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ZIP Code 45777

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16813 JOY RD
MAYLE, LINDA J. (Voter ID number OH0015528093).

16825 JOY RD
WEAVER, NORMA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0020836319).

16828 SR 377
STACY, TISHAUNDA CONWAY (Voter ID number OH0023843226).

16834 JOY RD
WORRIX, NORA ANN (Voter ID number OH0015512350).
WORRIX, VICTOR SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0019104815).

16849 JOY RD
ROOF, JOHN WESLEY (Voter ID number OH0022557640).
WELLS, AUDRA NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0022557639).

16881 JOY RD
LEONARD, NICHOL MARIE (Voter ID number OH0021464833).
RUSSELL, DAVID EARL (Voter ID number OH0015505028).
RUSSELL, DONNA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0015504099).

16883 JOY RD
RUSSELL, NICHOLAS RILEY (Voter ID number OH0015529273).
RUSSELL, TRICIA NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0015532205).

16885 JOY RD
RUSSELL, DONALD F. (Voter ID number OH0015532871).

16889 JOY RD
CARSEY, BECKIE L. (Voter ID number OH0015516669).
CARSEY, REECE ALAN CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number OH0023726278).
CARSEY, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number OH0015504005).
CARSEY, RICHARD ALAN (Voter ID number OH0022023176).
RUSSELL, GERALDINE (Voter ID number OH0015665319).

16908 JOY RD
FARLAND, CHRISITAN OLAF (Voter ID number OH0023193195).
FARLAND, MISTY DELILAH (Voter ID number OH0023193164).
YOUNG, ANNASTASIA M. (Voter ID number OH0015527922).

16911 JOY RD
JOHNSON, STACEY MARIE (Voter ID number OH0023510145).
WALRAVEN, JAMES SCOTT (Voter ID number OH0015622571).
ZINSER, THERESA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0023607682).

17100 JOY RD
CORDRAY, WILLIAM DANIEL (Voter ID number OH0021094461).

19661 SR 550
BATES, SHEILA (Voter ID number OH0015532268).
GILCHRIST, WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0015504026).

This is a privately owned genealogy website using a downloaded copy of the Ohio voter list, which is unrestricted, public information.