209 COUNTY RD 4
WEBB, JENNIFER JO (Voter ID number OH0016110886).
WEBB, KODEE T. (Voter ID number OH0022547164).
WEBB, MICHAEL RAY (Voter ID number OH0016110880).

22196 STATE RT 141
ARBAUGH, DWAYNE EDDIE (Voter ID number OH0016126052).
ARBAUGH, ERMA LEE (Voter ID number OH0016134414).

2220 COUNTY RD 25
HANKINS, RYAN M. (Voter ID number OH0016131379).

2224 COUNTY RD 4
SMITH, ANGELA D. (Voter ID number OH0019289992).

223 TWP RD 113
KELLEY, LOUISE M. (Voter ID number OH0016095566).
KELLEY, RONALD LAWRENCE (Voter ID number OH0016095565).

223 TWP RD 245E
MCCLEESE, JILL D. (Voter ID number OH0023201119).
MCCLEESE, RICKY D. (Voter ID number OH0020624873).

2237 COUNTY RD 27
DELONG, PATRICIA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016109995).
KOSTER, JARRID LEE (Voter ID number OH0022568920).

224 TWP RD 326
WEBB, ANTHONY DWAYNE (Voter ID number OH0022814471).
WEBB, DWAYNE C. (Voter ID number OH0016093298).
WEBB, KATHY SUE (Voter ID number OH0016093297).

2245 COUNTY RD 27
FACKLER, RITA J. (Voter ID number OH0022488573).

2251 COUNTY RD 27
CARMON, RHONDA D. (Voter ID number OH0020847217).
CATTELL, SCOTT M. (Voter ID number OH0016110031).
DELONG, THOMAS F. (Voter ID number OH0016110030).

2252 COUNTY RD 25
BEAIR, JASON RAY (Voter ID number OH0016109890).
VAN METER, NORA M. (Voter ID number OH0016109871).

2265 COUNTY RD 4
ALIFF, ANDREA H. (Voter ID number OH0020829186).
HANNERS, EDWARD JOE (Voter ID number OH0020829180).
HANNERS, KAYLA MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0023153989).

2279 COUNTY RD 51
CAMPBELL, NELL MAXINE (Voter ID number OH0016111597).

228 COUNTY RD 14
ARDEN, PHILLIP REDGINALD (Voter ID number OH0016107884).
ARDEN, THERESA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016127030).

228 P D 2039 CO RD 25
SHOPE, THOMAS W. (Voter ID number OH0016094334).

2297 COUNTY RD 27
MCCALL, WANDA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016101075).
NICELY, ALVIN CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number OH0016095289).
NICELY, LEIGH D. (Voter ID number OH0016095307).
NICELY, LISA RENEE (Voter ID number OH0016131225).
NICELY, TIMOTHY PAUL (Voter ID number OH0016131227).

2299 COUNTY RD 27
SHOPE, CHRIS (Voter ID number OH0023330499).
SHOPE, FRANK (Voter ID number OH0016110032).
SHOPE, THOMAS L. (Voter ID number OH0016110027).
STACEY, MARJORIE LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0016110018).
STACEY, OLNEY A. (Voter ID number OH0016110019).
STACEY, STACY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0022733683).
STACEY, TIMOTHY W. (Voter ID number OH0022738280).

2299-1/2 COUNTY RD 27
EASTERLING, RONALD (Voter ID number OH0016103958).
HUFF, RENEE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0020828215).

230 TWP RD 140E
ACKERMAN, TAWNYA T. (Voter ID number OH0016100034).

230 TWP RD 294
JOHNSON, DAVID C. (Voter ID number OH0016101058).
JOHNSON, JENNIFER LYNN (Voter ID number OH0018552058).

DERIFIELD, RAY E. (Voter ID number OH0020845151).
DERIFIELD, RAYNA NACOLE (Voter ID number OH0023621413).
GRASHEL DERIFIELD, ANITA G. (Voter ID number OH0020845143).

232 P R 4180 CO RD 16
RUNYON, ALAN (Voter ID number OH0016121792).

232 TWP RD 184E
CORNWELL, EMMA FAY (Voter ID number OH0023211279).
CORNWELL, FRANKLIN D. (Voter ID number OH0019067194).

2350 COUNTY RD 25
KELLEY, ANDREW RYAN (Voter ID number OH0016109889).
KELLEY, JO ANN (Voter ID number OH0016109878).
KELLEY, WILLIAM FREDERICK (Voter ID number OH0016109874).

236 TWP RD 324
DEPRIEST, REX ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016103696).
DEPRIEST, VIOLET G. (Voter ID number OH0016103698).
SHARP, GARLAND (Voter ID number OH0023283156).

237 TWP RD 160
CAMPBELL, DONALD A. (Voter ID number OH0016101205).

238 P R 9183 ST RT 650
DELONG, DONALD (Voter ID number OH0020845163).
DELONG, JODI SUE (Voter ID number OH0023373814).

238 TWP RD 294
JOHNSON, DONALD EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0016103336).
JOHNSON, DONNA RAE (Voter ID number OH0016103339).

2382 COUNTY RD 51
PARSONS, MARY J. (Voter ID number OH0018549300).

239 P D 349 TWP RD 150
DELONG, JAMES W. (Voter ID number OH0020860295).
DELONG, PATRICIA LEE (Voter ID number OH0020860315).

24 P R 4460 CO RD 29
WOOD, JAMES EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0016121812).
WOOD, SUSAN MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016121810).

242 P D 2915 CO RD 27
KEE, DAVID T. (Voter ID number OH0018047971).
KEE, THERESA G. (Voter ID number OH0018187478).

243 TWP RD 184W
MILLER, DAVID F. (Voter ID number OH0016101598).

244 P D 910 ST RT 522
SIZEMORE, SANDRA E. (Voter ID number OH0016102705).
THOMPSON, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number OH0016102706).

245 COUNTY RD 49
DELAWDER, ROGER E. (Voter ID number OH0021474036).

2462 COUNTY RD 51
FYFFE, ANGEL NICHOLE (Voter ID number OH0018061904).
HOWARD, JOSHUA L. (Voter ID number OH0016092727).

2469 STATE RT 522
RASE, BONNIE LOU (Voter ID number OH0016126982).
RASE, HENRY DALE (Voter ID number OH0016126981).

248 P R 2173 CO RD 41S
MILLER, JOANNE (Voter ID number OH0016121450).

248 TWP RD 1100
BLAGG, CAROL RUTH (Voter ID number OH0016094891).
BLAGG, CARRIE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016094872).
BLAGG, KACIE RAE (Voter ID number OH0023488318).
BLAGG, KELSEY RENEA (Voter ID number OH0022573929).
BLAGG, KENNETH A. (Voter ID number OH0016094877).
BLAGG, RONALD RAY (Voter ID number OH0016094881).

249 TWP RD 294
JOHNSON, ROBERT ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016103335).

25 P D 231 CO RD 10C
CARMON, CHERYL LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016120163).
CARMON, LLOYD S. (Voter ID number OH0016120158).
CARMON, RICK DAVID (Voter ID number OH0016120166).

25 P D 477 TWP RD 150
ELSWICK, JOLINDA (Voter ID number OH0022555995).
ELSWICK, KENNETH W. (Voter ID number OH0016103327).

25 P R 4460 CO RD 29
STAPLETON, RANDALL E. (Voter ID number OH0016121808).
STAPLETON, VIOLET G. (Voter ID number OH0016121809).

250 P R 9183 ST RT 650
DELONG, BONNIE JANE (Voter ID number OH0016122083).

2513 COUNTY RD 25
SMITH, DORA L. (Voter ID number OH0016109879).

252 P R 275 CO RD 29
TURLEY, TIM (Voter ID number OH0016134216).

2544 COUNTY RD 16
CRAWFORD, ALTHEA L. (Voter ID number OH0016108408).
CRAWFORD, CHERYL A. (Voter ID number OH0023610832).
CRAWFORD, GARRETT V. (Voter ID number OH0022059786).
CRAWFORD, RALPH E. (Voter ID number OH0016108414).

255 P R 11014 ST RT 93
BESCO, JOYCE E. (Voter ID number OH0016121249).

255 STATE RT 373
FRADD, KAYLA NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0016126739).
KIDD, BRIAN LEE (Voter ID number OH0016092942).

259 TWP RD 160
SARGENT, JEFFREY DEWAYNE (Voter ID number OH0021165243).

259 TWP RD 184W
MILLER, JUDITH E. (Voter ID number OH0016101597).

259 TWP RD 254S
SPENCE, TROY EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0016102711).

2591 COUNTY RD 16
NELSON, JAMES ALBERT (Voter ID number OH0016108457).
NELSON, JUNE ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0016108459).

26 TWP RD 150
SARVEN, AUTTIE A. (Voter ID number OH0019733748).

262 COUNTY RD 51
TAYLOR, FAYNE L. (Voter ID number OH0016107841).

BLANKENSHIP, ROENA J. (Voter ID number OH0016107022).
BLANKENSHIP, WILLARD T. (Voter ID number OH0018805872).
SHARP, BRIAN VICTOR (Voter ID number OH0016126744).

264 P D 1577 CO RD 25
MARKEL, RAYMOND K. (Voter ID number OH0023302779).

264 TWP RD 150
SKAGGS, RONALD (Voter ID number OH0022555972).
WILBURN, NELLIE (Voter ID number OH0018642286).

265 TWP RD 155E
JENKINS, OGLE J. (Voter ID number OH0016101074).
SWED, BRIAN SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0016101086).
SWED, THELMA LOU (Voter ID number OH0016101084).

266 TWP RD 294
DAVIS, BETTY A. (Voter ID number OH0020870157).
KNIPP, JAMES R. (Voter ID number OH0022736492).

2672 COUNTY RD 51
SARK, KENNETH G. (Voter ID number OH0018913954).

2693 COUNTY RD 51
WILSON, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number OH0021531860).

27 P D 380 ST RT 373
JILES, JOHNATHAN (Voter ID number OH0023302587).
JILES, TIMOTHY E. (Voter ID number OH0023302718).
REAPER, CHRISTY L. (Voter ID number OH0023342681).

272 P R 2173 CO RD 41S
DEPRIEST, RANDY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016121439).
DEPRIEST, ROSEMARY (Voter ID number OH0016121444).

277 COUNTY RD 169
ADDIS, RANDELL D. (Voter ID number OH0019262192).
ADDIS, VIRGINIA SUE (Voter ID number OH0019262109).

277 P R 4975 CO RD 29
SULLIVAN, KELLI D. (Voter ID number OH0016121865).
SULLIVAN, MARK A. (Voter ID number OH0016121866).
WYMER, LESLIE JORDAN (Voter ID number OH0020285243).

277 TWP RD 140W
MCGHEE, DEBRA (Voter ID number OH0016100045).
MCGHEE, GEORGE H. (Voter ID number OH0016100040).

2798 COUNTY RD 16
CRAFT, DONALD L. (Voter ID number OH0016111804).
CRAFT, TINA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016111790).

28 P R 4180 CO RD 16
NEWBY, RAYMOND L. (Voter ID number OH0021541429).

28 TWP RD 546
JILES, TAMMY L. (Voter ID number OH0019282868).
MARKEL, LINDSAY BROOKE (Voter ID number OH0022730817).
MARKEL, RAYMOND K. (Voter ID number OH0019296308).
MARKEL, ZACHARIAH KEITH (Voter ID number OH0022136947).

280 TWP RD 184E
CORNWELL, AARON RAY (Voter ID number OH0019891487).
CORNWELL, DON R. (Voter ID number OH0016092617).
FERGUSON, LELIA M. (Voter ID number OH0019060453).
MORRIS, JOSHUA KYLE (Voter ID number OH0021658898).

2829 COUNTY RD 16
MONTGOMERY STALLO, BRITTANY (Voter ID number OH0019001615).
STALLO, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number OH0018543934).

283 P D 1577 CO RD 25
CARMON, BOBBIE J. (Voter ID number OH0019391661).
DOWNER, BELINDA J. (Voter ID number OH0021658970).
SIZEMORE, JESSE C. (Voter ID number OH0021301376).
SIZEMORE, LISA P. (Voter ID number OH0019465017).
SIZEMORE, MARK L. (Voter ID number OH0019465019).

283 TWP RD 140W
BOOTHE, CHARLES RICK (Voter ID number OH0016097225).
SHUMATE, LORRI E. (Voter ID number OH0023234917).

285 P R 4777 CO RD 16
KEATON, ANGELA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016114423).
THOMAS, JERRY WILLARD (Voter ID number OH0016121852).
THOMAS, JESSICA LEE ANN (Voter ID number OH0021393860).

285 TWP RD 294
HALL, LINDA LUCILLE (Voter ID number OH0016103338).

2889 STATE RT 522
BARBER, JILLIAN ELAINE (Voter ID number OH0016126924).

2895 STATE RT 522
CLINE, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number OH0016126911).
CLINE, REBECKAH V. (Voter ID number OH0016126910).

STURGILL, BRAD G. (Voter ID number OH0022556076).
STURGILL, GARTH EDWIN (Voter ID number OH0016104129).
STURGILL, TYLER A. (Voter ID number OH0022556934).
STURGILL, YVONNE FAYE (Voter ID number OH0016104131).

COX, JAMES ERCIL (Voter ID number OH0022720935).

2921 COUNTY RD 4
COX, BRITTANY A. (Voter ID number OH0023319536).
COX, JAMES E. (Voter ID number OH0016103328).
COX, REBECCA A. (Voter ID number OH0016110948).

2926 COUNTY RD 16
ADAMS, JONATHAN J. (Voter ID number OH0020822077).
ADAMS, LORA L. (Voter ID number OH0020822075).

293 P R 2913 CO RD 27
MEYERS, JAMES EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0016132281).
MEYERS, MARY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016132280).

294 TWP RD 294
DELONG, DEIDRA GAIL (Voter ID number OH0016103326).
DELONG, WILLIAM RUSSELL (Voter ID number OH0016103331).

2967 COUNTY RD 16
MEADOWS, JAMES ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016108458).
MEADOWS, TONNIA TERESA (Voter ID number OH0016108460).

297 COUNTY RD 29
FRANCE, ASHLEY (Voter ID number OH0018692995).
LABER, GEORGE C. (Voter ID number OH0019470210).
LABER, STEVEN C. (Voter ID number OH0021960991).

297 P R 11014 ST RT 93
DALTON, LEON ARTHUR (Voter ID number OH0016121253).
DALTON, LINDA CAROL (Voter ID number OH0016121252).
DALTON, WESLEY L. (Voter ID number OH0020784715).

30 P R 10472 ST RT 93
CREMEANS, REBECCA R. (Voter ID number OH0016121201).
CREMEANS, SEAN J. (Voter ID number OH0016121204).

30 TWP RD 113
WILSON, RONALD EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0016095564).

3005 STATE RT 373
BUTLER, DAVID HENRY (Voter ID number OH0016121916).
MOORE, DAVID A. (Voter ID number OH0019281042).

301 TWP RD 324
JARRETT, CHERYL L. (Voter ID number OH0016103972).
JARRETT, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number OH0018932666).

3035 COUNTY RD 4
BOLES, CARL DAVID (Voter ID number OH0016110834).
MCGLONE, PARNELL M. (Voter ID number OH0016110825).

304 P D 2915 CO RD 27
HOWARD, JONI LYNN (Voter ID number OH0022643316).

304 TWP RD 113
BAILEY, ANDREA (Voter ID number OH0022742573).
MARTIN, ZACH M. (Voter ID number OH0019297534).
PUGH, FREDDIE MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0016095562).
PUGH, MARJORIE BETH (Voter ID number OH0016118243).

304 TWP RD 294
DELONG, BRETT RYAN (Voter ID number OH0023291755).
DELONG, FRANCIS EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0016103333).
DELONG, ROSE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016103332).

305 TWP RD 184W
BEAIR, ALONZO J. (Voter ID number OH0016101590).
BEAIR, ROSEMARY (Voter ID number OH0016101591).

307 COUNTY RD 169
DEPRIEST, KRISTEN (Voter ID number OH0023303062).
MCFANN, BRANDON L. (Voter ID number OH0016101360).
TAYLOR, ANNETTA JOYCE (Voter ID number OH0019273672).

307 STATE RT 373
KIDD, BRIAN LEE (Voter ID number OH0016126742).
KIDD, TAMARA YVONNE (Voter ID number OH0016126740).

308 P D 1577 CO RD 25
HAYES, JOHN THOMAS (Voter ID number OH0023496059).
WILSON, BRITTANY LEE (Voter ID number OH0019462043).

31 P D 333 CO RD 29
MCCORKLE, JAMES THOMAS (Voter ID number OH0016120363).

310 TWP RD 41N
BRYANT, CODY R. (Voter ID number OH0018699740).

3100 COUNTY RD 51
JENKINS, SELENA N. (Voter ID number OH0022160952).
SCHWEICKART, HILDA N. (Voter ID number OH0016133810).
SCHWEICKART, OTTO ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0016111622).

3114 COUNTY RD 4
RAMEY, REBECCA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016110916).
RAMEY, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number OH0016110917).

3124 STATE RT 373
JAMES, BRIAN DOUGLAS (Voter ID number OH0016126702).
JAMES, NANCY ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0016126701).

3143 STATE RT 373
MOORE, ELIZABETH MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016093107).
MURRELL, JOHN DEVIN (Voter ID number OH0023302807).
WAUGH, AMY (Voter ID number OH0018791817).

3146 COUNTY RD 4
FRAZER, CARL EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0016110824).

3165 STATE RT 373
BLAGG, LARRY D. (Voter ID number OH0020855153).

3167 COUNTY RD 51
JENKINS, ANNABELLE LEE (Voter ID number OH0016111592).
JENKINS, EDDIE LEE (Voter ID number OH0016111586).
JENKINS, MATTHEW LEE (Voter ID number OH0016111581).

317 TWP RD 160
MALONE, MICHELLE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016101180).
MALONE, RANDALL SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0016101179).

318 TWP RD 245W
ADKINS, STEVEN CLAYTON (Voter ID number OH0016102428).

3180 COUNTY RD 4
DALTON, EMILY JO (Voter ID number OH0016124051).
REED, LARRY DEAN (Voter ID number OH0016110843).

3198 STATE RT 373
EVANS, SCOTT D. (Voter ID number OH0022109320).

NOEL, JESSIE MAE (Voter ID number OH0016107020).

3200 COUNTY RD 4
REED, LARRY DEAN (Voter ID number OH0016110796).
REED, ZACHARY M. (Voter ID number OH0017784118).

321 P R 275 CO RD 29
TURLEY, TERESA M. (Voter ID number OH0020870515).
TURLEY, TIMOTHY D. (Voter ID number OH0020870505).

3217 STATE RT 373
FRIEND, BILLY DWAYNE (Voter ID number OH0016121455).
FRIEND, BRANDY K. (Voter ID number OH0018302381).

322 STATE RT 373
JOSEPH, RALPH F. (Voter ID number OH0016126726).

322 TWP RD 294
DELONG, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number OH0018160928).

3223 TWP RD 160
LEWIS, ANGELA B. (Voter ID number OH0016101194).

3227 COUNTY RD 16
MILLER, ERIC A. (Voter ID number OH0016108425).

323 TWP RD 207
PATTON, BRANDON E. (Voter ID number OH0020866075).
PATTON, JOHN E. (Voter ID number OH0016092848).

3230 COUNTY RD 16
ROBINSON, JOHN WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0016108453).
ROBINSON, TROY R. (Voter ID number OH0016108417).

3242 COUNTY RD 4
SUMMERS, SHAWN M. (Voter ID number OH0016110863).

3251 STATE RT 522
MADDY, NICHOLAS R. (Voter ID number OH0016126934).
STURGILL, EMILY K. (Voter ID number OH0019465028).

3286 STATE RT 373
BOOKHAMER, MARKO A. (Voter ID number OH0023470803).
EVANS, LAUREN RACHAEL (Voter ID number OH0023099241).
UNRUE, TONJA K. (Voter ID number OH0016102017).

33 P R 4975 CO RD 29
MALONE, REBECCA R. (Voter ID number OH0023516327).

330 P R 160 TWP RD 294
COOPER, BRANDON L. (Voter ID number OH0019067048).

3304 COUNTY RD 29
BLANKENSHIP, CARL MELVIN (Voter ID number OH0016110115).
BLANKENSHIP, DEBRA R. (Voter ID number OH0016110071).

3312 STATE RT 373
MCFANN, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number OH0016126756).

3319 STATE RT 373
DELAWDER, DIANNA L. (Voter ID number OH0023496051).
JILES, TAMMIE L. (Voter ID number OH0016092841).
KERSEY, CALVIN D. (Voter ID number OH0018497567).

3336 TWP RD 160
CAMPBELL, BARBARA ANN (Voter ID number OH0023411994).
CAMPBELL, GREGORY ALAN (Voter ID number OH0016100246).

3359 COUNTY RD 29
GOULD, MYRON E. (Voter ID number OH0016109243).
GOULD, TEDDIE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0021665418).

336 COUNTY RD 29
HACKWORTH, SHERRY LYN (Voter ID number OH0016110120).
HACKWORTH, STEVAN RAY (Voter ID number OH0016110119).

337 COUNTY RD 29
HACKWORTH, KIMBERLY JANE (Voter ID number OH0016110090).
HACKWORTH, TIMOTHY EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0016110100).

337 COUNTY RD 51
GILLISPIE, LEE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016111628).
GILLISPIE, MICHAEL DEWEY (Voter ID number OH0016111573).

338 TWP RD 324
DALTON, LONNIE RAY WILLIS (Voter ID number OH0021371355).
DEPRIEST, RAYMOND C. (Voter ID number OH0020827848).
DEPRIEST, TANYA (Voter ID number OH0016103683).

3385 COUNTY RD 51
BUCHANAN, BENJAMIN EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0020611324).
BUCHANAN, DONNA L. (Voter ID number OH0016111584).
BUCHANAN, JOSEPH LEE (Voter ID number OH0021915012).
BUCHANAN, NATHANIAL WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0016111568).
BUCHANAN, PATRICK W. (Voter ID number OH0016111582).

339 STATE RT 373
JOSEPH, RALPH LEE (Voter ID number OH0023373789).

339 TWP RD 324
DEPRIEST, KEVIN E. (Voter ID number OH0022567346).
DEPRIEST, LYNDA L. (Voter ID number OH0020827972).

34 P D 2911 CO RD 27
BAKER, CHARLES EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0016131430).

3403 COUNTY RD 4
DILLON, ERIC (Voter ID number OH0019861991).

BOWMAN, JERRY R. (Voter ID number OH0016093077).
BOWMAN, MARCUS R. (Voter ID number OH0022299392).
BOWMAN, SUSIE A. (Voter ID number OH0022554865).

3412 COUNTY RD 4
DILLON, DANIEL (Voter ID number OH0020829324).

342 COUNTY RD 51
NELSON, EDNA MAE (Voter ID number OH0016107880).
NELSON, MICHAEL PAUL (Voter ID number OH0022304421).
NELSON, TEDDY RICHARD (Voter ID number OH0022975765).

BUMP, BRANDY K. (Voter ID number OH0021464844).
TAYLOR, TRAVIS L. (Voter ID number OH0022572867).

3485 COUNTY RD 29
MAY, TEDDY M. (Voter ID number OH0020620265).

349 P R 4777 CO RD 16
THOMAS, SAMANTHA MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0020861671).

349 TWP RD 150
STAMPER, JAMES T. (Voter ID number OH0016100788).

35 P D 9262 ST RT 93
SALYERS, FRANKLIN (Voter ID number OH0021183608).
SALYERS, FRANKLIN (Voter ID number OH0021183751).
SALYERS, MARY F. (Voter ID number OH0022562901).

35 TWP RD 160
ALLEY, JOHN W. (Voter ID number OH0019462553).
ALLEY, STACY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016103852).
BAYS, JULIA C. (Voter ID number OH0019441999).

351 COUNTY RD 169
ADAMS, ERVIN WENDELL (Voter ID number OH0021207004).
HINMAN, TASHA M. (Voter ID number OH0016115351).

3527 COUNTY RD 16
HOWELL, SUMMER LEIGH (Voter ID number OH0023460452).
LANGER, RENA RUTH (Voter ID number OH0016123741).
LANGER, STEFANIE NICOLLE (Voter ID number OH0016108416).
MAYNARD, JOSHUA DAVID (Voter ID number OH0016123471).
MAYNARD, RACHEL ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0016123818).
SMITH, JASON ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0023746766).
SWANGO, EMMA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016133616).
WILSON, AMY LOU (Voter ID number OH0023243724).

3555 COUNTY RD 16
WILSON, WANDA L. (Voter ID number OH0016123340).

3562 COUNTY RD 51
WADDELL, REGINA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016111618).

357 COUNTY RD 16
KOSTER, CANDACE L. (Voter ID number OH0016108415).
KOSTER, RONALD A. (Voter ID number OH0022586909).

357 TWP RD 324
MALONE, DAVID A. (Voter ID number OH0022564515).
MALONE, KEVIN A. (Voter ID number OH0016103687).
MALONE, TANYA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016103684).
SHARP, MISTY JO (Voter ID number OH0017790529).

359 P D 2039 CO RD 25
ALDRIDGE, BREANNA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0023736395).
BOWMAN, VERA LEE (Voter ID number OH0016131147).
ROSS, JAMIE S. (Voter ID number OH0019246144).

3593 COUNTY RD 4
LONG, CHRISTINA RAE (Voter ID number OH0016126762).
LONG, COREY (Voter ID number OH0023231767).

36 P D 333 CO RD 29
CRAWFORD, JAMES DONALD (Voter ID number OH0016120365).

361 STATE RT 373
KOENIG, JESSICA R. (Voter ID number OH0019978397).
KOENIG, KYLE A. (Voter ID number OH0019681326).

3615 COUNTY RD 16
THOMAS, JUDITH IRENE (Voter ID number OH0016108445).

363 COUNTY RD 51
RAWLINS, EVERETT R. (Voter ID number OH0022109285).

363 P D 1577 CO RD 25
JOHNSON, JENNIFER DAWN (Voter ID number OH0018542772).
MARKEL, BERNADINE (Voter ID number OH0020948344).
MARKEL, BILLY J. (Voter ID number OH0016131067).

363 P R 4460 CO RD 29
SHUCK, DONALD LEE (Voter ID number OH0016121799).
SHUCK, JOYCE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016121811).

363 STATE RT 522
HOSEY, BRENDA GAIL (Voter ID number OH0016126948).
HOSEY, CHELSEA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0022418079).
HOSEY, JASON LEE (Voter ID number OH0016126954).

364 P D 1577 CO RD 25
MARKEL, BRENDA (Voter ID number OH0019985820).
MARKEL, ERIC LEE (Voter ID number OH0020225401).
MARKEL, ERIC R. (Voter ID number OH0021553383).
MARKEL, KATIE JO (Voter ID number OH0022074325).

3644 COUNTY RD 29
HUDDLE, ALEXANDER WILSON (Voter ID number OH0020944267).

365 TWP RD 150
CREMEANS, JAMES L. (Voter ID number OH0016100770).
CREMEANS, MARY M. (Voter ID number OH0016100787).

3655 COUNTY RD 51
WADDELL, JESSE RAY (Voter ID number OH0016111594).

369 P D 1577 CO RD 25
WHEELER, SHARON T. (Voter ID number OH0016131065).
WHEELER, STEPHEN TROY (Voter ID number OH0016131069).

37 P D 231 CO RD 10C
RUSSELL, BETTY J. (Voter ID number OH0016120156).

37 P R 160 TWP RD 294
IMES, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number OH0016121365).

37 TWP RD 150
ELSWICK, SHERRY KAY (Voter ID number OH0016100779).
MCGUIRE, CATHY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016128469).

370 TWP RD 41N
DEPRIEST, CAROL A. (Voter ID number OH0018549127).

371 COUNTY RD 29
ESTEP, GERALD R. (Voter ID number OH0016110057).

3728 COUNTY RD 4
LANEY, DANNY J. (Voter ID number OH0016110893).
LANEY, REBEKAH DANIELLE (Voter ID number OH0023456128).
LANEY, SUSAN N. (Voter ID number OH0016110892).
TURNER, JUSTIN EVAN (Voter ID number OH0023232220).

373 STATE RT 373, TRLR 1
WOODS, KEITH ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0022556366).

374 TWP RD 184W
GULLETT, DAVID (Voter ID number OH0022556850).

3745 COUNTY RD 4
JOHNSON, LORI D. (Voter ID number OH0018190924).
WALLS, WILLIAM DAVID (Voter ID number OH0016103667).

3747 COUNTY RD 51
WADDELL, ELIZABETH ANN (Voter ID number OH0021776772).

3760 COUNTY RD 29
BARCUS, BRADLEY GRANT (Voter ID number OH0016110074).

379 P R 160 TWP RD 294
BRIDGES, DORA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016121369).
HILL, DONALD R. (Voter ID number OH0016131478).
SLAUGHTER, AMANDA D. (Voter ID number OH0021192069).

379 TWP RD 153
NOLL, NELLIE MAE (Voter ID number OH0022080984).
PELLETIER, DYLAN M. (Voter ID number OH0022545473).

38 TWP RD 160
HANSHAW, TAMYRA S. (Voter ID number OH0016102722).
KNIPP, CATHY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016101224).
SHOPE, MICHAEL LEE (Voter ID number OH0016101236).
SHOPE, THELMA (Voter ID number OH0016133376).

380 P D 2915 CO RD 27
MARTIN, RONALD JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0019881467).

380 TWP RD 153
WARBOY, CRYSTAL MARIE (Voter ID number OH0022317649).

381 COUNTY RD 169
MILLER, DANA SAMANTHA (Voter ID number OH0016101361).

3815 COUNTY RD 41N
STONE, ARTHUR VERNON (Voter ID number OH0016111011).
STONE, JESSE RAY (Voter ID number OH0018291113).
STONE, LEVI THOMAS (Voter ID number OH0022655462).
STONE, SUE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016111004).

382 STATE RT 373
BOGGS, AMBER D. (Voter ID number OH0016109870).
COX, BOBBIE DAWN (Voter ID number OH0016111289).
COX, BOBBY JOE (Voter ID number OH0016111291).
COX, ELIHU D. (Voter ID number OH0020532778).

3820 COUNTY RD 29
KELLEY, EARL L. (Voter ID number OH0016110076).
LAWSON, LYDIA VIRGINIA (Voter ID number OH0016130388).

385 COUNTY RD 169
ALDRIDGE, SAMUEL DAVID (Voter ID number OH0020225431).

3858 TWP RD 160
MCKENZIE, CARL L. (Voter ID number OH0016101189).
MCKENZIE, DIANNA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016101184).

386 COUNTY RD 51
JACKSON, STACEY N. (Voter ID number OH0022109305).
SOUTHWORTH, ANGELA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016095286).

387 TWP RD 184W
THOMES, JULIA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016101041).
THOMES, TROY M. (Voter ID number OH0022625404).

388 P R 169 TWP RD 160
ADKINS, EVERETT E. (Voter ID number OH0016132168).
ADKINS, SHERRY R. (Voter ID number OH0016100038).

389 TWP RD 155E
PENWELL, JEFFERY ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016101062).
PENWELL, JEREMY D. (Voter ID number OH0021198056).
PENWELL, KAYLA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0018537502).
PENWELL, NINA VIRGINIA (Voter ID number OH0016101060).
PENWELL, ZACHARY A. (Voter ID number OH0018548631).

3900 TWP RD 160
HODGE, DEBRA S. (Voter ID number OH0016104897).
KNIPP, CLINTON (Voter ID number OH0016101197).

LEWIS, CARL (Voter ID number OH0016050845).

392 TWP RD 166
RUPP, ALLENE LUCILLE (Voter ID number OH0016101340).
RUPP, MICA N. (Voter ID number OH0019286639).
RUPP, MICHAEL EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0016101339).
RUPP, SARA RENEE (Voter ID number OH0016101333).

3937 COUNTY RD 4
RICHARDSON, WOODSON WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0016110912).

3940 COUNTY RD 29
WILDS, CAROL JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016110103).
WILDS, MICHAEL ANTHONY (Voter ID number OH0016133702).

3944 TWP RD 160
WADDELL, EDGAR TYREE (Voter ID number OH0020255864).

3951 COUNTY RD 51
MCFANN, DEIDRE NICHOLE (Voter ID number OH0016092930).
MCFANN, DENVER EARL (Voter ID number OH0016093144).
MCFANN, PAULA M. (Voter ID number OH0016092807).

3977 COUNTY RD 16
HERRELL, GAROLD (Voter ID number OH0016133619).
HERRELL, LOIS ANN (Voter ID number OH0016133626).

3988 TWP RD 160
HUFF, ELIZABETH M. (Voter ID number OH0019496735).
HUFF, JACOB WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0021458459).
SCYTHES, JOSIE M. (Voter ID number OH0017770797).
SCYTHES, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number OH0020473008).
WADDELL, ROGER L. (Voter ID number OH0019381365).

4 P R 4180 CO RD 16
KEATON, PATRICIA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016134223).

4008 COUNTY RD 16
RENFROE, CHAD ERIC (Voter ID number OH0016101022).
RENFROE, JODI L. (Voter ID number OH0019489766).

4016 COUNTY RD 4
LYND, DAVID W. (Voter ID number OH0016110902).
LYND, JOYCE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016110905).

402 P R 2715 CO RD 29
HARRIS, CHARLES LANCE (Voter ID number OH0016121595).
HARRIS, JACQUELINE LEA (Voter ID number OH0016121596).

402 P R 4460 CO RD 29
AKERS, AMANDA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016121803).
AKERS, TIMOTHY R. (Voter ID number OH0019031135).

403 TWP RD 184W
ACKISON, FREDA LORENE (Voter ID number OH0016101599).

404 STATE RT 373
LONG, MICHAEL ROY (Voter ID number OH0016101218).
WILSON, JAMES F. (Voter ID number OH0018913951).

4072 COUNTY RD 5
BOGGS, RUTH ANN (Voter ID number OH0016111380).
ROGERS, HARLENE (Voter ID number OH0016111535).
ROGERS, JERRY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016111536).

409 COUNTY RD 51
MCNEAL, CHERYL LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016111574).
MCNEAL, JOHN E. (Voter ID number OH0019292636).

409 TWP RD 324
BRUCE, WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0016103682).
SHOPE, ROSE MARY (Voter ID number OH0016133446).

41 P D 2911 CO RD 27
BLOOMFIELD, SCOTT DEE (Voter ID number OH0016117384).

4114 COUNTY RD 5
HOLBROOK, RONALD D. (Voter ID number OH0016111414).
HOLBROOK, TAMMY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016111415).

412 TWP RD 254E
LABER, JOSEPH S. (Voter ID number OH0020838642).

4134 COUNTY RD 41N
FRAZIER, MARC ANOTHONY (Voter ID number OH0020855161).

4136 COUNTY RD 41N
WEBB, ELMO L. (Voter ID number OH0016111002).
WEBB, SUSAN (Voter ID number OH0016111014).

415 P D 6636 COUNTY RD 4
DAVIS, JEANNINE (Voter ID number OH0016110899).

415 P R 11014 ST RT 93
DALTON, LEO A. (Voter ID number OH0019067406).

416 TWP RD 207
CLUTTERS, FERNON SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0019293246).
FRIEND, KALA RENEE (Voter ID number OH0016092928).

4169 COUNTY RD 4
MCCONNELL, ALLEN THOMAS (Voter ID number OH0016110828).
MCCONNELL, HELEN ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0016110832).
MCCONNELL, STEPHEN MICHAELL (Voter ID number OH0016110829).
PRATER, MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0022978595).

419 TWP RD 199
SHARP, DOROTHY ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0016119890).

4192 TWP RD 160
COMER, ADENA SUE (Voter ID number OH0022681745).
HIERONIMUS, CHARLES DAVID (Voter ID number OH0016101234).
HIERONIMUS, SHERRY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016101235).
HIERONIMUS, STACY NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0016123815).

42 P D 2039 CO RD 25
MALONE, ALFRED R. (Voter ID number OH0016092719).
MAYS, ASHLEY RENEE (Voter ID number OH0021538492).
STAPLETON, ANDREW JACOB (Voter ID number OH0021679370).

4219 COUNTY RD 16
CADE, RONNIE EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0016108446).
IMES, BRIAN K. (Voter ID number OH0018528326).
IMES, RONDA J. (Voter ID number OH0018528245).

4227 COUNTY RD 16
CADE, DEBRA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016108447).

4237 COUNTY RD 51
ALDRIDGE, KENNETH (Voter ID number OH0016111600).
ALDRIDGE, TERESA MARGARET (Voter ID number OH0016111593).

4259 COUNTY RD 4
MCCONNELL, ALLEN DAVID (Voter ID number OH0022025184).

426 TWP RD 254E
LABER, MAUDE E. (Voter ID number OH0016102708).

427 TWP RD 207
HICKS, LISA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0021132320).
HICKS, WILLIAM CLYDE (Voter ID number OH0021177681).
LEWIS, DAVID H. (Voter ID number OH0016101188).
WALKER, JORDAN ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0021141947).

428 TWP RD 113
KELLEY, CHESTER TED (Voter ID number OH0016095570).
KELLEY, PHYLLIS ROSE (Voter ID number OH0016133202).

4280 COUNTY RD 41N
AKERS, LEE ROY (Voter ID number OH0016110996).

4281 COUNTY RD 41N
AKERS, JACOB R. (Voter ID number OH0023226831).

4284 COUNTY RD 41N
HYSELL, TERESA L. (Voter ID number OH0016111251).

4292 COUNTY RD 41N
MIDDLETON, HERMAN WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0016111007).
WICKLINE, RAYMOND EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0016111008).

43 P R 4460 CO RD 29
BOYAJIAN, SHAWANNIA RAE (Voter ID number OH0021020405).
NANCE, ADRIANE ROCHELLE (Voter ID number OH0022585985).

432 TWP RD 166
MCFANN, CHASTITY R. (Voter ID number OH0016101343).
MCFANN, DILLON M. (Voter ID number OH0023232675).
MCFANN, MARK EVERETT (Voter ID number OH0016101341).

436 TWP RD 160
MALONE, KATHERN (Voter ID number OH0016101221).

4367 COUNTY RD 29
STEVENS, RICHARD LEE (Voter ID number OH0020225435).
STEVENS, TAMMY L. (Voter ID number OH0016110102).

4384 STATE RT 522
MALONE, GLEAH R. (Voter ID number OH0016093011).
MALONE, JAMES K. (Voter ID number OH0016093009).

4414 COUNTY RD 41N
STONE, ANNABELLE LEE (Voter ID number OH0016110999).
STONE, SCOTT A. (Voter ID number OH0016110998).

4432 COUNTY RD 29
LITTLEJOHN, BONNIE SUE (Voter ID number OH0016110087).
PENNINGTON, LONA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016110095).

448 TWP RD 207
SIMMONS, AMANDA L. (Voter ID number OH0017790919).
SIMMONS, THOMAS L. (Voter ID number OH0016115831).

4486 COUNTY RD 51
MASSIE, FAYE K. (Voter ID number OH0016111616).
MASSIE, ORLYN (Voter ID number OH0016111617).

4497 COUNTY RD 5
STAMPER, NANCY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016133804).
STAMPER, ROGER LEE (Voter ID number OH0016133808).

4518 COUNTY RD 29
LEACH, AUSTIN THEODORE (Voter ID number OH0016129130).
LEACH, DELORES ANN (Voter ID number OH0016133698).

453 TWP RD 196W
BELLOMY, WILLIAM ARLIE (Voter ID number OH0021524055).
LITTERAL, KAYLA NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0022720533).

4546 COUNTY RD 5
MCCLASKEY, RICHARD (Voter ID number OH0016111498).
MCCLASKEY, ROBYN L. (Voter ID number OH0016111396).
STAMBAUGH, TORI A. (Voter ID number OH0023751979).

4571 COUNTY RD 4
BARE, LARRY K. (Voter ID number OH0016110806).
BARE, SHERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0016110805).

4573 COUNTY RD 5
ROSS, KATHY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016111392).
ROSS, MICHAEL LEE (Voter ID number OH0016111555).

4582 COUNTY RD 29
MALONE, JOSHUA MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0021154253).
MALONE, TIFFANI HOPE (Voter ID number OH0022780112).

4588 COUNTY RD 4
HARVEY, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number OH0023258189).

46 P D 477 TWP RD 150
DEPRIEST, MILTON BLAINE (Voter ID number OH0016100776).

4605 COUNTY RD 16
STAMPER, AMBER NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0022548633).
STAMPER, MARCUS ALAN (Voter ID number OH0016124663).

4628 COUNTY RD 29
WEBB, KAREN SUE (Voter ID number OH0016110098).
WEBB, KENNETH RAY (Voter ID number OH0016110105).

4635 COUNTY RD 29
KIMBLE, MARY ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0016110060).

SETTLE, JESSE F. (Voter ID number OH0020828251).
SETTLE, MINTI ELYSE (Voter ID number OH0016111135).

465 COUNTY RD 49
WISEMAN, CHARLES R. (Voter ID number OH0021541910).
WISEMAN, DANIEL R. (Voter ID number OH0022000390).
WISEMAN, REBECCA M. (Voter ID number OH0021450664).

469 TWP RD 150
DEPRIEST, JEFF (Voter ID number OH0020843539).
WATSON, EDITH M. (Voter ID number OH0020843534).

469 TWP RD 153
RENFROE, CHARLES ERIC (Voter ID number OH0016101028).

47 P D 231 CO RD 10C
BROWN, JAMES RICHARD (Voter ID number OH0016120159).
BROWN, RHONDA Y. (Voter ID number OH0016120162).
LONG, LAUREN BROOKE (Voter ID number OH0019463176).

470 STATE RT 373
CRISP, GREGORY A. (Voter ID number OH0016126767).
CRISP, SUZIE (Voter ID number OH0020827854).
DEPRIEST, LINDA (Voter ID number OH0016126758).
DEPRIEST, MARSHA (Voter ID number OH0020254992).
DILLON, TYLER ERIC (Voter ID number OH0023044751).

4713 COUNTY RD 29
MASSIE, LISA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0016110054).
MASSIE, LUCAS DEAN (Voter ID number OH0023052079).
MASSIE, MATTHEW DEAN (Voter ID number OH0016110125).

4719 COUNTY RD 5
ROGERS, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number OH0016126101).
ROGERS, JERRY RYAN (Voter ID number OH0016111427).

4727 COUNTY RD 29
VAN METER, HARLEY (Voter ID number OH0016110104).

477 TWP RD 244S
SLONE, MIKE LEE (Voter ID number OH0016102424).

4787 COUNTY RD 5
PAYNE, ALAN J. (Voter ID number OH0016111354).
PAYNE, BETTY JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016111525).
PAYNE, CALVIN LEE (Voter ID number OH0016111524).

4790 COUNTY RD 29
ELLIS, JOHN ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0018648093).
ELLIS, JOHN LEE (Voter ID number OH0016110084).
ELLIS, VICTORIA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016110114).

4796 COUNTY RD 16
PAYNE, NELL (Voter ID number OH0016133622).
PAYNE, RICHARD N. (Voter ID number OH0016108456).

48 P D 231 CO RD 10C
RATLIFF, CHAD E. (Voter ID number OH0016092959).
RATLIFF, KRISTEN R. (Voter ID number OH0016092879).

48 P D 7302 ST RT 93
CHAFFINS, BRIAN K. (Voter ID number OH0016120762).

48 TWP RD 326
CONDEE, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number OH0020248027).
CONDEE, GARY L. (Voter ID number OH0020248045).
HAYES, JUSTIN RYAN (Voter ID number OH0020865205).

48-A P D 477 TWP RD 150
DEPRIEST, BRITTANY MARIE (Voter ID number OH0020996173).
DEPRIEST, GARY (Voter ID number OH0020105586).
DEPRIEST, GARY L. (Voter ID number OH0020843577).
DEPRIEST, MOLLY (Voter ID number OH0023313129).

4800 STATE RT 522
DEPRIEST, GARRETT GENE (Voter ID number OH0016092986).
DEPRIEST, TIFFANY L. (Voter ID number OH0022574052).

484 STATE RT 522
CASEY, DENNIS BRUCE (Voter ID number OH0016126972).
CASEY, JULIE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016126969).
CASEY, JUSTIN B. (Voter ID number OH0021442891).

4851 COUNTY RD 5
ADAMS, LINDA S. (Voter ID number OH0016111394).
RIFFE, DENNIS W. (Voter ID number OH0016111363).

486 P D 1577 CO RD 25
HACKWORTH, SHANE E. (Voter ID number OH0016115974).
HACKWORTH, SHANE E. (Voter ID number OH0023318622).

486 TWP RD 245E
GESWEIN, LAWRENCE E. (Voter ID number OH0019402766).

487 COUNTY RD 51
LONG, CHRISTOPHER DALE (Voter ID number OH0016126942).
LONG, HOPE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016110871).

4870 COUNTY RD 29
STAPLETON, ROBERT HENRY (Voter ID number OH0016133704).

49 TWP RD 150
WILLIS, NORMAN DALE (Voter ID number OH0016133363).

490 TWP RD 244S
LEWIS, BETTY JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016102419).
LEWIS, WILLIAM S. (Voter ID number OH0018290481).
SLONE, VIOLA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016102416).

4914 COUNTY RD 16
ARBAUGH, JESSE JOYCE (Voter ID number OH0016108472).
ARBAUGH, MELISSA D. (Voter ID number OH0021676883).

4923 COUNTY RD 29
PANCAKE, SAMANTHA LEE (Voter ID number OH0016110128).

ADAMS, BRIAN D. (Voter ID number OH0019913082).

495 TWP RD 113
DUST, JACK W. (Voter ID number OH0016095563).
PORTER, LEORA J. (Voter ID number OH0022404057).

497 TWP RD 160
SANDS, KAREN RAE (Voter ID number OH0016101210).
SANDS, WILLIAM ERNEST (Voter ID number OH0016101217).

4988 COUNTY RD 29
BARKER, ANTHONY JAMES (Voter ID number OH0020532588).
BARKER, JENNIFER A. (Voter ID number OH0016102142).

5 P R 2173 CO RD 41S
DEPRIEST, KENDRA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0016121441).
GOAD, DELBERT D. (Voter ID number OH0020821834).

5016 COUNTY RD 29
BLACKSHIRE, MARK A. (Voter ID number OH0016104237).
MORRISON, DAN H. (Voter ID number OH0021827349).

503 TWP RD 153
GATES, DELANA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016101024).
GATES, TRAVIS D. (Voter ID number OH0023861244).

507 STATE RT 522
BLAGG, MELISSA LEIGH (Voter ID number OH0016105035).

KIDD, BEVERLY JUNE (Voter ID number OH0016110093).
KIDD, BLAINE (Voter ID number OH0016110085).

51 TWP RD 294
BAILEY, REBECCA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016101051).

510 COUNTY RD 51
MALONE, ANTHONY DAVID (Voter ID number OH0016111577).
MALONE, DONNA F. (Voter ID number OH0016111615).
MALONE, JOSH L. (Voter ID number OH0018648096).
SHARP, PATSY F. (Voter ID number OH0018914027).

512 STATE RT 373
WORKMAN, EDWINA (Voter ID number OH0016126752).
WORKMAN, JOHN T. (Voter ID number OH0021320063).

512 TWP RD 155E
STEWART, CHARLES M. (Voter ID number OH0022736487).
STEWART, CHARLES MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0016101067).

5135 COUNTY RD 29
BOSTIC, TAMMY S. (Voter ID number OH0021956026).
MALONE, SCOTT WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0016110055).

5153 COUNTY RD 16
HOWARD, WALTER E. (Voter ID number OH0016092964).

5169 COUNTY RD 16
ADKINS, BRENDA LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0016108470).
ADKINS, MICHAEL JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0016108471).
ADKINS, SHANNA D. (Voter ID number OH0021141957).
ADKINS, ZACHARY L. (Voter ID number OH0019296804).

517 STATE RT 522
KNAPP, LOWELL E. (Voter ID number OH0016126977).
KNAPP, MELODY SUE (Voter ID number OH0016126947).

518 STATE RT 522
WICKER, BETTY L. (Voter ID number OH0016537445).
WICKER, JULIUS C. (Voter ID number OH0016537444).

TAYLOR, CHERYLE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016050833).
TAYLOR, TOMMY L. (Voter ID number OH0016050815).

52 TWP RD 150
MASSIE, HILDA (Voter ID number OH0016100775).
MASSIE, JERRY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016100782).

52 TWP RD 184W
KNIPP, LEONA AUDREY (Voter ID number OH0016133382).

MULLENS, TAMMY L. (Voter ID number OH0016050810).

MULLENS, LORETTA (Voter ID number OH0016050831).

523 STATE RT 373
DEPRIEST, ALLEN DEAN (Voter ID number OH0016126765).
DEPRIEST, CYNTHIA GAYE (Voter ID number OH0016126747).

524 COUNTY RD 34
GILLISPIE, DONNA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016110573).
GILLISPIE, HARVEY (Voter ID number OH0016110570).

SHUFF, SAMUEL D. (Voter ID number OH0016111112).

SLY, KRISTEENA L. (Voter ID number OH0016050801).

53 P D 380 ST RT 373
DEPRIEST, DEBRA S. (Voter ID number OH0016120207).

53 TWP RD 160
CORBIN, JAMIE (Voter ID number OH0019262114).

530 TWP RD 153
CLAY, PATRICIA AILEEN (Voter ID number OH0016101467).

5300 COUNTY RD 29
MALONE, MICHAEL JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0020248004).

5301 COUNTY RD 29
CHATFIELD, DARLA F. (Voter ID number OH0023857267).
CHATFIELD, DARRELL FRANKLIN (Voter ID number OH0016110097).

536 STATE RT 373
TACKETT, DWAIN H. (Voter ID number OH0016126710).
TACKETT, LOUGINA FAYE (Voter ID number OH0016126770).

542 TWP RD 199
GRAHAM, ANGELA D. (Voter ID number OH0016130443).
GULLETT, REBA VERN (Voter ID number OH0016101831).
GULLETT, TABATHA J. (Voter ID number OH0016522513).
HAMM, HALEY BRIANNA (Voter ID number OH0023099052).

545 COUNTY RD 14
WILSON, YVONNE LOU (Voter ID number OH0016107876).

HORSLEY, BRENDA J. (Voter ID number OH0019909338).
TURVEY, MICHAEL B. (Voter ID number OH0019909965).

55 TWP RD 245E
MCCLEESE, GREGORY L. (Voter ID number OH0020822015).
MCCLEESE, NORA A. (Voter ID number OH0020822019).

550 TWP RD 196W
DODSON, ROGER E. (Voter ID number OH0016101760).

554 TWP RD 140E
KNIPP, LARRY DALE (Voter ID number OH0016125928).
KNIPP, TRACI LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016126294).

557 TWP RD 269
FRANKLIN, LINDA J. (Voter ID number OH0016102834).
FRANKLIN, WILLIAM PATTON (Voter ID number OH0016102832).

558 STATE RT 522
WIGGINS, CATHY J. (Voter ID number OH0023621823).

56 P D 14934 ST RT 93
BRADSHAW, NANCY E. (Voter ID number OH0016131002).
BRADSHAW, WILLIAM LEE (Voter ID number OH0016131007).
SCHWEICKART, TYLER LEE (Voter ID number OH0022876871).

561 COUNTY RD 14
WILSON, DOROTHY MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016107881).

563 TWP RD 269
COX, AMANDA CHARLENE (Voter ID number OH0023251583).
COX, MELANEY S. (Voter ID number OH0016102840).
COX, RICKEY (Voter ID number OH0016102844).

567 P R 4460 CO RD 29
AKERS, COURTNEY RENEE (Voter ID number OH0023100916).
AKERS, MISTY SPRING (Voter ID number OH0016121816).
AKERS, SHAWN LEE (Voter ID number OH0019425664).

568 STATE RT 373
ADAMS, DEBRA K. (Voter ID number OH0018545665).
ADAMS, GENE A. (Voter ID number OH0016126722).

568 TWP RD 244N
JACKSON, LILLIAN A. (Voter ID number OH0016129060).

569 P R 4777 CO RD 16
ALDRIDGE, ART Y. (Voter ID number OH0021546994).

57 P D 11590 CO RD 5
HUFF, JOSEPH R. (Voter ID number OH0021698086).

570 COUNTY RD 51
COX, JANNIE MYRTLE (Voter ID number OH0016114472).
COX, WINDELL CECIL (Voter ID number OH0019287982).

570 TWP RD 199
ADKINS, TERESA GAIL (Voter ID number OH0016101798).
GARRISON, BRIAN A. (Voter ID number OH0016101774).

572 TWP RD 199
BLAIR, ELIZABETH ANN (Voter ID number OH0016101799).
BLAIR, ERNEST L. (Voter ID number OH0016101769).
BLAIR, RACHEL LEE ANN (Voter ID number OH0023232370).

578 STATE RT 373
STURGILL, NICOLE RAE (Voter ID number OH0016126717).
STURGILL, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number OH0016126705).

58 P D 910 ST RT 522
MALONE, ALESIA MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0016105704).
MALONE, PAUL EDDIE (Voter ID number OH0016093121).

58 P R 10472 ST RT 93
BAILEY, RICKEY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016121209).
BLACK, DESTINI DAWN (Voter ID number OH0016121206).

586 COUNTY RD 16
PEMBERTON, DIANE (Voter ID number OH0016108421).
PEMBERTON, LINDSEY E. (Voter ID number OH0016108422).

5897 COUNTY RD 16
CRAWFORD, JULIE ANN (Voter ID number OH0023721377).

59 P D 231 CO RD 10C
LONG, DIANA G. (Voter ID number OH0016120164).
MASSIE, SUSAN JOYCE (Voter ID number OH0016120157).

59 TWP RD 326
FUHR, BOBBY DALE (Voter ID number OH0016093307).
FUHR, HALEY N. (Voter ID number OH0019463966).
FUHR, HANNAH M. (Voter ID number OH0018648098).
FUHR, JORDAN (Voter ID number OH0020869914).
FUHR, SHARON LOU (Voter ID number OH0016093300).

592 STATE RT 522
CASEY, JARROD BRUCE (Voter ID number OH0018914019).
SEAMAN, KRISTEN B. (Voter ID number OH0023044015).

599 COUNTY RD 51
DEPRIEST, RHONDA JO (Voter ID number OH0016111629).
DEPRIEST, SCOTT ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0019261867).

60 P D 748 CO RD 27
MAYNARD, APRIL RENEE (Voter ID number OH0020854770).
MAYNARD, CURTIS RANDOLPH (Voter ID number OH0020854779).

60 TWP RD 326
MCFANN, JOEY (Voter ID number OH0016101767).
MCFANN, JOSHUA A. (Voter ID number OH0016101782).
MCFANN, KAREN SUE (Voter ID number OH0019242001).

6016 COUNTY RD 41N
FRIEND, MARIE (Voter ID number OH0023526356).
FRIEND, STEVEN (Voter ID number OH0023526001).

604 TWP RD 199
ALLBRIGHT, EDMOND E. (Voter ID number OH0016101824).
ALLBRIGHT, LINDA L. (Voter ID number OH0016101823).

604 TWP RD 207
QUEEN, ROBERT I. (Voter ID number OH0022309224).
QUEEN, SARAH P. (Voter ID number OH0022309217).

606 TWP RD 269
BROWN, KAITLIN J. (Voter ID number OH0020844361).

610 TWP RD 113
BAILEY, JAMES P. (Voter ID number OH0019492181).
BRUCE, ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0018692848).
BRUCE, JERRY (Voter ID number OH0016132046).
NEWCOMB, REBECCA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0017784318).

613 TWP RD 244S
JACKSON, ASHLEY NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0022325449).
JACKSON, TRAVIS LEE (Voter ID number OH0020531310).

614 COUNTY RD 27
CARMON, FRANKLIN SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0018531678).

618 STATE RT 522
HOLSTON, JOHN ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0016126966).
HOLSTON, TINA M. (Voter ID number OH0016126909).

622 TWP RD 245W
NELSON, JAMES DAVID (Voter ID number OH0016102427).
NELSON, KIM A. (Voter ID number OH0016102426).

627 TWP RD 199
ROGERS, EDNA EULA (Voter ID number OH0016101810).

KIDD, HELEN T. (Voter ID number OH0016110080).

6303 COUNTY RD 4
WISEMAN, HOBART JOE (Voter ID number OH0016110937).

638 TWP RD 155E
ROWE, DARYL STEVEN (Voter ID number OH0016109251).
ROWE, GERALD LEE (Voter ID number OH0016119047).

64 P D 12386 ST RT 93
DILLON, ANN (Voter ID number OH0016119887).
DILLON, ANTHONY RAY (Voter ID number OH0018692709).

64 P D 13592 ST RT 93
TAYLOR, BRENDA KAY (Voter ID number OH0016124589).

64 P R 10472 ST RT 93
ANDERSON, MELISSA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0021461713).
BAILEY, RICKEY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016134204).
BAILEY, SUSAN (Voter ID number OH0016121210).

64 P R 423 TWP RD 324
MCCALL, KATHRYN (Voter ID number OH0019863332).
MILLER, JOHNNY L. (Voter ID number OH0018544314).
MILLER, STEPHANIE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016121805).

642 STATE RT 373
MARKEL, DEBRA KAY (Voter ID number OH0016126748).
MARKEL, RICKY (Voter ID number OH0016134490).

6435 COUNTY RD 4
SCHERER, STACY MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016110797).
SCHERER, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number OH0019296880).

645 TWP RD 155E
BOLES, BRITTANY ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0021093580).
BOLES, MCKINLEY MACK (Voter ID number OH0016101042).

647 COUNTY RD 14
HOLSTEIN, DIANA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0020225215).

6525 COUNTY RD 5
ADAMS, MORTON DUANE (Voter ID number OH0019228486).
STEVENS, MARSHA KAY (Voter ID number OH0016111520).
STEVENS, PHILLIP EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0016111521).
STEVENS, SHANNON (Voter ID number OH0016118974).

654 COUNTY RD 16
PANCAKE, HOWARD D. (Voter ID number OH0016108466).
PANCAKE, REBECCA L. (Voter ID number OH0016108399).

654 STATE RT 522
WICKER, JOHNDA LEE (Voter ID number OH0016126957).

657 STATE RT 522
LARGE, HEATHER ANN (Voter ID number OH0021188879).

6595 COUNTY RD 16
CRAWFORD, BARBARA E. (Voter ID number OH0016108407).

66 P D 2911 CO RD 27
SALYERS, SARAH M. (Voter ID number OH0021367477).

66 TWP RD 326
DANIELS, JEFFERSON D. (Voter ID number OH0016108856).
DANIELS, JEFFREY E.T. (Voter ID number OH0016522729).
GORDON, CRYSTAL A. (Voter ID number OH0019196021).

660 TWP RD 155E
BOLES, MCKINLEY M. (Voter ID number OH0018928300).
BOLES, SHERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0018928301).
ROBINSON, GLENN A. (Voter ID number OH0016101066).
ROBINSON, NANCY A. (Voter ID number OH0016101069).

6606 STATE RT 93
WEBB, KATHY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016093050).
WEBB, LINDSEY C. (Voter ID number OH0016092693).

6623 COUNTY RD 16
CRAWFORD, ALICIA A. (Voter ID number OH0016099498).
CRAWFORD, DEAN L. (Voter ID number OH0018692948).

6637 COUNTY RD 4
ALBRIGHT, LISA MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0019293215).

6637 COUNTY RD 5
FRAZIER, SHERRI L. (Voter ID number OH0020615050).
RADER, VIRGINIA K. (Voter ID number OH0016111522).

6638 COUNTY RD 4
DAVIS, JOHN DAVID (Voter ID number OH0016110901).

6647 COUNTY RD 5
ACKISON, JESSICA L. (Voter ID number OH0016111495).
CURRY, DONALD L. (Voter ID number OH0023048972).
ROTH, DAVID L. (Voter ID number OH0016111462).

6663 COUNTY RD 5
ROTH, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number OH0016111500).

669 P R 2913 CO RD 27
WEBER, FRANCES BETH (Voter ID number OH0016128513).

674 TWP RD 196W
DAVIS, DEBRA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016101766).

6753 STATE RT 93
JENKINS, POLLY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016093229).
JOHNSON, JAMES E. (Voter ID number OH0016093165).

6765 STATE RT 93
SMITH, ELLEN MARIE (Voter ID number OH0018497571).

677 TWP RD 155E
SETTLE, JOHNIE LEON (Voter ID number OH0016101071).
SETTLE, LISA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016101068).

6772 STATE RT 650
MONNIG, ALYSSA G. (Voter ID number OH0023488196).
MONNIG, JENNIFER SUE (Voter ID number OH0016127008).
MONNIG, JEROME BERNARD (Voter ID number OH0016127133).
MONNIG, KAYLA DANIELLE (Voter ID number OH0021415130).

6787 STATE RT 93
WILSON, RICHARD W. (Voter ID number OH0020870194).

68 STATE RT 373
SPARKS, JENNIFER R. (Voter ID number OH0023283260).
THOMAS, WALTER S. (Voter ID number OH0018913998).

680 STATE RT 522
BOYLE, DANIEL H. (Voter ID number OH0016126983).
BOYLE, RUTH A. (Voter ID number OH0016126985).

6802 COUNTY RD 4
ADKINS, MARSHA GAIL (Voter ID number OH0021155392).
MASSIE, GARY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016110930).

6883 COUNTY RD 16
CRAWFORD, CHRYSTAL L. (Voter ID number OH0016118622).
CRAWFORD, MARK ALLAN (Voter ID number OH0016108428).

6896 COUNTY RD 4
CONLEY, ORVILLE KAYLE (Voter ID number OH0016133751).
CONLEY, RITA MAE (Voter ID number OH0016133752).
CONLEY, TANNER C. (Voter ID number OH0022034458).

SERGENT, GARY WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0016110011).
SERGENT, SANDRA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016109992).

69 P D 7951 ST RT 522
FRIEND, TROY EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0020852178).

DAVIS, BILLY RAY (Voter ID number OH0016107011).
DAVIS, KATELYN S. (Voter ID number OH0023845842).
DAVIS, KAY F. (Voter ID number OH0016107010).

6909 COUNTY RD 5
WARREN, JAROD RYAN (Voter ID number OH0019737948).
WARREN, JULIE ANNE (Voter ID number OH0016132370).

6930 STATE RT 93
RUSSELL, ANGELA M. (Voter ID number OH0020946993).

6975 COUNTY RD 4
PRIMM, GARY N. (Voter ID number OH0016093295).

698 STATE RT 373
JENKINS, ALONZO V. (Voter ID number OH0016126751).
JENKINS, GOLDIE LUCRETIA (Voter ID number OH0016126750).

698 TWP RD 196W
POE, JOSHUA A. (Voter ID number OH0018497303).

70 P D 333 CO RD 29
FOSSETT, LORI A. (Voter ID number OH0016132380).

703 COUNTY RD 51
LITTERAL, DEBORAH L. (Voter ID number OH0016111566).
WALKER, HEBER BLISS (Voter ID number OH0016111590).
WALKER, VIRGINIA L. (Voter ID number OH0016111601).

706 STATE RT 522
HOLSTON, SCOTT ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016126955).
MARKINS, MELANIE SUE (Voter ID number OH0022853667).

707 TWP RD 269
FRANKLIN, PATRICIA DARLENE (Voter ID number OH0016102835).
FRANKLIN, RUSSELL PATTON (Voter ID number OH0016102848).
LEWIS, SANDRA K. (Voter ID number OH0018289968).

7083 COUNTY RD 5
THOMPSON, CHARLES PAT (Voter ID number OH0016111398).
THOMPSON, LEONA (Voter ID number OH0016111397).

7085 COUNTY RD 5
MCCOMAS, CHERYL SUE (Voter ID number OH0016119367).
THOMPSON, JANET ANN (Voter ID number OH0016111416).
THOMPSON, RAYMOND PAT (Voter ID number OH0016111562).

7087 COUNTY RD 4
KELLEY, LISA A. (Voter ID number OH0016110935).
KELLEY, MICHAEL EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0016110819).

7088 STATE RT 650
MORGAN, STACY DAWN (Voter ID number OH0023114367).

71 P D 2911 CO RD 27
DISNEY, KATHRYN FAYE (Voter ID number OH0016117226).
ROBINSON, DIANA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016117953).

COLLINS, SHANE A. (Voter ID number OH0018171317).
DAVIS, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number OH0020829190).
WORLEY, HEATHER D. (Voter ID number OH0018695547).

7101 COUNTY RD 16
SHEPHERD, KIMBERLY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016108401).
SHEPHERD, RANDY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016108430).
SHEPHERD, SHELDON LEE (Voter ID number OH0023001837).

HANEY, DAVID EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0016111137).
HANEY, JESSE T. (Voter ID number OH0016111114).
HANEY, JILL LEA (Voter ID number OH0016133773).

713 STATE RT 522
HOSEY, LILA C. (Voter ID number OH0016126961).

717 TWP RD 184W
DALTON, WILLIAM L A (Voter ID number OH0019003917).

72 P D 477 TWP RD 150
DEPRIEST, DELLA MAE (Voter ID number OH0016120498).
DEPRIEST, MILTON B. (Voter ID number OH0020860246).

72 P R 160 TWP RD 294
HALL, AMY JO (Voter ID number OH0016121360).
HALL, JEREMY SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0016121366).

DAVIS, DENNIS A. (Voter ID number OH0020852167).
ROBINSON, CLARA JUNE (Voter ID number OH0018530607).
WHITMER, KYLE T. (Voter ID number OH0019918333).

7222 STATE RT 650
HALL, ANDREW M. (Voter ID number OH0023139691).
KUHNER, MICHAEL DALE (Voter ID number OH0023111783).
KUHNER, TONYA DENEE (Voter ID number OH0023111806).
SHORT, SKYLA DENIESE (Voter ID number OH0023469155).

7289 STATE RT 650
KLINE, ERIC JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0016127062).

73 STATE RT 373
PRICE, CARLA J. (Voter ID number OH0020974812).
PRICE, DELPHINE (Voter ID number OH0020028801).

7304 STATE RT 650
HEABERLIN, KATHY JO (Voter ID number OH0016127072).
HEABERLIN, KERRY DEAN (Voter ID number OH0016127071).

7367 STATE RT 522
MILLER, CRAIG A. (Voter ID number OH0019499904).
MILLER, CYNTHIA W. (Voter ID number OH0016122139).

7368 COUNTY RD 5
BURNS, KELSEY SANDRA (Voter ID number OH0023625178).
RALPH, BRENDA J. (Voter ID number OH0016111482).
RALPH, GREG ALAN (Voter ID number OH0016111399).

7381 COUNTY RD 16
ASHWORTH, DEWANNA M. (Voter ID number OH0016108402).
ASHWORTH, SARAH ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0019465857).

739 P R 2913 CO RD 27
LYND, GARRY L. (Voter ID number OH0016132276).

74 P D 265 TWP RD 150
DALTON, MELISSA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0016131316).

74 TWP RD 245A
WILDS, EILEEN MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016102430).
WILDS, SCOTT D. (Voter ID number OH0016102429).

JENKINS, GEORGE C. (Voter ID number OH0016110816).
JENKINS, LISA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016110818).

JENKINS, MOLLY ANNE (Voter ID number OH0016100769).

7444 COUNTY RD 5
CLARK, ANDREW HUNTER (Voter ID number OH0016099147).
CLARK, MINDY LOU (Voter ID number OH0016099131).

7455 STATE RT 522
HALL, MATTHEW DOUGLAS (Voter ID number OH0022814479).

7472 COUNTY RD 16
CRISP, BILLY J. (Voter ID number OH0021537430).
ROSS, DONALD JAY (Voter ID number OH0021547025).
ROSS, PATRICIA KAY (Voter ID number OH0016108404).
SUMMERS, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number OH0021537447).

7475 STATE RT 522
STEED, CASEY J. (Voter ID number OH0023450482).
STEED, RICKY DONALD (Voter ID number OH0016126951).

7491 COUNTY RD 16
CARPENTER, ALVIN W. (Voter ID number OH0016108462).
CARPENTER, DEBRA KAY (Voter ID number OH0016108461).

75 P D 9262 ST RT 93
STANLEY, ESTELLA LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0016132066).

7506 COUNTY RD 5
LINKFIELD, ROBIN Y. (Voter ID number OH0016111360).

751 STATE RT 522
BROWNING, JOHNNY L. (Voter ID number OH0016115345).
BROWNING, KATHERINE FAYE (Voter ID number OH0022501577).
BROWNING, MARTY A. (Voter ID number OH0020839392).
BROWNING, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number OH0022556751).
DONLEY, ALPHA J. (Voter ID number OH0016522725).
DONLEY, NELLIE L. (Voter ID number OH0016522595).
DONLEY, VICTORIA (Voter ID number OH0022556949).
MAYS, NANCY A. (Voter ID number OH0020870174).

7531 COUNTY RD 16
ROSS, ERNEST DALE (Voter ID number OH0016102043).

758 COUNTY RD 27
BURKS, JOHN WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0016103641).
BURKS, LISA KAY (Voter ID number OH0016103643).
HAMPTON, ALBERT T. (Voter ID number OH0018545173).
LEWIS, RONALD STEVEN (Voter ID number OH0018536374).
LEWIS, RONALD STEVEN (Voter ID number OH0021093195).
STAMPER, SARAH MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0021039502).

758 TWP RD 150
LITTLEJOHN, REBECCA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016522803).
WILSON, RYAN M. (Voter ID number OH0018549321).

759 TWP RD 150
BESCO, LARRY FRANKLIN (Voter ID number OH0016100789).
STARR, JOSHUA EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0018913845).

76 P D 7613 ST RT 650
KLINE, GREGORY ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016130343).

JENKINS, KELLY D. (Voter ID number OH0016131146).

7613 STATE RT 650
KLINE, DONALD FREDERICK (Voter ID number OH0016127103).
KLINE, ODESSIA LEA (Voter ID number OH0016134494).

JENKINS, BRIAN ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016110801).
JENKINS, KATHY SUE (Voter ID number OH0016110799).
JENKINS, MITCHELL BLAKE (Voter ID number OH0023324973).

77 P R 2173 CO RD 41S
TURVEY, LINDA WEBB (Voter ID number OH0016121456).
WEBB, KRISTY L. (Voter ID number OH0016121438).

7709 STATE RT 522
NOEL, DEBRA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016126965).
NOEL, GARY L. (Voter ID number OH0016105461).
NOEL, JOSHUA R. (Voter ID number OH0022556804).

ROBINSON, ALISHA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0020942928).

7723 COUNTY RD 5
ARBAUGH, PAUL (Voter ID number OH0020869779).

7724 COUNTY RD 5
CLIFTON, DONNA GAIL (Voter ID number OH0016111504).
CLIFTON, JASON WADE (Voter ID number OH0021289771).

7725 STATE RT 650
KLINE, ROBERT DEAN (Voter ID number OH0016127069).

7728 COUNTY RD 4
WISEMAN, NANCY MARIBE (Voter ID number OH0016133754).
WISEMAN, STEPHEN DOUGLAS (Voter ID number OH0016133753).

774 STATE RT 373
DELONG, JAMES WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0019238742).
FIZER, CRYSTAL D. (Voter ID number OH0018692669).
LONG, BRIAN EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0016126755).
LONG, MEGAN N. (Voter ID number OH0019463174).
TURVEY, NATHAN MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0023723229).

7751 STATE RT 522
NELSON, CHRISTINE ELAINE (Voter ID number OH0016126968).
NELSON, MADISON RUTH (Voter ID number OH0022475718).
NELSON, WALTER LEE (Voter ID number OH0016126980).

7759 STATE RT 93
INGELS, VICKI LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016126741).

DINGUS, JALON C. (Voter ID number OH0021999304).
REAPER, ARTHUR E. (Voter ID number OH0021684794).
REAPER, DEBORAH DEAN (Voter ID number OH0016110010).

JENKINS, DANIEL RAY (Voter ID number OH0016110875).
JENKINS, MARY E. (Voter ID number OH0016110885).

7804 COUNTY RD 4
SIPE, PETER J. (Voter ID number OH0016111292).
WALDRON, JAYME LINN (Voter ID number OH0022309106).
WELCH, SHANE MATTHEW (Voter ID number OH0022309102).

782 STATE RT 522
HOGSTON, CODEY L.R. (Voter ID number OH0021164742).

782 TWP RD 199
MOORE, LACRISHA R. (Voter ID number OH0023512751).
PHILLIPS, JEREMY TRAVIS (Voter ID number OH0019488654).

7831 COUNTY RD 5
LITTLEJOHN, JODY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016093280).
LITTLEJOHN, RODNEY KEITH (Voter ID number OH0016111372).

787 COUNTY RD 14
MILLER, ROGER DALE (Voter ID number OH0016111604).

7897 STATE RT 522
BROWN, BRINTON (Voter ID number OH0023342841).
MATHENY, MARGARET (Voter ID number OH0020023856).

790 COUNTY RD 27
PATTON, KAYLA D. (Voter ID number OH0021658945).
TURVEY, ETHAN SHANE (Voter ID number OH0022238310).

790 STATE RT 373
BAYS, CARLOS MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0021583763).
BESCO, REGINA L. (Voter ID number OH0020844049).
MCFANN, RICHMOND B. (Voter ID number OH0020843656).

792 COUNTY RD 25
LEWIS, LISA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016109863).
LEWIS, PHILLIP ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016109895).

792 TWP RD 199
PHILLIPS, JAMES HORTON (Voter ID number OH0016101813).

7931 STATE RT 522
DONLEY, HEATHER MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016127931).
DONLEY, JOSHUA R. (Voter ID number OH0020854736).

7959 STATE RT 522
SHARP, NINA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016127776).
SHARP, WAYNE GREGORY (Voter ID number OH0016127767).

799 TWP RD 199
KNIPP, BRADY M. (Voter ID number OH0023868469).
KNIPP, BROOK MACKENZIE (Voter ID number OH0023478426).
KNIPP, MANDY J. (Voter ID number OH0016101839).
KNIPP, MICHAEL TODD (Voter ID number OH0016101842).

7999 STATE RT 522
JENKINS, ALBERT E. (Voter ID number OH0016126912).
WALLER, DANIELLE L. (Voter ID number OH0020023698).
WALLER, ROBIN L. (Voter ID number OH0019741977).

80 P D 1577 CO RD 25
RUNYON, LINDA F. (Voter ID number OH0022975967).

80 P D 2911 CO RD 27
STOERMER, JAMES G. (Voter ID number OH0018791799).

80 TWP RD 184W
EGBERT, SHANE D. (Voter ID number OH0020023972).
HALL, DRUCILLA (Voter ID number OH0018837300).

8003 COUNTY RD 5
FULLER, JEROME G. (Voter ID number OH0016111551).
FULLER, SHANNON N. (Voter ID number OH0016111519).

8027 STATE RT 522
BARTRUM, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number OH0020828960).
BARTRUM, CHARLES EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0016117897).
DEPRIEST, DOUGLAS A. (Voter ID number OH0023527373).

8058 STATE RT 93
SHARP, GAIL I. (Voter ID number OH0019900291).
SHARP, HOWARD M. (Voter ID number OH0019900293).

809 STATE RT 522
ADDIS, CASSANDRA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016120759).
ADDIS, JOSHUA SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0016134091).

812 TWP RD 207
COX, BRANDI S. (Voter ID number OH0016101988).
COX, MICHAEL SHANE (Voter ID number OH0016101987).

8121 STATE RT 522
LONG, CLYDE ROY (Voter ID number OH0016126952).
LONG, HELENA K. (Voter ID number OH0016126970).

813 TWP RD 199
MCFANN, DARRELL CURTIS (Voter ID number OH0016101796).
MCFANN, LUKE AARON (Voter ID number OH0016101836).
MCFANN, VIVIAN D. (Voter ID number OH0016101814).

8142 STATE RT 522
BAILEY, BETH A. (Voter ID number OH0018549120).
BAILEY, GEORGE E. (Voter ID number OH0016126901).
BAILEY, KAREN BERNICE (Voter ID number OH0016126902).

8188 STATE RT 650
JARRELL, JONATHAN EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0018791484).
JARRELL, MELISSA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0016117037).

8252 STATE RT 93
THOMAS, EDNA Y. (Voter ID number OH0020839547).
THOMAS, JOHN C. (Voter ID number OH0020839552).

8289 STATE RT 650
WHEELER, AMY L. (Voter ID number OH0023875744).
WHEELER, DUSTIN M. (Voter ID number OH0023875758).
WHEELER, JOSHUA (Voter ID number OH0023630574).
WHEELER, LEIGH A. (Voter ID number OH0018695057).

8298 STATE RT 93
MASSIE, BETH ANN (Voter ID number OH0016110931).
MEADOWS, HENRY A. (Voter ID number OH0020850141).

8321 STATE RT 93
HAAS, DELIA OLIVE (Voter ID number OH0016093182).

8324 STATE RT 93
COX, RICKEY WILLIS (Voter ID number OH0022401314).
JILES, SHERRY A. (Voter ID number OH0016121200).
JILES, STEVEN LEE (Voter ID number OH0016121208).

8335 STATE RT 93
BESCO, JOSEPH RYAN (Voter ID number OH0023489318).
BESCO, RYAN K. (Voter ID number OH0018791339).
HOWARD-BESCO, JENNIFER LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016106760).

8349 STATE RT 93
BESCO, GLENNA DIANN (Voter ID number OH0016093142).
BESCO, STEPHEN ANTHONY (Voter ID number OH0016093135).

8358 STATE RT 93
WILSON, KENDALL A. (Voter ID number OH0021679269).

8359 STATE RT 93
SUMMERS, KAREN S. (Voter ID number OH0016131068).
SUMMERS, TERRY F. (Voter ID number OH0020843552).

8369 STATE RT 93
HAAS, ALSTON DANIEL RAY (Voter ID number OH0023488099).

837 TWP RD 269
JARRELL, DONNA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0023442712).
JARRELL, KEITH ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0022643323).
JARRELL, PAUL DAVID (Voter ID number OH0023651799).
JARRELL, TRAVIS ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0023052097).

840 TWP RD 196W
BLANTON, JEFFREY A. (Voter ID number OH0016101755).

8409 STATE RT 93
DAY, CHEYENNE LEIGHA (Voter ID number OH0023236631).
WILDS, HEAVEN M. (Voter ID number OH0019490327).
WILDS, TOMMY L. (Voter ID number OH0016102135).

841 P R 2913 CO RD 27
BRUCE, PAUL WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0016105053).

848 STATE RT 522
LEWIS, ELI FISHER (Voter ID number OH0023785421).
LEWIS, JENNIFER LYNN (Voter ID number OH0016126906).
LEWIS, KEVIN A. (Voter ID number OH0016126919).

8484 STATE RT 93
MASSIE, APRIL DAWN (Voter ID number OH0016092999).
MASSIE, DONALD D. (Voter ID number OH0016093019).

8489 STATE RT 93
HAAS, ARTHUR T. (Voter ID number OH0020869972).

85 STATE RT 373
PRUITT, DARLENE (Voter ID number OH0020827868).

851 P R 2913 CO RD 27
FRISCHE, JUDITH BRONWYN (Voter ID number OH0016132274).
FRISCHE, LARRY FRANCIS (Voter ID number OH0016132273).

851 TWP RD 155E
REED, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number OH0020864649).
SHARP, JACQUELINE J. (Voter ID number OH0016126763).

8532 STATE RT 650
MONNIG, JOSEPH ANTHONY (Voter ID number OH0016127120).
MONNIG, KIMBERLE ANN (Voter ID number OH0016127121).

8543 COUNTY RD 4
HILDRETH, PATRICIA ANN (Voter ID number OH0023372727).

DAMRON, DAVID R. (Voter ID number OH0023374831).
DAMRON, GREGORY DAVID (Voter ID number OH0019256345).

858 TWP RD 160
SUMMERS, SHANNON KEVIN (Voter ID number OH0016101182).
SUMMERS, STACY MELISSA (Voter ID number OH0016101238).

86 P D 231 CO RD 10C
FRENCH, JESSICA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016092980).
FRENCH, ZACHARY SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0023515347).

8616 COUNTY RD 4
HALL, BRYAN D. (Voter ID number OH0021736102).
STEPHENS, BARBARA E. (Voter ID number OH0016110896).
STEPHENS, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number OH0016110925).

8628 COUNTY RD 4
HALL, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number OH0016110813).
HOWARD, JONATHAN D. (Voter ID number OH0021474006).
HOWARD, KAYLA R. (Voter ID number OH0021474009).

COYER, RUTH H. (Voter ID number OH0016111126).

8663 COUNTY RD 5
FULLER, GEORGE GRAYSON (Voter ID number OH0016111487).
FULLER, LINDA KAY (Voter ID number OH0016111486).

8680 STATE RT 93
BARNHART, FRANKLIN D. (Voter ID number OH0016093076).
BARNHART, GAIL D. (Voter ID number OH0016093085).

87 P R 11014 ST RT 93
CARMON, ROCKY ALDO (Voter ID number OH0016121259).
CARMON, VICKIE SUE (Voter ID number OH0016121250).

8704 STATE RT 93
MALONE, MARY JO (Voter ID number OH0016093122).
MALONE, ROBERT KEITH (Voter ID number OH0016093006).

8744 STATE RT 93
BESCO, BRANDI MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0023375962).
KELLEY, JAMES ROY (Voter ID number OH0018695061).

WAGNER, ANNETTE (Voter ID number OH0016107017).

876 TWP RD 199
PHILLIPS, JAMES HORTON (Voter ID number OH0016101819).
PHILLIPS, MELINDA (Voter ID number OH0016101777).

877 TWP RD 269
CREMEANS, MARCE J. (Voter ID number OH0022820709).
FREEMAN, WENDELL KENT (Voter ID number OH0016115576).

BARKER, TERRY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016111130).

8787 COUNTY RD 4
CHAFFINS, AMANDA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0016114985).
CHAFFINS, BRIAN KEITH (Voter ID number OH0016120763).

8798 STATE RT 650
KLINE, AMY L. (Voter ID number OH0016127146).
KLINE, MARK ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0016127057).

88 P R 10472 ST RT 93
ADKINS, SASHA L. (Voter ID number OH0021677390).
CRAFT, AMBER NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0023232097).
TAYLOR, LYDIA S. (Voter ID number OH0016121202).

882 COUNTY RD 27
BAILEY, MARK A. (Voter ID number OH0021665223).

885 TWP RD 150
HAYES, JAMES D. (Voter ID number OH0016100772).

887 P R 2913 CO RD 27
MILLER, LUCINDA J. (Voter ID number OH0017874259).

887 TWP RD 244S
COBURN, KENNETH RAY (Voter ID number OH0016102418).

89 STATE RT 373
SPARKS, DORIS J. (Voter ID number OH0023318654).
SPARKS, MARK K. (Voter ID number OH0023313208).

8904 STATE RT 93
KERNS, CATHY J. (Voter ID number OH0016092895).
KERNS, JAMES (Voter ID number OH0016092747).

8914 COUNTY RD 5
TAYLOR, BENNY HOWARD (Voter ID number OH0016111503).
TAYLOR, LUKE T. (Voter ID number OH0021144687).
TAYLOR, TERRI L. (Voter ID number OH0016111506).

893 TWP RD 150
HAYES, IRA J. (Voter ID number OH0023644846).

8934 STATE RT 93
KERNS, JANICE KAY (Voter ID number OH0016133111).

894 TWP RD 269
MASSIE, ALVIN G. (Voter ID number OH0016102839).
MASSIE, GEORGE MARTIN (Voter ID number OH0016102837).

896 COUNTY RD 27
ELSWICK, JIMMIE A. (Voter ID number OH0020225270).

8962 COUNTY RD 5
TAYLOR, KAYLYN E. (Voter ID number OH0019156155).
TAYLOR, KYLE B. (Voter ID number OH0018535821).

8964 STATE RT 93
CORBIN, JOSHUA B. (Voter ID number OH0016092914).
CORBIN, SARAH E. (Voter ID number OH0016092903).

8968 STATE RT 93
SHOPE, CHARLES WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0016093047).
SHOPE, KATHRYN JEANNE (Voter ID number OH0016092989).
SHOPE, TYLER W. (Voter ID number OH0021086672).

897 STATE RT 522
HUNT, DEBORAH LYNN (Voter ID number OH0021130281).
SNIDER, GREGORY S. (Voter ID number OH0021892104).

899 COUNTY RD 16
PANCAKE, BEVERLY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016109319).
PANCAKE, HAROLD KENNETH (Voter ID number OH0016108449).
PANCAKE, KENDORA ANN (Voter ID number OH0016108396).

8990 COUNTY RD 5
TAYLOR, PATRICIA MAE (Voter ID number OH0016111326).

9 P D 9262 ST RT 93
CARMON, LLOYD (Voter ID number OH0016132068).

90 TWP RD 160
WISSMAN, ISAAC JAMES (Voter ID number OH0022898445).

900 COUNTY RD 25
BOGGS, CHARLES ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016109852).
CRIST, AMANDA KAY (Voter ID number OH0022879758).

9018 STATE RT 93
AKERS, DENNIS LEE (Voter ID number OH0016107182).

903 TWP RD 199
MCFANN, FRANKLIN DARRELL (Voter ID number OH0016101820).
MCFANN, MOLLY A. (Voter ID number OH0016101768).

9034 STATE RT 93
HACKWORTH, RUTH A. (Voter ID number OH0018791547).

9051 COUNTY RD 5
MOOTZ, DALE ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016111388).
MOOTZ, LISA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016111389).

9068 COUNTY RD 5
BALMER, JUDITH ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0016111511).
BALMER, THOMAS LESLIE (Voter ID number OH0016111505).

909 COUNTY RD 34
MYERS, CHARLES W. (Voter ID number OH0016110571).
MYERS, LISA F. (Voter ID number OH0016110572).
MYERS, TIFFANY L. (Voter ID number OH0022151095).

BULLION, BRENT E. (Voter ID number OH0023234575).
ESTEL, ASHLEY PAIGE (Voter ID number OH0023234588).

91 P D 2911 CO RD 27
BLOOMFIELD, LINDA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016117423).
BLOOMFIELD, MEREDITH DEE (Voter ID number OH0016117424).

91-1/2 COUNTY RD 29
RICHENDOLLAR, RANDY J. (Voter ID number OH0016110075).

BAILEY, DONALD E. (Voter ID number OH0016110865).
BAILEY, JUDY I. (Voter ID number OH0016094506).

910 STATE RT 522
LARGE, ARLENE B. (Voter ID number OH0016126963).
LARGE, CARL E. (Voter ID number OH0016126964).
LARGE, CARL E. (Voter ID number OH0023487381).

9104 COUNTY RD 4
GILBERT, TESSA ELAINE (Voter ID number OH0016110862).
OSTBY, DANNY L. (Voter ID number OH0016110884).
OSTBY, DANNY L. (Voter ID number OH0018290960).
OSTBY, DEBBRA (Voter ID number OH0019220196).
OSTBY, PHYLLIS C. (Voter ID number OH0016110835).

912 COUNTY RD 27
TURVEY, ARTHUR LEE (Voter ID number OH0016109993).

913 TWP RD 155E
JILES, JEFFREY ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0016101088).

9171 COUNTY RD 4
CREMEANS, CHRISTY ANN (Voter ID number OH0018301746).
CREMEANS, JODY D. (Voter ID number OH0016110904).
CREMEANS, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number OH0023258194).

9178 STATE RT 93
FRENCH, CHARLES RYAN (Voter ID number OH0020026232).
WILSON, ERIC MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0016095313).

BARKER, ANTHONY D. (Voter ID number OH0016115279).
BARKER, KATHRYN L. (Voter ID number OH0016114744).

919 COUNTY RD 25
ROBINSON, BRIAN L. (Voter ID number OH0016109856).
ROBINSON, ERNEST LEE (Voter ID number OH0016109881).
ROBINSON, MARY E. (Voter ID number OH0016109882).

9211 COUNTY RD 5
HAZELETT, CHARLES R. (Voter ID number OH0018493519).
HAZELETT, SHIRLEY JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016111383).

923 P D 2913 CO RD 27
OLSON, TIMOTHY ALAN (Voter ID number OH0018805735).

923 P R 2913 CO RD 27
OLSON, CATHY JO (Voter ID number OH0016132270).

9297 STATE RT 93
SHARP, KENNETH (Voter ID number OH0016093068).

93 P D 231 CO RD 10C
HACKWORTH, EDMOND L. (Voter ID number OH0018547633).

9316 COUNTY RD 5
LITTLEJOHN, GEORGE KENNETH (Voter ID number OH0016111484).
LITTLEJOHN, KAREN (Voter ID number OH0016111489).

9319 COUNTY RD 4
CREMEANS, JARED W. (Voter ID number OH0016110811).
CREMEANS, MAREA E. (Voter ID number OH0016110888).
CREMEANS, SARAH JEAN (Voter ID number OH0018301738).
CREMEANS, WILLIS D. (Voter ID number OH0016110906).

934 TWP RD 155E
BRUCE, CHRISTY DALE (Voter ID number OH0016101072).
BRUCE, EARL M. (Voter ID number OH0018692821).
BRUCE, TERRI ANN (Voter ID number OH0016101055).

935 STATE RT 522
WALLS, AMBER (Voter ID number OH0022001256).
WALLS, MARVIN LEE (Voter ID number OH0016126935).
WALLS, PENNY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016126936).

9356 COUNTY RD 5
PANCAKE, JOHN BRIAN (Voter ID number OH0016111362).
PANCAKE, KRISTIN ALLIE (Voter ID number OH0023631983).
PANCAKE, NANCY E. (Voter ID number OH0016111472).

936 STATE RT 522
THOMPSON, HEIDI N. (Voter ID number OH0022336903).
THOMPSON, NOAH MATTHEW (Voter ID number OH0021443648).
WHITAKER, JOETTA (Voter ID number OH0020845175).

9376 COUNTY RD 4
CREMEANS, VALARIE L. (Voter ID number OH0016110900).
CREMEANS, WESLEY D. (Voter ID number OH0016110903).

939 TWP RD 155E
MATHENY, ROGER DALE (Voter ID number OH0018695050).

940 TWP RD 199
JOHNSON, PAUL L. (Voter ID number OH0022853595).

941 P R 2913 CO RD 27
BLAKEMAN, MALYNDA G. (Voter ID number OH0016102548).

9451 COUNTY RD 5
KELLEY, RICHARD GRAY (Voter ID number OH0016111532).
WEST-KELLEY, KATHY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016111407).

949 TWP RD 150
CREMEANS, JAMES J. (Voter ID number OH0016100796).
SPARKS, JANNETTE R. (Voter ID number OH0016092698).
SPARKS, SHAWN M. (Voter ID number OH0022688487).

DEBORD, KRISTI A. (Voter ID number OH0016100780).
RICHENDOLLAR, RICKY L. (Voter ID number OH0019985817).

95 P D 231 CO RD 10C
HACKWORTH, NANCY JANE (Voter ID number OH0016120165).

95 P D 7302 ST RT 93
CHAFFINS, DONNA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016120760).
CLUTTERS, JEANNE M. (Voter ID number OH0018298058).

CHAPMAN, ROGER DALE (Voter ID number OH0022790527).
ROACH, JERMEY MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0016110022).
ROACH, LEIGH ANN (Voter ID number OH0016110025).

958 STATE RT 522
CLARK, SHIRLEY ANN (Voter ID number OH0016126930).
TURVEY, DONALD R. (Voter ID number OH0020845241).

9588 COUNTY RD 4
WILSON, DEANNA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016110879).

MALONE, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number OH0016092634).

96 P D 13592 ST RT 93
BROWN, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number OH0023650605).
BROWN, KESHIA D. (Voter ID number OH0016101331).

96 P D 477 TWP RD 150
DEPRIEST, ANDREW S. (Voter ID number OH0020860737).
DEPRIEST, BRIAN K. (Voter ID number OH0019146421).
DEPRIEST, DAVID KEITH (Voter ID number OH0016120496).
DEPRIEST, KELLI JEAN (Voter ID number OH0016120497).
DEPRIEST, TAMRA D. (Voter ID number OH0020854541).

96 P R 10472 ST RT 93
BAILEY, ARTHUR A. (Voter ID number OH0016121203).

96 P R 423 TWP RD 324
SHOPE, BRENDA LEE (Voter ID number OH0016121802).

9604 STATE RT 93
BLOOMFIELD, JEFF RAY (Voter ID number OH0016111603).

9609 STATE RT 93
BLEVINS, KAREN D. (Voter ID number OH0016113804).
BLEVINS, RAY C. (Voter ID number OH0023496315).
WALSH, ALAN J. (Voter ID number OH0016117334).

967 STATE RT 522
TURVEY, ELAINE M. (Voter ID number OH0016126949).

967 TWP RD 150
CASTLE, SHERRY (Voter ID number OH0021471906).
SUMMERS, SAVANNA (Voter ID number OH0023239130).

9677 STATE RT 93
ZIMMERMAN, CINDY GAIL (Voter ID number OH0016106776).
ZIMMERMAN, MARK BENSON (Voter ID number OH0016106779).

9685 STATE RT 93
HALL, MANDY JO (Voter ID number OH0018301044).
LEWIS, ROY R. (Voter ID number OH0018160968).

969 TWP RD 150
MILLIRON, IEDA (Voter ID number OH0021145431).
NANCE, ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0021145443).

9694 STATE RT 93
GULLETT, RONALD LEE (Voter ID number OH0016093097).

9699 STATE RT 93
ALDRIDGE, JAMES R. (Voter ID number OH0018531047).

970 TWP RD 155E
COOPER, REBECCA A. (Voter ID number OH0021333497).
NOBLE, JOHNNY R. (Voter ID number OH0020472546).
NOBLE, JONATHON (Voter ID number OH0023262674).
NOBLE, KANISHA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0022037222).

970 TWP RD 199
FRIEND, CATHERINE ROME (Voter ID number OH0016101829).
FRIEND, JAMES RAY (Voter ID number OH0016101833).
FRIEND, KENDRA M. (Voter ID number OH0020244749).

9727 STATE RT 93
MCFANN, DONNA K. (Voter ID number OH0016093210).

9739 STATE RT 93
BROOKS, MARY A. (Voter ID number OH0023293032).
CADE, CAROL J. (Voter ID number OH0022556576).
GARRETT, RUBY (Voter ID number OH0022556433).
GARRETT, SAMANTHA JANE (Voter ID number OH0021074643).
MORTON, CRISTIE (Voter ID number OH0023239134).

HANNAH, DALLAS (Voter ID number OH0016110869).
SWANN, ERICA M. (Voter ID number OH0021188706).
SWANN, ETTA M. (Voter ID number OH0021188675).

SWANN, ASHLEY (Voter ID number OH0023231421).

977 P R 2913 CO RD 27
FRAZER, CHARLES W. (Voter ID number OH0016132271).
FRAZER, MARY JO (Voter ID number OH0016132278).

98 TWP RD 150
ACKISON, EVERLY KAY (Voter ID number OH0016133366).

9800 COUNTY RD 5
MYERS, MATTHEW S. (Voter ID number OH0020615051).
MYERS, SARAH DAWN (Voter ID number OH0020821913).

986 TWP RD 155E
CARTER, TAMMY SUE (Voter ID number OH0016101063).
MULLINS, ASHLEY NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0021989367).

987 TWP RD 155E
BOYD, BRIAN SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0020844793).
BOYD, NICOLE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0016092906).

9871 COUNTY RD 5
HIERONIMUS, AMANDA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0016103087).

988 TWP RD 155E
KIDD, GERALD ROY (Voter ID number OH0016093164).
KIDD, PAMELA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016101079).

MARCUM, BRADY (Voter ID number OH0016121494).
NANCE, ANGELA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016103845).
NANCE, DAKOTA FRANKLIN (Voter ID number OH0022446949).

BARKER, HARDY PRESTON (Voter ID number OH0016111131).
BARKER, JASON MATTHEW (Voter ID number OH0016111113).
BARKER, MELISSA R. (Voter ID number OH0016115674).
BARKER, TAMARA SUE (Voter ID number OH0016111133).
DAVIS, HALLIE N. (Voter ID number OH0023307930).

BARKER, HARDY P. (Voter ID number OH0016111107).

998 TWP RD 155E
MALONE, ANGEL D. (Voter ID number OH0021506355).
MILLER, BOBBY J. (Voter ID number OH0016101061).
MILLER, MADOLYN J. (Voter ID number OH0016101048).
MILLER, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number OH0022556765).

998 TWP RD 199
ALBRIGHT, RYAN C. (Voter ID number OH0022941789).

999 COUNTY RD 14
NELSON, DANIEL (Voter ID number OH0023521121).

This is a privately owned genealogy website using a downloaded copy of the Ohio voter list, which is unrestricted, public information.